Kingdom Come Deliverance criticize but buy

Kingdom Come Deliverance критикуют но покупают

Doing Kingdom Come: Deliverance was not so bad. Evaluation of Steam kept at 70+, confirming that the game is not a masterpiece, but many people like, and most importantly, sales were quite decent.

Developers have reported sold half a million copies. 100 thousand sold in the form of pre-orders, and the rest is bought after the release. All went well, both for the project with a weak advertising and a modest budget. This allowed the Director Warhorse to declare that “they will use technology to Kingdom Come in other games”. Most importantly, to the wonderful technology of loading in the course of the dialogue they left in peace. Very much it is innovative.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance was met with mixed reviews, from both press and gamers. The game impressed a highly unfinished product, suffering from a large number of technical problems, but also hath brought the world some interesting mechanic, which, perhaps, we will see in the future.

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Blizzard is preparing a restart WarCraft

Blizzard готовит перезапуск WarCraft

A miracle, a marvel. Following rumors that Blizzard make Diablo 4, drove up rumors about a possible restart WarCraft.

The fact that from the field reports of the upcoming, great event, which attracts vintage and honored the fans of WarCraft 3, noting in his time at the cyber tournament. For example, some Russian citizens have already applied for a visa to Serbia, where, he says, will be easier to get a us visa to personally come to this event, which is not an event, and the whole tour.

If the fans of Military craft are lucky, they will announce WarCraft 4. If not, then you need to prepare for the remake or at least remaster the WarCraft 3, which, however, is also very good news.

WarCraft 3 – the last part of the legendary strategy, which then mutated into Dota 2 and World of WarCraft, disappointing many fans of the series. And that seems to start some interesting events.

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Have PUBG breaking – sales are growing but the gamers go

У PUBG ломка – продажи растут но геймеры уходят

PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds – a game of paradoxes. It seems that the game starts breaking, what happens with very beautiful girls, who saw that men pay less attention.

On the one hand, sales are growing. The total circulation has exceeded 30 million. Such can boast only a select few like GTA 5. But on the other, the number of negative reviews is growing dramatically. Steam rating the game for the last month has dropped to 49%. The number of cheaters is growing, despite the measures, and most importantly – began to fall heavily online.

A record 3 million at the same time sitting in the game, it seems, is not to beat. Online is falling rapidly and is already at around half a million, which, however, is still a shooter first place in the list of popular Steam games.

It seems that many over in Fornite, which is not Steam, so the statistics on it can’t be seen, and there is only word for Epic Games, where he said that recently the game has also crossed the three million online.

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Announced strategy Alder”s Blood – a blend of XCOM and Darkest Dungeon

Анонсирована стратегия Alder's Blood – смесь XCOM и Darkest Dungeon

The announcement was held in a rather unusual game called Alder”s Blood, which coincided with the hit it on Kickstarter, where the project we need to raise is $60,000.

Alder”s Blood is a turn based tactical role-playing strategy with the mechanics of XCOM, but made in a monstrous mixture, something in between Bloodborne and Darkest Dungeon. The developers reported the presence of psychosis, system lighting and system odors. The characters will need to hide in the darkness and go to the sectors where the enemies will be harder to find them, because in the darkness to focus falls on the nose. There will be bosses and upgrading weapons Arsenal and will take on medieval, destroyed the world consisting of abandoned villages, dense forests and gloomy castles.

To release all of the plan only on the PC already next March, but if the money is sufficient, do not rule out porting to the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

In General, cool, of course, if we accept the generally lackluster picture, for where there is darkness, there is no place for the beautiful graphics.

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Cyberpunk 2077 – no luchboxes and the campaign of 100+ hours

Cyberpunk 2077 – никаких лутбоксов и кампания на 100+ часов

An interesting interview was given by one of the leaders of the CD projekt RED, Marcin Iwinski.

First, he said that plans for the development of a fourth Witch they have not yet, and for those who missed vadimcha of the universe, proposed a card-trading game Quint, who very soon will get the plot, pay addition.

Secondly, it is said that satisfied gamers – the main thing you need company, so no luchboxes in Cyberpunk 2077 will not. If the person paid the money, he should get a big piece of polished content that will last for many, many hours.

Well, and thirdly, Mr. Iwinski hinted at the duration of a single campaign of Cyberpunk: 50-60 hours for the main story, and more than a hundred hours, if you perform secondary objectives.

In conclusion, the Director said that “a healthy relationship with the players” is very important, and last year they had disputes about these micropayments. And, apparently, defeated those who were against them.

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The creators of Mafia 3 mass layoffs

У создателей Mafia 3 массовые увольнения

Usually, when we learn that some game studios have problems with money, then there is a reason to be sad. But not in the case when we are talking about Hangar 13 studios, which released the third Mafia is the worst game of 2016, which managed izvalyalsya in the mud the name of a great franchise.

Now, with undisguised glee to announce that Hangar 13 mass layoffs. Rightly so. There is nothing to release the hack, hoping to leave on a good name. By the way, the statement about the layoffs happened is remarkable: the boss of 2K Games said that “the cost reductions agreed, and will not affect the development of future projects”, but from the camp of the Studio itself screams that fired more than half of the staff, which, as you know, affect more as. So, about a fourth of the Mafia you can forget, of course, if it does not pass on to other developers.

Hangar 13 – a young Studio, which is artificially created specifically for the development of Mafia 3. And after the game acknowledged commercially disastrous – and the other could not be decided to act in the spirit of “I gave birth to you, I’ll kill you.”

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The main enemy of American gamers are suspected of receiving bribes

Главного врага американских геймеров подозревают в получении взятки

Most hated gaming company in the United States is the canadian Electronic Arts. Hard to argue with that. When it comes to the most hated man in the gaming business, then there is also no competition for Ajit Pai – head of the Federal Communications Commission, it is difficult to compete.

Mr. Pai became famous for the murder of American Internet, allowing ISPs to monitor subscribers, to impose them, set restrict traffic, and to do things like that. Well, it turns out that he and his team pushed through the Senate a law for waiver of ownership restrictions broadcasting companies. And, if earlier body-the giants could not afford to expand indefinitely, it is now possible, and immediately after the adoption of the law, the company is Sinclair Broadcasting purchased, for $ 3.9 bn company Tribune Media, Supervisory authorities suspected the head of the Federal Commission of bias.

He could get a bribe from Sinclair Broadcasting for the abolition of this law, and now the citizen, as well as the participants in the transaction, is under investigation, about which all gamers of America are very happy. You see, suddenly it turns out that the law on the abolition of net neutrality was also adopted by the order of the providers.

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National Rugby Manager – system requirements, release date

					National Rugby Manager – системные требования, дата выхода

Release date National Rugby Manager appointed 16 Feb 2018 years.

  • Genre: sports simulator, strategy, sports Manager
  • Developer: Biological Systems Modeling, Alternative Software
  • Publisher: Alternative Software

Official game site.
Page game Steam.

System requirements


  • OS: Windows Vista
  • CPU: Intel Core 1.8 Ghz+
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Graphics card: support DirectX 9.0 c
  • DirectX v9.0c
  • Free space on HDD: 2 GB


					National Rugby Manager – системные требования, дата выхода

					National Rugby Manager – системные требования, дата выхода

					National Rugby Manager – системные требования, дата выхода

Game trailer

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The Evil Within 2 there was a first-person mode

В The Evil Within 2 появился режим от первого лица

One of the main drawbacks of both parts of The Evil Within the complexity of aiming. Paradoxically, the closer the enemy is, the harder it is to get it. Well, there is also a shortage of ammunition. However, this feature of the game can be circumvented by switching to first-person.

This feature was added to the The Evil Within 2 in the form of a formal modification submitted to it by the Bethesda Softworks. Judging by the promotional video, looks updated The Evil Within 2 is excellent, and if you add a cheat for infinite ammo, can be quite a good shooter in a very intimidating atmosphere.

The first-person view can be set directly within the game, in the settings, after receiving an update to version 1.04. He exhibited in the section Settings – General.

As reported from the field, after the transition to first-person perspective, the game works fine. No performance problems or any technical errors that were not previously encountered in the game, at first to meet was not necessary.

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PC Building Simulator will be released in late March

PC Building Simulator выйдет в конце марта

Not versed in the inner workings of the computer but would like? Want to assemble your own PC, but not solved? Sadly looking at the price tags of the video? If you are interested in a game called PC Building Simulator, whose output is scheduled for March 27th early access.

PC Building Simulator will provide you with a virtual opportunity to build the computer of your dreams, whatever the configuration. And the most important thing is that he has very modest specifications. Just what you need for owners of old PCs, dreaming of a new, powerful gaming machine.

Sorry, but this is an indie game, and indie games usually have problems with translations in foreign languages. PC Building Simulator is no exception. English only, so prepare for the fact that all the technical documentation, conditions and purposes will be put to the bourgeois, the specific dialect, which will somewhat complicate the development of gameplay.

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