Egress – Battle Royal in the style of Dark Souls will soon open the server

Egress  – Battle Royal в стиле Dark Souls скоро откроет сервера

The domestic Egress game, developed by Studio Fazan will open the server for beta tests, which will be held behind closed doors, and which you can sign up right now on the official website of the company.

Egress – network shooter in the genre Battle Royal gameplay a La Dark Souls, and the atmosphere of Victorian diesel punk. A mixture of what to say, thermonuclear, and we sincerely hope that the project will be completed without problems, and will gain popularity among players worldwide.

The developers offer several classes of characters, and at least fighting, not less than 21 person. Will all this on the PC and big consoles before the end of the year.

As shown (the other day was published the first full gameplay), we are dealing with a really interesting game where the basis of the battle-the duel, such as those that were in Dark Souls, in those moments when the player is invaded, some character.

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Online shooter Loadout will be closed due to new laws in Europe

Сетевой шутер Loadout закроют из-за новых законов в Европе

The creators of the online shooter Loadout released in 2014-m to year on a shareware basis, has announced that it will be forced to close server and actually kill the game. Roughly it’s going to happen on may 25.

But what is the reason? Because the game was good. In Steam, it earned 86% positive reviews, and in General, it has long reached the level of self-sufficiency? And the reason, as it turned out, the new European laws, which introduce new privacy rules, whose objective is fighting terrorism and extremism, which many companies will have to provide a new principle of data processing that were too expensive for many.

In this connection I would like to convey a special Hello Patriotic liberals who believe that genuine freedom is, somewhere in the West, not what we have in Russia.

It is noteworthy that Loadout is not going to keep the servers outside Europe, because, as noted at Edge of Reality, the bulk of players – the Europeans, so that the new privacy rules became the verdict for this project.

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The duration of the campaign Shadow of the Tomb Raider can be deceiving

Продолжительность кампании Shadow of the Tomb Raider может быть обманчивой

Drove one interesting news about the upcoming Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which no doubt must be the greatest part of the whole series.

So, it turned out that when developers dare call duration of a single campaign, many probably will be surprised, for it can be unconventionally long. So if Eidos will not hold and will include a complete walkthrough… museums that generously ponapean the game map.

It turned out that the game will be a few so-called hubs – in the camps, where Lara will be able not only to relax enough to have enough communication, but to hang out at the local museums, studying interactive trips to local attractions. How much time will it take – is unknown, but on the ground say that we are talking about several hours, which to be honest can not be completely attributed to pure gameplay.

The idea of introducing educational video games in the city – is not new. For example, in a platformer-puzzler Never Alone there is a whole series of videos about the life and legends of the Inuit and other tribes of the American North.

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Bluehole put up with scams in PUBG Mobile

Bluehole смирилась с мошенниками в PUBG Mobile

Mobile version PUBG seem almost as popular as the main, but the problems it even more. First, cheaters, and second of all, guys playing on the keyboard with the mouse, which has long and successfully connect them to their smartphones and tablets.

These players get a huge advantage over competitors, and this had something to do. And so, in Bluehole, after many weeks of contemplation, decided to resort to the old wisdom: you can’t win – head. And they led with a special emulator that allows you to run the mobile version PUBG on your PC. However, there is a caveat: you can only play against the same “emulated” players. But, rumor has it that when the emulator will be released and beta, these guys will be allowed in the main sandbox.

PUBG Mobile – mobile version of the same game that was originally only available in China, but after Epic Games has released a mobile Fortnite, Bluehole urgently accelerated, and also revealed to the world in the international PUBG Mobile version.

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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 may be exclusive to BattleNet

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 может быть эксклюзивом для BattleNet

The incredible adventures Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 continue. After hearing about the lack of single player campaign and the addition of the Battle Royal, drove the rumors that Activision is investing in the project record amount in the calculation of the long-term support, which indirectly confirms the multiplayer focus of the game. But, despite all this, Black Ops 4, supposedly, will be exclusive to… Battle.Net.

As reported from the field, the game may not appear in Steam, and go the path of Destiny 2. Supposedly, someone from the high authorities, anticipating huge profits, decided to share the income with the type of Steam – not good. It hinted at the chief Executive officer of Activision, Codd Johnson, who added that the company has invested unprecedented amounts of money to ensure “the best experience for PC players”.

The release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will take place on 12 October. And if all these rumors do come true, we are waiting for a complete reformatting of the entire franchise, after which the Call of duty will never be the same.

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Capcom has shipped and sold in the “figure” more than 7.9 million copies of Monster Hunter: World

Capcom отгрузил и продал в «цифре» более 7,9 млн копий Monster Hunter: World Role-playing action Monster Hunter World has continued to sell well. Developer and game publisher Capcom announced that in total put in stores and sold in digital form 7.9 million copies of the game.

The last 400 thousand copies were sold and shipped in April. According to Capcom, at the end of March delivery and selling title was 7.5 million copies.

Monster Hunter: World was released on 26 January on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Capcom called the title the best selling game in its history.

Top 10 selling games Capcom

The release of PC-version of the Monster Hunter World is scheduled for this fall.


Rumor – new Battletoads soon show

Слух – новую Battletoads скоро покажут

The fact that someone, somewhere, under the auspices of Microsoft making a new Battletoads is we knew two years ago when Phil Spencer at E3 sported a t-shirt with logo of the brand. Well, now drove more concrete news on this, alluding to the fact that the game can show very soon.

The soil of this hearing gave someone David wise – composer, who worked on the music for games such as Donkey Kong Country, Yooka-Laylee and the original Battletoads is one that is for 8-cue ball. Now, on his website there was a message about a project called Battletoads 20/20, with the note “very soon”. The message was later deleted, but it was too late, and it seems that Mr. wise wrote for future games two dozen musical compositions, which, if lucky, will be no worse than Battletoads and Double Dragon.

Despite the great fame and rich history, really famous games universe Battle Toads, there was only one – Battletoads and Double Dragon, which became one of the most iconic games of the early 90s.

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Out the global mod for the Witcher 3 modify combat mechanics

Вышел глобальный мод для Witcher 3 переделывающий боевую механику

One of the main claims by the third Witch, is a claim to the fighting mechanics. Game, they say, the farther the better, and the fight with the final boss for many was a disappointment, and most difficult battles was the battle of secondary missions, like the battle with the devil in the close, dark cave, or the taming of archigraphy. Now, the Network has posted the final version of the mod, radically remodel the battles in this game.

The mod is called The Witcher 3: Enhanced Edition. He makes new work indicator of vitality, removes on auto-commit on the enemy, and the enemy makes themselves unique, providing each individual characteristics, after which they become more similar to the real enemies, not the same type of bots. Also, the player will now have to choose a method of attack: to make a strong punch or weak, or, perhaps, to wait and do a magical attack. This choice, according to the developer, became more than ever acute, because at the forefront here put the indicator of exhaustion, and endlessly attack is now impossible.

Download the modification on the resource NexusMod, especially because it, surprisingly, weighs only 57 MB.

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The new regime PUBG broke the server in the first day

Новый режим PUBG сломал сервера в первые же сутки

As shown, PUBG failed in the new regime. The opportunity to participate in a specific group of 50 players was as engaging as the pilot. And in the end a new version of the fight was removed from the game in the first day after launch.

The players are invited to join the group of five people, and try to survive surrounded by nine other such groups. It is unclear what exactly happened, but it seems that the choice as a test weekend, had a detrimental effect on the servers that did not survive the influx of willing, about what the official Twitter shooter published apology, they say, sorry, but like some other time.

The efficiency of the project was restored, and this is important. But with regard to the resumption of the new regime with ten teams, this perspective is yet to be covered by a veil of mystery, for in Bluehole have serious technical work to ensure trouble-free reception of all comers to play.

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The creators of Deus Ex was accused of fear Cyberpunk 2077

Создателей Deus Ex обвинили в боязни Cyberpunk 2077

It turns out that while we are sitting here, Eidos Montreal accused of killing the Deus Ex franchise. Moreover, it becomes so much that the developers were forced to make a formal appeal, which asserted the opposite: no, Deus Ex is very much alive, and no one is going to give up on this series.

This was stated by the head of Studio, David Anfossi, who could not resist the stories that Cyberpunk 2077 now-we’ll beat Deus Ex, and also that the developers have allocated all the power to create new parts of Tomb Raider.

Mr. Director said that “we have not forgotten about Deus Ex”, just “we need to rest, think about the future, and to do it right and with respect.” It would, they say, it would be ideal if they could work over all games, what you want, but it is technically impossible, and confirmed that the steering head of Square Enix, Yosuke Matsuda, announcing that the Deus Ex time has not yet come.

And, if Cyberpunk really will be a first person shooter, it is time not come probably for a long time.

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