Gameplay Eternal DOOM (live)

Геймплей DOOM Eternal (видео)

Bethesda Softworks, the QuakeCon event in 2018 showed gameplay of DOOM Eternal.

DOOM Eternal continues the story of the original DOOM 2016. The main events of the sequel unfold in the occupied by demons of Earth.

Gameplay there is a major change: the Executioner of Rock will also exterminate infernal vermin of various weapons, using physical force and a retractable blade. Innovations will also be: the protagonist receives a hook-cat, with which it will be “attracted” to the enemies and jumping from platform to platform. Another hero learns to climb walls and shoot a flame thrower from his shoulder. In addition, at some stages, a fighter can wield a sword.

In Eternal will add unusual genre of gaming element — the ability to sneak in a solo game of any user. In the role of demon to interfere with the “colleagues” to progress through the story or Vice versa to help him with the extermination of monsters.

It also became known that the authors plan to build a sound and logical universe of DOOM.

Composer Eternal became notorious Mick Gordon (Mick Gordon) is a musician worked on the audio for the last part of DOOM, Prey and Wolfenstein: The New Order. His works are notable for high-quality guitar riffs and industrial synths, which he gets from a cult Soviet synthesizer “Polivoks”.

Eternal DOOM will be released on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. The exact date of release will be called later.



Insurgency absolutely free

Insurgency раздают бесплатно

Great respect can Express Studio New World Interactive, gamers that love all the free, because the developers have made their online shooter Insurgency free for two days. And not just free, but nauchnym the save game in your Steam library.

This attraction of unprecedented generosity was arranged in honor of the release of the new part of the shooter, and was the logical culmination of many months of discounts, up to 90% when the game can be bought for purely symbolic amount of money. And if you want to play it, still kept from purchase, we can congratulate you: the game was taken down, and patience are the most tight-fisted fans of video games triumph!

At the moment the Insurgency is on Steam impressive 90% positive reviews, which in total had accumulated 90 thousand. A very serious indicator for the indie game that managed with honour to leave early access, becoming one of the most popular shooters of today, though not without flaws.

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A new trailer for Destiny 2 dedicated Supplement Forsaken (video)

Новый трейлер Destiny 2 посвятили дополнению Forsaken (видео)

The authors of the Destiny 2 has presented a new trailer for the add-on Forsaken, which is dedicated to the City of Dreams.

The developers claim that the city the City of Dreams high-level players waiting for a memorable adventure. Users will uncover the ancient mysteries, will fight corruption and defeat settled in settlement of an ancient evil.

Guards in the Forsaken will find another location — the Tangled Bank as well as a new RAID, a new competitive PvE mode “4 on 4” — Gambit, new forces and nine additional abilities, a new exotic weapons and armor, new story and side missions, and more.

The biggest additions are Forsaken for Destiny 2 will be released September 4 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.



The Director of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey showed one of the missions of the game (video)

Директор Assassin’s Creed Odyssey показал одну из миссий игры (видео)

At IGN went live with 12 minutes of gameplay Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The video shows the mission that gives the hero the ancient Greek healer Hippocrates. The protagonist penetrates into enemy territory in the dark, quietly removes enemies and eventually cope with the task.

Plays and comments on what is happening on screen project Director Scott Phillips (Scott Phillips). Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will be released October 5 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.



Tencent introduced a clone Overwatch

Tencent представила клон Overwatch

Tencent introduced its new project called Ace Warrior, shooter for mobile devices, which is very much like a game from Blizzard, Overwatch. The similarity is visible in everything: graphics, characters, weapons, game mechanics, and many other details. But despite this, the project Tencent different appearance or style of characters. It’s more like anime, the usual style for the Chinese. At this moment, the Ace Warrior is in beta testing and will soon be available on Android and likely on iOS.

Initially the project focused only on the Chinese audience, as evidenced by the appearance of the characters and voice, and if he is going to other countries is unknown. As we know, Overwatch is not particularly popular in China, and on mobile platforms, it has no decent alternative, so the Ace Warrior can replace him and recruit a large audience in Asia. By the way, Tencent also owns the rights to many popular games, including Mobile PUBG.

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The developers of Total War: Three Kingdoms produced a new trailer

Разработчики Total War: Three Kingdoms подготовили новый трейлер

Project Total War: Three Kingdoms will be released in the spring of 2019, but the developers of conservation interest continue to post videos and game trailers. And here came another trailer, which shows map and location of cities with troops of several countries. You will see several examples of large-scale battles, army Wei, Wu, and Shu. In fact they you’ll have to manage the game, in normal mode, and mythical. The latter involves the use of very strong generals, who will easily be able to break entire enemy troops alone.

The game really felt the whole atmosphere of that time at the expense of detail all the characters, historical events, locations. According to the developers, the video presents a fully gameplay, which you’ll see and feel after the game release. The map is really detailed and detailed. We can only wait and hope that all the developers promise will be made and implemented efficiently. More details can see on the video clip below.

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There’s a new teaser Fear the Wolves

Появился новый тизер Fear the Wolves

Developers Fear the Wolves promised to release the game in early access in July, however, after much testing sent a draft for additional beta testing in connection with a large number of users. And while the revision is in full swing, we introduced a new teaser, which clearly shows how weather conditions will affect the gameplay.

In this video you can see how to change the visibility depending on the weather. For example, if it is raining, it will seriously complicate the players, the management of transport. But thanks to him you can hide the traces if the player moves on foot. Tire tracks also disappear, but at times slower. For example, when the wind will change the trajectory of the crates of weapons and ammunition, air-assault from the air. If there is a nebula or a storm, the visibility on the screen is reduced significantly.

This approach will significantly change the mechanics of the game, creating conditions close to real. And if the developers Fear the Wolves will be able to bring them to a high level, it will be an interesting and a very good draft.

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Monster Hunter: World received a wave of negative reviews

Monster Hunter: World получил волну негативных отзывов

No sooner had the developers of Monster Hunter: World to rejoice in the new heights reached by the number of simultaneous online on Steam, how many players have started to leave angry comments about the game. The rating of the project began to fall very sharply. If earlier the number of positive responses rose past 80%, now does not hold up to 50%.

The majority of users are complaining about the malfunctioning servers and constant disconnects. As a result, play in multiplayer mode is almost impossible, and each next connection takes away any desire to continue to be in the Monster Hunter World. Another negative news that is associated with the project is the removal of the game from the Chinese service WeGame. As representatives of the service, the game was removed due to the inconsistency of regulatory and policy requirements. In principle, the territory of China, such an outcome is to be expected.

If the developers soon will fix the problems in multiplayer mode Monster Hunter: World is likely to lose a large percentage of the audience.

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FIFA 19, you can see the effect of “chemistry”

В FIFA 19 можно увидеть эффект от «химии»

EA Sports went for quite a bold step, adding in FIFA 19 extended statistics, including the actions of the so-called chemistry cards that enhance certain characteristics of the players in Ultimate Team mode.

And if earlier the effect of spent cards, aimed at increasing the speed of the character, his stamina, or, say, precision strike, to see it was impossible, but now, judging by the leaked of the game, this action finally received material confirmation in the form of additional symbols in the window with the characteristics of the player.

We have only to remove from the game unexplained oddities in network games when your players refuse to run, your best raspasovschika can’t pass the ball five meters, and the best drummers, stubbornly refusing to hit the target, despite the fact that in the last match everything worked as it should. In General, if the system does not stop the rough way interfere in the effectiveness of players, the sense of this new statistics will be very little.

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Nuclear weapons Fallout 76 is designed for the destruction of prisons

Ядерное оружие в Fallout 76 предназначено для разрушения тюрем

At QuakeCon spilled many new details of the Fallout 76.

For example, the game will be an advanced photo mode with lots of filters and effects with the ability to fill in pictures on the net.

The process of character creation is deeper than before and a hard reboot until the sex change is possible at any time during the game.

Extra pumping will be the responsibility of skill cards, which will have five levels, and that, it seems that the developers will sell separately.

If your hero dies, you will lose only those resources that are in his inventory, but not weapons and armor that are put and kept in the hands.

If you start to shoot at another character, the battle not starting properly, the damage in this case will be small: much smaller than the one that can be applied when the fight starts officially.

Well, destroyed by a nuclear explosion camp, you can restore the system backup of previous buildings. By the way, as said by the developers, a nuclear strike was placed in the game in order to destroy the prison in which some players are sure to keep others.

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