In the United States can undo unlimited high speed Internet

В США могут отменить безлимитный высокоскоростной интернет

Great news from that Bastion of Democracy. In the United States may cancel a high-speed, unlimited Internet access, making it limited on traffic, and it can happen in February.

Oh, no wonder Internet providers to carry the money to the congressmen for almost 30 years. The group is now charged officials, explaining all of the traditional fight against terrorism, wants to impose limits on unlimited data, as they say, too difficult to track. But the caveat is that the mobile Internet, which is used by thousands of homeowners without access to fiber, also announced high-speed, and now, fortunately, all providers plan to restrict it to thirty gigabytes a month, though the U.S. national average fee for a month of unlimited mobile is about hundreds of dollars.

Ordinary Americans, not living in the center of new York, of course, furious. After all, the mobile Internet is the only more or less fast Internet, which they can obtain, and now they have to use the normal phone Internet, well, or to conclude with the providers, any special contract with particular amounts.

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The review game 7 Days to Die

					Обзор игры 7 Days to Die

Before us project, which is a mixture of several genres. Being a zombie shooter, it incorporates also all the mechanics from games such as Minecraft and DayZ. Release date of the game in early access on PC Dec 13, 2013. The project came out, including on the consoles. Initially, it was a pretty miserable game, but over the years the project has accumulated a lot of opportunities, and now we can see the patch 16.4, giving us a lot of room for interesting pastime. Let’s start 7 Days to Die review.

The plot

Begin to review 7 Days to Die with the story. It’s component of the story, designed solely to explain the setting. We know that the event takes place in 2034, in so many there, years after large-scale hostilities that led to the cataclysm that caused mass infecting people and turning them into living dead. Towns and villages became wasteland, and among the ruins of the former civilization, a small number of survivors fight for the right of existence.

The harsh conditions

Here there is a standard for the genre of the setting: the player with the minimum of things is in the middle of a huge open to explore, teeming with a variety of evil spirits. The main task of the player is clear — to survive at any cost, using all their skills. Beginners will make it difficult, because on the map to go hordes of undead. Run away from them, of course, possible, but to do this successfully is possible only by day, because by nightfall, zombies become faster and more aggressive. In addition, the nights here are so dark that without the proper fixtures, we won’t have to do anything in the pitch darkness.

Survive correctly

Starting the game, the player faces the first task is to survive the first day in this unfriendly environment, then you should hold out for a week and so on to infinity, just enough fuse. Everywhere on the map you can find different items, and caches, and it is better to start to load up on all sorts of things from the very beginning of the game. We need food, water, torches, the simple weapons like bow and arrows, a simple tool — a stone axe, some clothes and a sleeping bag. The latter plays the role of a spawn point, like a bed from Minecraft. In the vastness of the wasteland, you can get hold of a gun so if you find this weapon with a couple of rounds, you can assume that you are infinitely lucky.

					Обзор игры 7 Days to Die

It should be noted in the review 7 Days to Die, the study card here is not an easy task. Not only zombies do not wish the player good, a good mood and health, but also a lot of different creatures, which teems with local fauna.

The game has a well-developed crafting system. You can make almost any thing that can be used in the vast post-apocalyptic world. Some of the items for the collection require special drawings.

I must say in the review 7 Days to Die that all the gameplay essentially boils down to gathering resources and building fortifications in the daytime, and busy waiting out the night raids of zombies.

The outcome of the review 7 Days to Die

This project is a good implementation of ideas from different games in one “bottle”. It has everything for an interesting while away the time in a post-apocalyptic scenery: advanced crafting, different types of zombies, a variety of items, needs atmosphere. Do not forget about the possibility of installing the mod, Starvation for 7 Days to Die, which complements and complicates gameplay. Of course, there is in the game and disadvantages. One of the most significant is the game’s graphics. But it should be understood that this is a project with lots of possibilities and elements. So, big system requirements of the game is justified. 7 Days to Die review completed.

The sponsor for this review is the Internet portal “Era of Games.” The site contains flash, online and mini-games with different themes and genre, for example fps ( Excellent selection of different games to good games.

Gameplay trailer of the game

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Nintendo has removed from the Switch memory of Satoru Iwata

Nintendo удалила из Switch память о Сатору Ивате

Interesting, and not very pretty story happened with Nintendo.

A few weeks ago in Nintendo Switch was discovered hidden game of Golf, released in the distant 1984, the year. It surprised many, as officially inside the console there should be no games.

Of course, people immediately began to try to run it, and have the most big-headed it happened. Starting method went viral and after some time, Golf was played for many owners of consoles.

But it now appears that Nintendo the other day, after another update, deleted the game from the firmware that many have considered offensive. The fact that on this game started in of Nintendo Satoru Iwata – its longstanding Director, who died recently. Also some have suggested that Golf was placed in the console as so-called “Omamori” talisman for happiness, and now that Nintendo Switch definitely achieved success, the talisman can remove it.

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Fans of Destiny 2 was announced a riot

Фанаты Destiny 2 объявили бунт

2 Destiny rebellion. It was announced many fans of the game. In any case, the impression you can make, if you go to the official game, English speaking forum, where almost every theme requires removal of the so-called Eververse – in-game store, which in the silver dust you can buy various products. And all anything, but, as you know, this dust in turn is purchased with real money that leads to blocked balance and disharmony in the gaming souls, which, when it comes to games that are entirely Communist, demanding universal social-gaming equality.

Bungie, tellingly, not in a hurry to change anything. Someone from the management Studio made a rather vague statement that is not so bad, and that we will see what we can do, but running, stumbling, and to remove micropayments, as did Electronic Arts Battlefront 2 no one will – that’s for sure.

The creators of Destiny 2 in terms of introducing a system of micropayments went much further than expected by many, increasing the impact of the store compared to what it was in the first part of Destiny.

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The Creator of The Legend of Zelda explained the lack of in-game dungeons

Создатель The Legend of Zelda объяснил отсутствие в игре подземелий

The main thing on a new Legend of Zelda, Hidemaro Fujibayashi, asked a tricky question: why is it in the game there are no normal dungeons – branded pieces for this show?

The answer came immediately: no dungeons, because the game world is huge and beautiful, so the developers decided to bet on what happens on the surface. When talking about dungeons, it turned out that they are not done in a way to fully satisfy the expectations of players. To saturate the game nedorazumeniya nobody wanted, so so. But in the next part, which, it seems, is already in development, dungeons will be more.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was named game of the year in the event the Game Awards. And then you need to understand that Zelda is strictly a Japanese-American brand, is not popular in Europe and less popular in Russia, so here, so to speak, the key word is American gaming community, which should not be offended, though, because it is American – their own tastes, which are sometimes difficult to understand.

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In Bluehole want to develop PUBG together with gamers

В Bluehole хотят развивать PUBG совместно с геймерами

Chief Executive officer of Bluehole, Chang Han Kim, told about what to bring to the release of the game, which at this point will have 20-million copies – a huge success, and of course, this same game they will develop further, and not just so, and together with the gamers.

This, of course, talking about PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds. Mr. Kim highlighted several priorities. First, they expand. Studio in the United States is already open, and now they are thinking of a Studio in Europe. Secondly, as has been said, any innovation will be tested and validated by the gamers themselves. They will play a key role in the development of the game. Well, and thirdly, to PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds is critical to be shown as much as possible, so in the future, the game will become more friendly to streaming platforms and their viewers.

Official release PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds have taken place, but it is a little delighted fans of the project, for the quality of performance is not similar to what could be called version 1.0. A bunch of glitches is complemented by the terrible optimization. However, people somehow plays.

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Gran Turismo Sport called the worst Sony exclusive

Gran Turismo Sport назвали худшим эксклюзивом Sony

Against the background of various distributions of prizes to the best of the best, quite unusual was the vote in one of the official forums for PlayStation owners, where English-speaking gamers have tried to determine the worst game Sony by the end of this year. And, I must say, they succeeded.

Worst game (here, the game you need to understand exactly exclusive), the majority of voting was recognized as the racing simulator Gran Turismo Sport, which was developed in great pain, and which, it seems, will not leave a trace in the history of the genre. The game was called the worst in the disputed physics, not the most beautiful picture and a terrible version of virtual reality.

The release of Gran Turismo Sport took place on 17 October 2017. On Metacritic, the project received 75 points from the media, which basically took the game without enthusiasm, and 60 points from gamers who, as you can see from the rating, the enthusiasm showed even less. In General, gamers have accused the Gran Turismo Sport of parasitism on the already known mechanics of the series and the absence of a new gameplay experience.

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Vampyr – release date and system requirements

					Vampyr – дата выхода и системные требования

Vampyr release date postponed to the spring of 2018 .
Available for pre-order, in which the player gets DLC “Legacy hunters.” It is composed of two legendary weapons and a suit of the dark healer. This Supplement will also be available to purchase separately after the game.

					Vampyr – дата выхода и системные требования

					Vampyr – дата выхода и системные требования

					Vampyr – дата выхода и системные требования

Trailer c E3 2017

Gameplay trailer

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The creators of the Agony shown by the Red Goddess

Создатели Agony показали Красную Богиню

The creators of adventure puzzle of Agony decided notably to ignite by posting a racy trailer for their game, exactly under the Catholic Christmas.

The trailer turned out, as expected – cold and disgusting. Just so that they can use to frighten naughty children, they say, will behave badly you end up in the same place.

The main character of the video, in fact, the Red Goddess – the headmistress of the local branch of hell, to which the hero of Agony need in whatever was to get to recover the memory and try to come back to life. Well, whether or not to return. Not the fact that the Goddess will not eat the hero, when he stands before her clear eyes. How it will actually will we find out on March 30th, when the game crawls to release.

Agony – adventure, dark and very bloody puzzle game whose events unfold in hell. In addition to the ongoing tasks, like all kinds of puzzles, the developers will offer rich stealth attempts to cheat the hell out of the guards.

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The new version of STALKER – Lost Alpha

Вышла новая версия STALKER – Lost Alpha

All who vainly hoped that the release of S. T. A. L. K. E. R. 2, and who pereproshel the original trilogy backwards and forwards, it is known that the best way to diversify the gameplay of the already famous trio to use fashion, and not just another DIY mediocre students, and that are more qualitative type of modification called Lost Alpha that has been updated to version 1.4005, and this, as you know, already a full release with lots of improvements.

The list of innovations of more than a hundred points, but the most important are the items related to fix known bugs, improve the system of changing weather conditions, alteration of ballistics, adding weight to your inventory, add a new rendering, new shading, lighting, new enemies and, of course, weapons.

Install S. T. A. L. K. E. R. – Lost Alpha is produced in a clean version, not on top of the previous Lost Alpha, not to mention any other mod. Of course, the game need to start from scratch, because old saves will no longer work.

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