The Culling 2 removed from sale

The Culling 2 сняли с продажи

So ended the short history of The Culling 2. The game was removed from sale across all platforms, those who bought – money back and all force will be dedicated to development of the first part, which will be shareware.

Only present shooter in the first week I gained about three hundred people, which as you know, the failure of failures. And, in fact, it would seem, the case began to be adjusted: 13% positive reviews on Steam has risen to 14. Hehe.

For this reason, the developers even released a separate video, where one of the representatives of the Studio Xaviant, made an apology about the fact that they all persevered and didn’t listen to the advice of gamers who do not want to get another PUBG.

In General, it is not clear that there will be first The Culling, but the second yet firmly holds first place in the hit parade of the most disappointing games of the year. However, serious claims, that is to say, the victory could also push the shooter Fear the Wolves, which until the end of summer should let the creators of Survarium.

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At the Royal rumble in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – problems

У Королевской Битвы в Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – проблемы

From the field report on problems developers mode Battle Royale for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, it just will not work simultaneously with the main game.

Moreover, it is not clear whether he’ll make it at all as its creators, for that week, are suffering their own plans, tips, testers, and technical limitations of consoles.

In particular, due to recent alleged fight involving 64 gamers decided to reduce it to 50. But this may not be enough. Further, it seems, developers have a lot of difficulty with the mechanics of creating a map reduce. Neither gas nor the energy ring is not suitable, because in the game de is the mechanism of revival in any part of the map. So now there is, supposedly, just in the battle fall off pieces of the terrain that nobody likes, but this, they say, the only, albeit temporary solution.

Well, finally, developers have problems with balance. They then remove, then add the items, then raise, then lower the level, the characters ‘ health, and when we can come to some common denominator – is completely unknown.

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Registration is now open for beta test firmware 6.00 for PS4

 Открыта регистрация на бета-тест прошивки 6.00 для PS4 Sony Interactive Entertainment has opened registration for participation in the beta firmware 6.00 for the PlayStation 4. List of changes and innovations that will bring the update is not specified.

Registration for the PTA firmware 6.00:

  • North America;
  • Europe (temporarily unavailable);
  • Japan.

For registration in the PTA need to enter the email address of your account to PS4.

Hacked firmware 5.05 on the PlayStation 4Sony showed a new revision of the PlayStation 4Продажи PlayStation 4 has reached 76.5 million

The dates of the closed beta testing are not reported.

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Launch trailer for Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion (video)

Релизный трейлер Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion (видео)

Bandai Namco announced time for adventure: today Steam released a role-playing game Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion. The owners of consoles PS4, Xbox One, and Switch can go on an adventure with 20 July, and to pass the time watching the release trailer.

One morning Finn and Jake found out, what in the world happened to global warming and all the ice melted. Of course, almost the entire country Yyy owsla under water. Fortunately, the boy and his talking dog managed to get to the boat. And now, together with BMO and Marceline, they have to know what happened with the climate or whether it has something to fix. We will study dangerous world, battles with pirates, turn-based battles, villains, and all sorts of adventures.

The basis of the game went to the animated series “adventure Time” that came out on Cartoon Network in 2010. Unfortunately, with him we had to say goodbye. Let’s hope that Pirates of the Enchiridion will survive this loss.


Microsoft will bring on gamescom new devices

 Microsoft привезет на gamescom новые девайсы Gaming exhibition gamescom will be held in Germany next month and, it seems, Microsoft announces new hardware. Will this new Xbox? Of course not. Most likely it will not before 2020. Maybe a new Xbox Elite controller? More like the truth.

From the blog of Major Nelson:

This year at gamescom we will show a special episode of Inside Xbox, which will be broadcasting from our booth Xbox. Be ready on Tuesday, 21 August, 16:30 CEST [17:30 GMT] to hear a lot of news, to learn about a completely new hardware and Xbox accessories, as well as about the features of upcoming titles. We can’t wait to tell you more and maybe even prepare a few surprises!
— Major Nelson blog

Microsoft is preparing to release phones on AndroidMicrosoft showed a prototype of the first Xbox in the form of the letter X for 1 100 000 рублейMicrosoft learned how to recognize faces of black people

The Elite controller, was released in October of 2015. The new version is rumored Baidu, you may have a USB-C charging, Bluetooth support for Windows 10, the new “triggers”, and support up to three profiles. Still can appear rubberized side panels that will help gamers in a very “sweaty” matches. It is also possible that in the new Elite-the controller will be able to control the stiffness of the sticks.

To learn more, will have to wait until August 21.

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The plot of Resident Evil 2 remake will differ from the original

Сюжет ремейка Resident Evil 2 будет отличаться от оригинала

Capcom unexpectedly announced that the storyline of the remake of Resident Evil 2, who is going to go 25 January will be the same as in the original.

This was told by the brand Manager of the project, Michael Lund, who stressed that the re-release players will be able to more deeply interact with characters and environments that will make certain changes compared to the original versions.

That is why the plot of the remake was called “deeper”. It turns out that the original was a lot of places that you just passed by, not paying attention, well, drew, drop a few meaningless phrases. But in the remake, players will have far more opportunities and far more vivid impression. Some innovations, it can take you away from the main campaign for a long time.

What are the specific changes made to the story, Mr. Lund did not speak, just suggesting to prepare for a strengthened and more emotional story.

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Appeared the first official image of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

 Появились первое официальное изображение Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Insider Evan Blass (Evan Blass) has posted on Twitter an image of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with the S Pen stylus. It is likely that the pen will be the biggest upgrade in the new model.

Externally, the phone will not change so much as the stuffing. In Note 9 will be a 6.4-inch AMOLED screen, a battery with a capacity of 3850-4000 mAh, frameless style and the fingerprint scanner on the rear panel. Processors for the American and European models are different — SoC Snapdragon and Exynos 845 8910, respectively.

The flagship phone from Samsung will be equipped with 6 or 8 GB of RAM. Systems identification — facial recognition and fingerprint scanner.

 Появились первое официальное изображение Samsung Galaxy Note 9
 Появились первое официальное изображение Samsung Galaxy Note 9

In addition to the first pictures of the new phone, there are others that confirm that a press render from Twitter — not a fake. More details learn on 9 August in a formal presentation.

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Western Digital HDD waives in favor of the SDD

Western Digital отказывается от HDD в пользу SDD

The era. Everyone who at least once were collected to the computer, picking for him the best components, know the company Western Digital, which for more than forty years produced computer electronics, famous primarily as the Creator of the hard drives. And now they have declared that is removed from the conveyor HDD-drives in favor of SSD.

This is a definite signal to those who are planning to change the drive on your PC: not if I buy outdated technology?

In the official address of the company stated the desire to provide its customers with only the best products, and stay competitive. For this they will need to conduct some difficult but necessary measures to optimize manufacturing plants throughout Asia.

Well, Yes: if you stay in the classics, and plan to buy a hard drive, you may want to hurry, because decisions such as this will necessarily entail the growth of prices for such devices.

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Bethesda believes Fallout 76 survival simulator

Bethesda не считает Fallout 76 симулятором выживания

At the time, as journalists together to consider the Fallout 76 to the simulation of survival, in most Bethesda have a slightly different opinion.

Said the head of the company, Todd Howard, who noted that they avoid the term “survival” because it is not well suited for this game. Further direct speech: “When people hear about the simulation of survival, they immediately come to mind DayZ or Rust, but we are doing something completely different. We had a design and we thought, what would that look like in multiplayer mode? With this technology we will be able to arrange a chance meeting between players and fill in interaction”.

In General, the game will have to survive is a fact, but it’s not a survival simulator, because the gameplay is not like Rust – it is about wanted to say to Mr. Howard, and we heard it: the main reason is that the game was conceived not as a survival simulator initially, and as a network mod for Fallout 4 – what the head of Bethesda said in a recent interview with the Guardian.

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Accounts Fortnite sell at auctions for $500

Аккаунты Fortnite продают на аукционах по 500 $

From the field reports that online auctions began to fill up accounts Fortnite, part of which cost quite a lot.

A few weeks ago we told you about the drives Fortnite, which is a second – free game for which, however, asked for $ 300, but now that it is sold simple eBay account. Asking for them for 50, 100, 400 and even $ 500. Where are the prices? Who needs someone’s account on a free video game?

Was – need. It is a unique pelts obtained on the basis of completion of seasons. For example, the old account, I found the first season, the fact is that obtained some unique skins that now cannot the most expensive.

It is interesting that the cunning sellers do not write your usernames in the game in order not to get ban from the developers. The latter, of course, if you really want, you can perebanit enterprising sellers, but most likely something like this will be very difficult.

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