The creators of League of Legends is accused of violating the rights of women “bro-culture”

Создателей League of Legends обвиняют в нарушении прав женщин "братан-культурой"

Feminists, specializing in the gaming industry, found a new outlet: the company Riot Games, known for the MMO League of Legends, where the alleged vengeance rights of women are violated due to the so-called “bro-culture”.

The fact that one of the dismissed employees, the company has published a pitiful story about how she couldn’t stand to work there, because they thought each other Bros (probably referring to the nearest word”, bro) that it was unbearable.

Women, they say, not listening, overly aggressive men constantly drown them in meetings, and offer one girl was rejected by his superiors to a week to make, but from the employee male.

In General, the fear and terror for the Western tolerant and multicultural society. Many game edition immediately reprinted the letter, and human rights organizations announced the beginning of investigations which then led the company to make a statement about what in their collective professed “zero-tolerance policy for discrimination, harassment, vindictiveness, abuse, and General toxicity”.

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Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus will be released in November

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus выйдет в ноябре

Became known release date of turn-based strategy Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus. The game will be released 15th of November.

It is necessary to pay attention not only to fans of the universe of a Military Hammer, but fans of games in the style of XCOM, because the battles here are very, very similar, despite the fact that the atmosphere is completely different.

As a playable faction until there will be only one: Adeptus mekhanikus – the most advanced in technological terms, with many devices able to entertain the player during battles. In the story we propose to go with a military expedition on an unknown planet, where you have to mine resources, learn technology, and, of course, to fight.

All this has Russian localization and it is already available for pre-order on Steam.

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Fallout 2 put in Fallout 3

Fallout 2 запихнули внутрь в Fallout 3

It happened! Fallout 2 is still stuck inside the Fallout 3. Or rather, not pushed, and continue to push for the game, and that she is still in the alpha stage.

This project is copyright, which not dare to call a modification. In fact, of course, the way it is, but in reality this is not an add-on for existing, a completely separate game, which, by the way, called Fallout: Way of Chosen.

The developers note that trying to exactly move the isometric world of Fallout 2 on three-dimensional engine of Fallout 3, but it does not promise a complete similarity. In particular, many of the quests will be solved differently, some are missing and some are added by the authors themselves. Turn-based battles will not be. Skills, items, armor and weapons remain, but will be rebalanced.

In General, the work will be voluminous, so the release date is not yet called, and not the fact that someday would be called for, the team made it clear that there will be able to add your own content, and then, it looks like Bethesda, we all know, so it is possible that the project will be minimized by force, even if it will be able to finish until the end.

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Russian horror Uventa will be released before the end of August

Российский ужастик Uventa выйдет до конца августа

Continue to follow the domestic game industry.

This time we nearly missed a game called Uventa, which is responsible for developing the Moscow Studio BlackRat, where recently announced that their debut project will be released very soon: on 22 August.

Play this horror game with first-person and in a very dark environment. The main character – the guard, which when traversing an abandoned school, knowing that it climbed teenagers seem to understand why this school was abandoned in the face of local paranormal inhabitants. Naturally, he needs to understand the terrible events that took place here, Oh and try to stay alive.

The developers promise a plot, based on real events, this psychological horror without cheap screamer effects, interactive environments, puzzles, a surprise ending and full Russian voice acting, which is not such a frequent phenomenon for our games, especially from indie-sphere.

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In Fortnite want to breed players with gamepads and mice

В Fortnite хотят разводить игроков с геймпадами и мышками

While some citizens continue to prove that are controlled by a gamepad in shooters is no worse than with mouse and keyboard, Epic Games, really look at things, announced that now are working to change the system of selection of opponents in Fortnite, whose essence lies in the divorce battle different players with a mouse, and other control devices.

The reason is simple: hanatsuki, and primarily console gamers, complain that they can’t shoot as accurately as those who use to control a standard PC peripherals. In Epic Games suddenly saw the light, saying that it gives you a competitive advantage and that next week they will be able to tell more about how it will divide players in different sandboxes, depending on management practices.

Well, Yes: it seems that the theory of universal cross-platform for the first time faced with a serious obstacle because of the complaints of console gamers that are hard to play on an equal footing with PC-schnick.

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Rumor: Obsidian Entertainment became the property of Microsoft

Слух: Obsidian Entertainment стала собственностью Microsoft

Drove the hot rumor about the next takeover in the gaming world, according to which, allegedly, Microsoft bought Obsidian Entertainment.

Those who follow gaming news, you probably remember that from melkomyagkih mill sounded a loud statement about the beginning of aggressive expansion in development. Supposedly, the company has accumulated a little extra money, which she intends to invest in the purchase of brands and studios, standing behind them. And now, it seems that Obsidian Entertainment, which we know from such games as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Neverwinter Nights 2, Fallout: New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity, has become or will become the property of Microsoft.

This was reported by the anonymous insider, who swears he has seen the relevant contract, where there were signatures of obsidianites, but there was no signatures Microsoft.

If so, then game from the Studio will no longer go on the PlayStation, if not will be console exclusives. Well, of course, if Obsidian Entertainment will lose its independence, its future games will change a lot, because for anybody not a secret that Microsoft loves to get into the workflow of their wards.

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Blizzard announces a new game in the Diablo universe

Blizzard объявляет новую игру во вселенной Diablo

Latest blogs by Blizzard, Diablo 3, ended very unusually. Instead, as usual, to tell about the trials in the upcoming season, the presenter said the following: “we Have a lot of projects in the universe of Diablo. Some less, some more. But we have a few things we can show in this year. We hope that you will wait for information, and we will continue to work hard to spice up a new experience of Diablo”.

A little sloppy, but overall it is clear: there will be something new, and not the fact that this is the new will Diablo 4. It is possible, we are waiting for is still a remake of Diablo 2, which fans of the universe I beg long and hard. Maybe we are talking about some mobile Diablo. Maybe the rumor that the Blizzard developing Diablo Online still confirmed? Maybe we will present a strategy a La DiabloCraft, and maybe the developers will limit the expansion for Diablo 3.

In any case, the exhibition BlizzCon, which will open on 2 November, it now seems much more interesting than before.

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Electronic Arts luchbox considered a guarantee of fairness

В Electronic Arts лутбоксы считают гарантией справедливости

That just won’t go some in an attempt to stretch an owl on the globe, in order to increase their earnings.

For example, Electronic Arts has announced that the complete removal of luchboxes of their games it would be unfair to those who are the most luchbox loves, and, because they are for total equality, justice and honesty (Hello handicap of FIFA), locbox will remain.

About it told the Vice-President of strategy and development, Matt Bilby, who admitted that watching start to fight lutrogale in Europe, so take any and all measures that the gambling Commission delved into their workflow, and have seen that luchbox EA games is actually transparent and harmless. At the same time, he confirmed that creative Director Patrick Soderlund has put some pressure on the Studio, with whom they have to cooperate, pushing them towards adding luchboxes their games.

In General, despite apologies, it seems that last year’s scandal Battlefront 2 anything electronics is not taught, and luchbox not going anywhere.

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Steam will appear unusual multiplayer horror

В Steam появится необычный мультиплеерный хоррор

Players are already difficult to surprise with new games, because as soon as there is some kind of an interesting genre or created more interesting pieces in projects that other developers try to copy them and give the audience something similar. But the Croatian developers of the Studio Fearem decided to submit a slightly modified mode of horror, early access which is already scheduled for August 15! The name of the game Daemonical!

Its essence is the following: 5 players remain on the island where they need to work together to survive, to gather resources and to contribute, not to die. But after some time randomly one of the players turns into a demon, and nobody knows who will choose. And to the rest survive, it will need to hold a special ceremony or to hide from the terrible creatures. With each new gaming session generates a new location, where randomly located buildings, vegetation. Do players like this genre or not – will know in a week!

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In Fortnite appeared shotgun

В Fortnite появилась двустволка

For the game Fortnite developers have released the next addition 5.20, which added a new weapon – the shotgun. With this weapon you will rip any opponent to shreds, if you’re in close range. Players have time to try out new weapons, and according to them – it really is “the bomb”. If you meet the enemy with a shotgun at short range – you can safely lift the handle up.

Also added a new test Horde “Battle storm”, which will allow you to obtain a large number of new prizes in the weekly events. Another interesting mode is “storm Resistant”. Now the map won’t be safe zones. The storm moved across locations and tapers, so you need to show ingenuity and patience in order to survive. Not only that, you every step will wait enemies, so you still need to monitor the area.

But that’s not all. To all players a new character “Dark Viking Ragnarok”, which has one interesting ability of “Seismic shock”. Yes and it looks just beautiful!

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