The Creator of God of War spoke about the leaks before release that nobody noticed

Создатель God of War рассказал об утечках до релиза которые никто не замечал

Cory Barlog, the main God of War, touched on such topical and interesting themes as the struggle against leaks release candidates, which, as he put it, almost killed him, because it is the fight brought a lot of stress, and made nervous.

As told by Mr. Barlog, over the years of working on the project, he had to put a lot of effort to ensure that the information remained in their seats, because a single screenshot can spoil the fun. And it wasn’t easy because participated in the development of third-party contractors from other countries. And, despite the measures taken, the leak happened. In the Network flowed screenshots and various gameplay information, but luckily for her nobody was paying attention. The ubiquitous press and with gamers not attach importance to the data leaked in the Internet, thinking, sometimes that is someone’s joke or just someone’s own patterns.

Indeed, rumors about the game, something I do not recall. Nor to its official announcement, nor after.

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Fighting ARIKA prepares for release

Файтинг ARIKA готовится к релизу

In a series of fighting games is coming replenishment. Soon to be released game called ARIKA, which is positioned as a spiritual receiver Street Fighter, but which, like two drops of water similar to Tekken. Except that the abundance of special effects, which at times do not understand what is going on in the arena, is a signature feature of the game.

ARIKA promises to go on the PlayStation 4 in the coming weeks, if not days. A few months later will be available and the PC version, which will appear in Steam. The developers said that studying this possibility, but I can say that it is not quick, and that will have to wait. Well, Xbox One owners already accustomed to the stick when it comes about the game from Japan.

ARIKA is an unusual fighting game where the creators wove a whole bunch of mechanic some of them well-known video games, including strictly Japanese, from those that were distributed exclusively in the arcade. Special attention we paid to the combinations, including very complex, after which a fatality from Mortal Kombat shows up, something very simple and easy to remember.

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Horror-unfinished Crying is not Enough in the style of Resident Evil will be released soon

Ужастик-долгострой Crying is not Enough в стиле Resident Evil выйдет на днях

At the end of the week, or rather, the 8th of June, Friday, held out of the game Crying is not Enough, which was first announced in 2013-m to year.

Crying is not Enough – horror-varivestis third-person gameplay, which is a cross between classic Resident Evil and The Evil Within. If you think that this is another indie game where you have to read notes, advancing the plot, it is not so. First, the project is not indie, and secondly, the hero will be available Arsenal of weapons, from which you – guess what – Yes, to shoot. Will leave this on “big” consoles, but those versions will have to wait until the third quarter.

The developers promise a dark atmosphere of despair, a lot of puzzles, and Russian localization.

In the story, invited to play for the young man who needs to find his missing wife, got in a car accident, and for some time stays in the hospital, where, in fact, she was kidnapped. But in the end, all is not so simple as it might seem at first glance. In General, fear, hatred and intrigue.

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TOP 10 most popular games on Steam last week may 29 – June 3

TOP-10 самых популярных игр Steam прошлой недели 29 мая – 3 июня

Here come the summer. So, gaming news get even hotter, figuratively and literally. Well, to be aware of trends, need to know what is popular with gamers all over the world. Behind this we turn to our weekly hit parade.

So, tenth line remains in place House Flipper.

The Forest, which went in favor of the official release, is in ninth place.

Total War: WARHAMMER II, which got a discount last week, takes by storm the eighth step.

Pixel adventure Moonlighter takes the seventh position.

DARK SOULS: REMASTERED, despite the years, confidently takes the sixth place.

Bless Online: Deluxe Edition Upgrade DLC is just three positions: the fifth, fourth and second at the expense of different versions. As you can see, bad ratings because of problems with the connection – not a hindrance.

Varivestis Raft, despite early access, stands well, occupying the third row.

Well, gold once again takes PLAYERUNKNOWN”S BATTLEGROUNDS. The game was able to regain the lead, shifting as much as sixth remaster of Dark Souls.

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For PES 2019 another loss

У PES 2019 очередная потеря

In nasty trouble was Konami with its PES 2019, which is followed by Champions League and Europe, deprived of the exclusive agreement with Borussia Dortmund.

Spice of the story gives the fact that between this football club and Konami has long operated a special contract, and players of Borussia actively used in the advertising promotion of the project. Well, and then the Japanese announced that the club refused to cooperate, and now they seem to be an urgent need to remake the cover and posters, as well as to remove a command from the game.

All this probably was the consequence of the infighting for the licenses between Konami and Electronic Arts, and, I must say that the last with his FIF-Oh wins on almost all fronts. But, but PES 2019 has exclusive rights to the Russian Premier League. So let’s see how it prostimulirujte domestic fans of virtual football to abandon FIFA 19 in favor of a competitor from Japan. And here much depends on how we act in the World Championship. If they perform poorly they will take FIF-that is, unfortunately, likely to happen.

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Underworld Ascendant will be released in the fall

Underworld Ascendant выйдет осенью

Studio OtherSide Entertainment in charge consists of veterans who gave the world legendary role-playing series Ultima, published pre-release trailer for Underworld Ascendant, and also announced the release, which will be held in September.

Underworld Ascendant, though it has a publisher in the person of 505 Games, but initially the development of the project took place exclusively at the expense of funds raised on crowdfunding. Game for a long time compared with the Ancient Scrolls, the Thief, but actually she was neither, and not others, revealing a bunch of old game mechanics, rearranged on a new track.

As you can see from the promotional video for the survival of the game will have to make the brain, arranging cunning and subtle traps for enemies, which are just to win in a direct confrontation would be difficult. So their heads will fall chandeliers, under their feet will explode a magic trap, and a particularly dangerous will be easy to isolate by locking in a room. And Yes, the game will be released on PC only, so no tile, a console interface and control issues. Russian localization promises to be available.

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Network shooter without bullets Sky Noon will be released in June

Сетевой шутер без пуль Sky Noon выйдет в июне

Announced in last year’s online shooter Sky Noon found the release date. The release will take place the 14th of June, and yet the developers make the final preparations and arrange the closed beta tests.

At first glance Sky Noon is very similar to the failed Law Breakers, so that developers, the idea must be scary to release something similar. However, they are not afraid because their game is very different. There are no bullets per se, but there are no character health. More precisely, it is, of course, but murders have been happening around here not like we used to. To eliminate the competitor, it must by hook or by crook, to push into the abyss, what the characters will be a wide range of firing devices, including hooks-cats and guns, shooting the air flow.

By the way, if fiasco LawBreakers developers Sky Noon don’t care, you can remember a game called Deformers, whose servers will also close in the summer. In Deformers, which lasted a little more than a year, also didn’t have to shoot anyone, and for the victory needed to push opponents off the platforms. As you can see, this is not really like the modern audience.

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Square Enix refuses to GO franchise

Square Enix отказывается от франшизы GO

The head of Square Enix Montreal, Patrick Naude, has announced that the company will no longer release new games mobile series GO. To support already issued will not, but those who bought at the time, some kind of game, will remain masters forever.

We are talking about Hitman GO, Lara Croft and Deus Ex GO GO. These games have not been unsuccessful. For example, the same Hitman has sold 13 million copies, which is pretty good. So, what is the reason? The reason is that these games paid, and the dominance of shareware just leaves no choice to the developers. Micropayments in this stealth puzzle will not cram, so the choice is quite small.

Mr. Naude said that in the field of mobile video games, the price, whatever it was, is a “barrier” that eventually makes the production of most paid games – unprofitable occupation.

In General, it seems that we are entering the era of shareware games, which are being increasingly squeezed out of the game for which you need to pay money. So, micropayments and luchbox will become commonplace. Anyway, when it comes to the mobile segment.

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DICE promises revolutionary changes in Battlefield 5

DICE обещает революционные изменения в Battlefield 5

Finally something about Battlefield 5 arrived good news. News about the gameplay. DICE did the right thing, deciding to distract the public from discussing issues of feminism, describing, as there expressed, a revolutionary innovation.

For starters, it was revealed that Battlefield 5 will have the opportunity to slide into his own ass, if you press the Crouch button during a run that promises to be quite exciting. Then it turned out that the bodies of the wounded allies will drag on the map, allowing help to the wounded animal can have is not directly under fire but first pulling it aside for a corner. Oh, and most importantly: the developers have promised an unprecedented realistic physics of destruction. The unprecedented collapse of the building plan. For example, tanks will be able to break through the walls of the buildings, causing debris of those who are inside, or, for example, the same fragments will fly outwards, if the inside is going to explode a grenade, or something more powerful.

Sounds good. Have to wait for normal gameplay.

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Evolve will close the server

Evolve закроет сервера

Remember about the network shooter Evolve, which journalists have been worn, but then very quickly forgotten? So, this game will lose dedicated servers, the 3rd of September, which would entail the loss of the lion’s share of all remaining entertainment.

In particular, the closed rank the Hunting mode will disappear the leader Board and will cease to exist in-game store. Also remove the shareware version of the Evolve Stage 2 for the PC. So the only entertainment will be the Legacy mode Evolve to which is added content from the paid DLC, of course, if it was purchased previously. In General, this is not retirement, but something very similar.

Shooter Evolve was initially deeply paid. Moreover, the total amount you need to spend to get all the content as a whole, has reached several hundred dollars, and for the standard 60$ players received a completely blank game in which the time was crawling. Realizing his mistake, the developers, a few months later, transferred the project to shareware the rails, and for some time it really worked, but then everything was back to normal, is uninteresting because the game is uninteresting and for free.

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