Trailer LEGO The Incredibles (video)

Трейлер LEGO The Incredibles (видео)

Superheroes from the fantastic family Parr returned. This happens almost simultaneously with the movie premiere. In the blockbuster LEGO The Incredibles are extremely different from each other family members to find a common language and to establish teamwork, to cope with the difficult challenges.

Gameplay LEGO The Incredibles Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games showed in the trailer. In it we see how the heroes of the famous novels Disney Pixar helping each other to bridge the gap, not to fall under the laser beams and not to be burned alive.

The release will be on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch 15 June 2018. And the premiere of the animated feature “the Incredibles 2” will be held on June 14.


Studio 11 bit told details about Frostpunk

Студия 11 bit рассказала подробности о Frostpunk

Polish Studio 11 bit has released a new video in support of Frostpunk. In the video, the creators of This War of Mine revealed about his new project.

The developers call their new game “social strategy” and the players have to make difficult decisions. Sometimes for the survival of the whole society will have to sacrifice comfort and peace of mind, and even the lives of individuals. To the usual principles of town-planning simulator, the developers have mixed in a complex moral dilemma, a burden to their inevitable consequences, and accompanied by research and unexpected discoveries.

Release — April 24 on Windows.


Teaser of Serious Sam 4 (video)

Тизер Serious Sam 4 (видео)

Publisher Devolver Digital and Croteam, the Studio officially announced the fourth part of the Serious Sam 4. The developers have confirmed the increased scope of locations and the absence of even a single level in the desert.

Most likely, all the details about the game we find out at the upcoming E3.


Battletech trailer (video)

Трейлер Battletech (видео)

Paradox Interactive has released a final clip from the series “foundations of Battletech”, devoted to the intrigue and betrayal on a galactic scale in a new project Studio Harebrained Schemes.

Battletech will be released on PC on April 24. First, the game will be available on Windows and macOS, and later there will be a version for Linux.


Trailer Overkill”s The Walking Dead (video)

Трейлер Overkill’s The Walking Dead (видео)

Starbreeze and Overkill Software, and to publish 505 Games published a new trailer of cooperative shooter Overkill”s The Walking Dead. In it they introduced the second available players character — Maya.

Overkill”s The Walking Dead — multiplayer shooter for four people, where you and your friends unite against the walking dead and aggressive people. Players will complete various missions and participate in raids to provide survivors with supplies and to fortify their camp.

Overkill”s The Walking Dead will be released this fall on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.




The third “the Witcher” is returned to the interface from showing the game at E3 2014

Третьему «Ведьмаку» вернули интерфейс с демонстрации игры на Е3 2014

The team has provided mod E3 UI and HUD, which aims to return to the game the initial menu and various indicators. During a demonstration of “the Witcher 3: wild Hunt” – E3 2014 audience showed the game with an interface that never made it to the final version.

To do this, developers created animated background, changed the HUD, and fonts. Appeared on loading screens in two versions — color and black-and-white, also updated the bestiary, menu flow, map and the interface elements, as an indicator of lives.

The mod is available on Nexus Mods.


Scene trailer Vampyr (video)

Сюжетный трейлер Vampyr (видео)

Dontnod Entertainment has published a new trailer Vampyr. In the game the beginning of the XX century, Britain epidemic, and the violence and fear has swept London.

The main character doctor Jonathan reed. He wants to help everyone I can, but one becomes one who not only saves, but also takes a life.

The trailer sheds light on the events that unfold on the streets of London 1918. The city is devastated by war and disease. But that’s not the only problem, because at night here hunt the most dangerous predator of the vampires. Dr. Jonathan reed becomes one of them.

Release — June 5, 2018 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.



Turkeys terrorize players in Far Cry 5 (video)

Индюки терроризируют игроков в Far Cry 5 (видео)

The editor of Kotaku’s kirk Hamilton has received a copy of Far Cry 5 a week before release. He first shared his impressions about the meeting with the most ferocious enemy of the game.

Once when secretive sweep of the camp he came across a Turkey and tried to kill him quietly. The final unequal battle was a foregone conclusion: the Turkey won. The journalist later found out that his hero — not the last victim of the murderous birds. In social networks, the players left their history, threats and requests to the developers to weaken the combat characteristics of Turkey.