Sunset Overdrive will be released on PC

Sunset Overdrive выйдет на ПК

Another console exclusive is less. However, unofficially, but it is already clear that action game Sunset Overdrive in the near future will be released on PC.

To assert this on the basis of the simple fact that Insomniac Games has registered the PC version of the game with the South Korean rating organization, and announced that is looking for a publisher.

But for consolers, jealously guarding exclusives and rasstraivatsya from such events, there is good news: it may well be that the release of Sunset Overdrive on PC will happen simultaneously with the announcement, or even the release of Sunset Overdrive 2. This is all, of course, conjecture, but this conjecture is perfectly placed in the logical fabric of the gaming industry.

Sunset Overdrive is exclusive to Xbox One, so if the game will be released on the PC, not the fact that it can be found in Steam, or run on Windows 7 or 8, because the publisher here is Microsoft, whose policy in this area has long been known.

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FIFA 19 will not be the Russian League

В FIFA 19 не будет российской лиги

Disturbing rumors were confirmed: FIFA 19 will not be the Russian football Premier League, which Electronic Arts will be very poor to look at the presentation in front of domestic fans of football.

The reason – the conclusion of an exclusive agreement between the Russian Football Union and Konami, so CSKA, Spartak, Zenit, Lokomotiv and other – only in the new Pro Evolition Soccer.

What prompted this is unclear. Or policy, or trite money. Perhaps the electronics have offered too little, that they, by the way, I love to do, and our officials have decided to contract with Konami, which, by the way, I will add in a future PES 19 top League-Denmark, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Scotland and Argentina. These League, it seems, will also be exclusives to this game. So, for those who can not imagine a virtual football without a national championship, it is time to reflect on the feasibility of buying future FIFA 19, the value of which in domestic spaces will fall significantly.

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The Microsoft presentation at E3 will be a record long

Выступление Microsoft на Е3 будет рекордно долгим

It became known that the promises of notably kindle Microsoft at the upcoming E3, was not idle chatter, and that the performance of the company can actually be the brightest in its rich history. Or, if not the brightest, the most long, because it will last more than two hours. The previous record was an hour and a half.

For example, Ubisoft last year, managed less than an hour. Electronic Arts, if compactly folded everything she was shown, can also be placed in the same frame. Well, here the whole two hours. Where? Well, firstly, Microsoft will let on stage CD Projekt RED Cyberpunk with his. Secondly, the company will show some in-depth reviews of already released games. And thirdly, there will be a story about a new Microsoft service called Mixer, which want to turn in, something like a full-fledged television channel.

All of this will take place not in the pavilion, and in a separate room across the street, so we can say that EA is not the only company, which was closely at E3.

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The release of a Raft of cooperative vigilantia

Состоялся релиз кооперативного выживастика Raft

On sale co-op survival Raft where you have to survive in the open sea, taking on the role of survivors after the crash.

The survivors (or survivors) will have to build a raft, which eventually will turn into a floating house, floating around abundantly collecting garbage. The game, of course, not even close to Wildstar, but fans of the same Stranded Deep it can like. At the moment the project is released, by the way, early access, Steam has 88% positive reviews. But on the background of General positive, depressing one: the developers are unable to set a date for the release of the final version.

It is understood that after the final release of the game will receive a full story and at least a full ending, when the hero is saved, because, no matter how well built your house, it is unlikely that the prospect of spending it all his life much like it, to anyone. Now the gameplay is presented in the classic sandbox, where fun is encouraged to obtain from the process, and not from a gradual approximation to the goal.

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Dark Souls Remastered evaluated

Dark Souls Remastered получает оценки

The sale came a remastered version of Dark Souls, which is immediately overgrown with estimates from both ordinary buyers and journalists from the difficult.

On Metacritic the reviews are consistently enthusiastic: everyone liked prettier picture, adding new special effects, earned multiplayer, excellent optimization and proper changes in the interface. By cons it was decided to include insufficient brightness even at the maximum rate, and the inability in a console option to disable the blur effect, which not everyone likes.

But Steam rating substantially lower: 68% positive reviews. The reasons for this are many: someone the game did not go on a weak laptop, someone was unhappy with the queues in multiplayer, but the majority of buyers were outraged over minor differences from the original, not worthy, in their opinion, 1200 or 600 rubles, if you already have the original version.

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The trash and waste of world war II – was the display of Battlefield V

Трэш и угар Второй мировой – состоялся показ Battlefield V

Hosted the full show Battlefield V, which did not disappoint. It seems that the historical trash and waste in the upcoming shooter will be much steeper than what we have shown in Battlefield of 1, and machine guns with gold inlay and also a bald black woman in the Russian army, it’ll seem sweet donuts.

DICE showed painted a La Kratos a group of commandos, among whom a leading role is played by a disabled woman with a robotic prosthetic arm. The intensity of the idiocy shown in the trailer, has reached such unprecedented heights that at the moment, after three million views, the likes and dislikes count are almost equal. In the comments of the trailer compared to “women’s” movie about Ghost Hunters, and was horrified about what would happen to the Saving private Ryan if it was removed today.

Well, now the facts: in Battlefield V will not be a Battle Royal, not a Premium subscription – all maps will be free, the campaign will be presented in the form of War Stories showing the situation from different fighting fronts. The Soviet army will be in one of the DLC, but will the whole circus of the 19th of November.

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Sony PlayStation 5 cook another 3 years

Sony будет готовить PlayStation 5 ещё 3 года

After statements by the head of Sony about the fact that the history of the PlayStation 4 is nearing completion, the Japanese company decided to bring some clarity.

First, no new console announcements at E3. Secondly, the PlayStation 5 will be released in 2021, the year. Because the President of Sony, John Coder said that at training they need exactly 3 years. And it’s even slightly exceeds expectations, expecting to 2020-th year. Hence, GTA 6 along with the Cyberpunk also need to wait for this deadline. It is unlikely that the projects of such scale would risk releasing on a console that in a few months will become irrelevant. But until the PS 4 owners can exhale and just let it play at least another three years.

To exhale, but to understand that no matter what plans Sony have been hatched against the PlayStation 5, it can dramatically shift the terms of the release, if Microsoft decides to release a new Xbox before the estimated time.

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Earthfall will be released in July

Earthfall выйдет в июле

Became known release date of the final version of the cooperative shooter Earthfall. The release of the game on the 15th of July.

On this day, the project will receive two single-player campaign with 10 missions each, the range of enemies will be expanded, as well as in established performance.

Along with this there will be versions for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, additional modes and new tasks. Well, the most important thing: the cost of the game will jump two times, and if now for an early version of asking for 350 rubles, after the release, apparently, it will have to about seven hundred. So, if you respect the cooperative postrelushki in the style of Left-4-Dead, and playing everything coming out in this genre, consider to save money now and not pay later.

Earthfall at the moment Steam has a 78% positive reviews. The game has been praised for its graphics, interesting design and vigorous fights. Blamed for problems with optimization, small online and the lack of Russian localization, which seems to come in and make the final release.

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The Creator of Kingdom Come Deliverance complains of harassment by disgruntled gamers

Создатель Kingdom Come Deliverance жалуется на преследование со стороны недовольных геймеров

Daniel of Varvi, according to rumors, ran into trouble in his personal life after his Studio has released Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Since then, allegedly, he has no peace from his pursuers, for which he was even forced to cancel performances, and simply to avoid appearing in public places.

In particular, he was to arrive at an event called Gamelab Barcelona 2018, but was forced to withdraw by sending to the organizers a letter. The reason – the accusations of racism and misogyny, which by European standards is a reason for public harassment. And all because in Kingdom Come: Deliverance was not of blacks and militant women, which, however, entirely fair. However, the pan Varva, so dopeklo questions on this subject that forced him roughly several times to speak, which only heated the situation even more.

However, perhaps not all that bad, because at the conference of game designers in Poland, which last Monday, he finally spoke.

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Black Ops 4 swung on record PUBG and Fortnite

Black Ops 4 замахнулась на рекорд PUBG и Fortnite

And again, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 gave news about it. It was provided by the developers, which I shared. It turns out that they expect to wipe, and then to break records and PUBG Fortnite.

Of course, implying monetary record, Treyarch it took about the record number of the record content and interesting gameplay. Literally there said: “Frankly, we believe that we can do a Battle Royale better than the rest. We have a huge library of content, collected over 10 years of franchise history. We have the best multiplayer, so we’re not particularly worried about this, and the only thing that bothers us: it’s to make the damn thing turned out as the best.”

Pretty presumptuous, don’t you think? Especially considering how monotonous was the network skirmishes in the last part of the Call of duty. But fans of the series, of course, need to hope for the best.

The release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will take place on 12 October.

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