A freebie from Blizzard: Overwatch free weekend

Халява от Blizzard: бесплатные выходные в Overwatch

Always wanted to play in Overwatch, but that was not enough money? In the end, only watched videos on the Internet? You have a great opportunity to try out all the features of the game and appreciate the graphics, fighting mechanics, a large variety of characters and many other pieces of the project next week. Blizzard provides all its users with free access to Overwatch from 26 to 30 July.

You will be able to try out 18 maps and 28 characters. And, most interestingly, you will be available and a new character hamster Hammond, which will add to the game on July 24. Free access applies to the following modes: arcade, custom games, Quick game. Even if you have not played Overwatch, you will have a great opportunity and plenty of time to figure out whether you want to stay here and pump your character or not.

To enter the game, you can use a single account in the Blizzard, and the official client of the project. Don’t miss out!

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For Absolver preparing update

Для Absolver готовят обновление

As reported by the developers from the Studio Sloclap, they intend in the autumn to release a Supplement Downfall for network fighting game Absolver, which will be a new mode that allows you to fight deep underground in the mines. And it will not be linear contractions, and a variety of fights with different bosses, award-winning and new styles.

The main idea of the developers is to send players to solo or with a team in the mine where they can fight infected monsters. From mobs when killing falls special substance that will help you in the future to enhance the characteristics of their characters. But not so simple. The more you visit the mine, the harder it will be bosses.

Another good news is the introduction of a new style Faefin, which resembles the martial art of Bruce Lee. It provides 15 attacks with a sword, and 26 attacks with his bare hands. Will be new masks, gauntlets, and swords, for more equipment types, and emotions for players and many other interesting Goodies. The upgrade will be free for all users and is tentatively due in September.

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World of Warcraft has a serious problem

В World of Warcraft появились серьезные проблемы

Blizzard is actively preparing for the upgrade Battle For Azeroth and produces prepatch, making small changes in World of Warcraft. However, one of these prepatches, 8.0, added this week, has seriously ruined the game, prompting hundreds of errors that are associated with receiving and dealing damage, graphics, pumping levels of the characters.

Players are immediately rebelled, creating their own separate thread of discussions on Reddit. Together they have collected a large list of challenges faced. As reported by the developers from Blizzard, they know about this situation, and had promptly fix it.

Therefore so many bugs, you ask? Before you enter the upgrade Battle For Azeroth, it was necessary to reduce overall damage and health of a large number of characters in the game, but their are so many that the system simply failed, and began to appear many problems. Most likely, after a few days, most of the bugs will be fixed. It’s the same Blizzard! They will promptly solve such issues. The main thing that all went smoothly during the update.

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To Escape from Tarkov has been updated

Для Escape from Tarkov вышло обновление

The developers of Battle Games has pleased his audience with the release of an update for Escape from Tarkov, which added a new modification for weapons, grenades, and, most importantly, a completely new character!

So, here are the main innovations:

  • Stun and smoke grenades. To it were added special effects and animation. As reported by the developers, in the future they plan to add foreign analogues;
  • 2 types of weapons: DS Arms SA-58 OSW Para and a GLOCK 18C;
  • 50 mods for weapons;
  • 30 items to equip;
  • 14 quests merchants;
  • The ability to distinguish players at the bandages on his hands;
  • Game optimization and the elimination of numerous bugs;
  • The change in the price of most of the weapons and mods to it.

But it’s not the most important, as it turned out. The developers added a new character “Resale”, which can control a gang consisting of 4 people. As reported on the official website priacta, this is one of the major updates for the game, therefore the first time servers can be delays due to the excitement from the players.

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The Polish government wants to stimulate “cultural” video game

Правительство Польши хочет стимулировать «культурные» видеоигры

The Ministry of culture of Poland is going to submit to the government a system of tax incentives aimed at stimulating the national gaming industry.

The treatment officials said that the country has 330 companies, and that of Poland in Europe most will know it is for video games. In addition, video games not so little swell local coffers and create jobs. And everything would be okay, if not for one thing: tax breaks, grants, and other public investments will get only games deemed “cultural”.

What exactly is meant by Polish officials by this term is unknown, but it is likely that these games must, first, one way or another to represent Poland in a good light in front of the others, talking well about her history and people, and, secondly, should not denigrate a state that gives money. In other words, the maniac shooter Hatred could hardly count on bonuses, but here’s a hypothetical Witcher 4 – easily.

Expect similar steps from our legislators.

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Bethesda doesn’t want a remaster of Fallout, and Morrowind

Bethesda не хочет ремастеров Fallout и Morrowind

Todd Howard from Bethesda, spoke strongly against the remaster and remakes of old games. He was aware of the fact that companies require a remaster of the classic Fallout series, and I also want HD-restart Morrowind and Oblivion, but he does not see in it sense: “If you have a computer, you can play these games and so.”

In addition, Mr. Howard expressed against and in order to give their game development to third party studios. Specifically, he said: “We are now large enough to be able to keep all your secrets to yourself”. It was said in the context of the discussion of Fallout: New Vegas, which Obsidian Entertainment did, and that in the fan environment ulterior motive is the best part of Fallout since its reboot.

In General that the refusal of re-mastering that the refusal of the transfer of their franchises to third parties – a controversial decision which is unlikely to cause bouts of enthusiasm, because so far the only thing that Bethesda has turned out to be really good to do with their hands – series The Elder Scrolls. The rest – either with others, or not very good.

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Google gets record fine for abuse in the Android

Google получает рекордный штраф за злоупотребления в Android

The European Union has awarded a record fine in its history. It happened in the midst of a trade war between Europe and USA, so it is not surprising that the object of attack was the American Corporation Google, which has long and densely violated European law with its operating shell Android.

A fine of 4.3 billion euros imposed for abuse of monopoly in the field of imposing third-party software to all owners of mobile electronics running Android. We’ve all seen that a bunch of rubbish that ends up in our smartphones and tablets with the next update of the operating sheath. Do we, at least half? Unlikely. However, the formal reason for the purpose of the penalty was the program enjoyed by millions. Specifically, European officials did not like the imposition of the Chrome browser that cannot be deleted from the system, and who is always reset as soon as you go to PlayMarket.

But the penalty means nothing. Chrome still need to remove, or open to all comers an opportunity to remove within three months. If Google would not like, that the company will be fined additionally.

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The release of the Patriotic puzzle Mechanism

Состоялся релиз отечественной головоломки Mechanism

In Steam there was a game called the Mechanism from domestic developers. More precisely, from the developer. It was made by just one man, one Alexander Goodwin, who in the vast Russian Internet, repeatedly talked about how he worked, creating three-dimensional models for your game, and what experience he has learned from his past project under the name Algotica.

To the credit of the developer, the Mechanism got a great game that is impossible to suspect that behind its creation is one single person. The game has 91% positive reviews, which speaks for itself.

Invited to play for the robot, traveling the world, struck by a terrible disease. The author himself admits that he was inspired by famous hit Czech Amanita Design called Machinarium, and, apparently, it worked quite well.

By the way, the game has already 6 localizations: Russian, English, French, German and two Chinese, all six can boast of voice acting including. Very respectful attitude to customers, which would be a good idea to learn from the same Electronic Arts.

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Valve coming to Gamescom

Valve едет на Gamescom

The great and terrible of Valve Software, which is already beginning to lose their glory as the Creator of the video game is going to Gamescom. This is doubly surprising from the fact that at E3 this company was not. Why would such an honor for the European public?

Yet there are three versions: one real, the other is similar to the real, the third is absolutely unreal. Rather, we will show the face of card game Artifact, which the world in General know very little. Further not rule out the possibility of the announcement of a new game called Valley of the Gods. This is not a personal project of Valve, because the development Studio responsible Campo Santo, bought lapinniemi recently and became famous as the Creator of the Firewatch. And finally, most fabulous version says that we will show a new part of Half-Life or Portal. Yes, even if it’s Left for Dead 3 is still Valve’s fans will be happy. But in order for this happiness to experience, you first need to wait for this Gamescom, which will take place from 21st to 25th of August in Germany.

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Microsoft has announced “aggressive” investing in video games

Microsoft объявила «агрессивные» инвестиции в видеоигры

It seems that the authorities Microsoft tired to endure the ridicule from gamers about the fact that the company stopped releasing the normal game, so they announced an “aggressive investment” in video games, and with them in the cloud and social services.

Said about it the President of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, who explained that the company’s revenues are growing, this year they have already exceeded by 14% last year, topping $ 10 billion, and to bring universal domination even closer, they decided, finally, to invest in the game, and not anyhow, but aggressive.

Due to the new investments the company intends to deepen its cooperation with the players and expedite the implementation of cloud technologies in development.

In General, words – words, but money from Microsoft is really a lot of money, and she has all the opportunities to outshine Sony’s exclusives, while it turns out it doesn’t matter. In General, this is the case when you need to wait and see what this aggressive investment will work in practice.

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