Dark Souls Remastered for Nintendo Switch disgraced

Dark Souls Remastered для Nintendo Switch оскандалилась

We rarely pay attention to Nintendo Switch, but now does not make this impossible, since the console goes Dark Souls Remastered which came in a little scandal.

The fact that this is the remaster, in view of the modest capabilities of the console, looks almost exactly like the original stationary version of 2011 year, in connection with which gamers believe that they were deceived, because in the course of advertising, preparatory campaign, Nintendo used the normal remaster, showcasing special effects, and explaining that even if you’ve gone classical, replay now will not be superfluous, because the game looks very different.

However, this was not the case, as publicly stated by the experts from Digital Foundry, who analyzed the technical features, noting in addition is not changed compared to the original appearance, and a hefty drawdown framerate.

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Battlefield V will not receive topical additions

Battlefield V не получит сюжетных дополнений

Drove a new rumor confirming problems in DICE, where the turbulent stream leaving the staff: someone against their will, and some against it.

After the troubled Star Wars: Battlefornt 2 came no less problematic Battlefield V, which, as we told you last week, will not receive normal support. In particular, the game will not be story add-ons, and the German story of the Last Tiger will be final. Therefore, no Soviet army, which was expected, and many planned to buy this shooter.

This was told by one of the employees of the company, Dan Mitra, who confirmed that nothing that they have no plans in the December release “the Germans” and that’s it: only multiplayer and nothing more. So it looks like we will witness one of the most quickly throws parts of the Battlefield in history, although it seemed that after Battlefield 1 get any worse.

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Ubisoft closes Just Dance

Ubisoft закрывает Just Dance

Even those who have not played, you may have seen in the Network of acid-crazy footage of the game Just Dance that Ubisoft many years held out hope, and which is now decided to close together with others, the same is not justified.

In particular, the 19th of November will be closed servers Tom Clancy’s EndWar, Assassin’s Creed II, Rayman 3 HD, Splinter Cell Double Agent, I Am Alive, well, everything the same Just Dance once in five parts. The reason is simple as soap: these games are played so little that the servers simply stand for nothing, instead of help, some popular project, the same type of Rainbow Six Siege.

However, to play all of the above will still be possible. The only thing you will lose access gamers to network functions, which proved to be quite in demand.

It is noteworthy that this fate was avoided and the last part, published last October. Apparently, this suggests that the franchise put on pause, and now we soon will see a new trailer for this crazy, like, games.

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Rumor: Sony will soon show a new Medievil

Слух: Sony скоро покажет новый Medievil

It seems that the old action about gay Medievil dead knight, fighting evil with 1998, the year that will soon be restarted.

After the mysterious teaser shown at E3, the public was left wondering: what to expect: of a remake, remaster, or a full new unit? The intrigue remained until the weekend, until the Network has not posted the cover of a collection called Medievil Skeletal Collection, which promises to get to the end of the month.

As reported by anonymous sources, the presentation of the collection will take place on 31 October, and its composition is expected to be an HD remaster of all three parts: 1998, 2000 and 2005 years. Well, then, if the audience will show interest in walking, funny skeleton, it cannot be ruled out and a complete new part. As often happens when old, forgotten franchise, is trying to revive the first remaster, and then the new sequel.

But, anyway, the game will be available only on the PlayStation 4.

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Rumor: Santa Monica is doing God Of War 2

Слух: в Santa Monica делают God Of War 2

It seems that Santa Monica Studio, which recently released God Of War, which probably will be game of the year, work on the second part of the adventures of Kratos and Sons.

The development of a theoretical God Of War 2 can be assumed on the basis of numerous vacancies open this Studio. At the moment developers need dozens of new employees, ranging from artists, through to leading leaders. This happens only when the project allocated huge funds, and the development will go in a few years.

In some jobs it is said that will have to do with the game partially open world, third-person, fantasy atmosphere and plenty of cinematic cut-scenes. Hard to imagine that Cory Barlog companions will like that and start doing something entirely new, instead of continuing to build on the success of the God of War, which most likely now will be exclusive to the hypothetical PlayStation 5.

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In Fallout 76 will return to the Enclave

В Fallout 76 вернётся Анклав

Edition of PC Gamer has announced that according to their information, in Fallout 76 will not be human NPC: only the supermutants and ghouls and other colalucci guys. This statement sounds quite interesting, but it became doubly interesting when Bethesda announced the presence in the game of the Enclave, a powerful, secret organization that had a huge impact on the plot of the second and third parts.

The enclave is one of the factions that you can join, having previously fulfilled a number of tasks, but before that it will need to track down, since the guys from that faction are sitting in a secret bunker, hidden from prying eyes. And Yes – they are likely to be cooler than the Brotherhood of Steel.

In addition, the game will be a fraction of some of the Defendants that will help others, regardless of the complexity of the task, as well as the fraction called Free States. All of this the people will surely have to talk. However, PC Gamer is confident to announce that we are people as NPCs. Apparently, someone, somewhere is still wrong.

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Kanye West may appear in Cyberpunk 2077 behind Lady Gaga

Канье Уэст может появиться в Cyberpunk 2077 вслед за Леди Гагой

Before we discuss the possible participation of Lady Gaga in Cyberpunk 2077, as suddenly it turned out that this project may be involved in another American pop artist, Kanye West, who was suddenly signed up on the official Twitter account of Cyberpunk.

So what – tell anyone. Well, signed up and subscribed, you never know. Maybe he just likes this game. However, all is not so simple. First, Mr. West has never previously been seen for addiction to video games, and no game companies in his account no. But secondly, anyone he signed, or otherwise are business partners. Therefore, with high probability, we will see in the game or himself, or hear his music.

This, of course, will appeal to gamers from America, but infinitely disappoint those who associate creativity CD Projekt RED with Slavic roots, because Cyberpunk 2077, it seems, finally turns into a strictly overseas the game is tightly rich it thence pop culture.

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Microsoft sees the future only in multiplayer

Microsoft видит будущее только в мультиплеере

Home games at Microsoft, Phil Spencer, in a recent interview, said that the future of video games undoubtedly lies in the multiplayer. Only the network will save the entertainment industry because with cloud computing, who are all ready to surprise us, it does not happen.

This statement is remarkable in that not so long ago the same Mr. Spencer consoled the audience by promising that they will continue to do, or just publish the game with single campaigns, which he described as “classic”. These classic games are bound to be, because he loves them and they are loved by gamers all over the world, in proof of which actively buy PlayStation 4, where games of similar properties in order.

Well, there must be multiplayer. Interestingly, during the enumeration of genres of games where the multiplayer will be overwhelming, he mentioned and strategies that can serve as a hint to the network bias in future Age of Empires 4. As if the game is not turned into something similar to a MOBA, which turned out to be the same Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III, failed in sales, and which, by the way, did all the same Relic Entertainment, which is now developing a new Age of Empires.

In General, in the light of these statements, for a new Age of Empires is becoming alarmingly

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Creature and Research will appear in Battle Brothers in November

Твари и Исследования появятся в Battle Brothers в ноябре

One of the best tactical turn-based strategy, Battle Brothers, which became for many the main game surprise last year, will soon give a great reason to install it again or do it for the first time, if before this was not possible, because soon the game will get a powerful Supplement called Creature and Research. It will be released 29th November.

About the content in DLC Overhype Studios reviewed a few months, giving out information a week for a teaspoon, but now, I think we know enough. The developers, unfortunately, did not dare to add horses and horses, explaining that it would break the combat mechanics, but instead the game will be a witch, capable how to curse and bewitch warriors, giant spiders, spitting spider web, ice trolls and a few unique bosses which are still unknown.

To all of this was easier to handle, igrodely promise some new kinds of melee weapons and some new armor types. Will also be reworked a system of crafts. For example, flayed from enemies of the skin and other body parts, will allow you to create cloaks, armor, helmets, shields, drugs and antidotes. It will also be able to paint the armour in the desired color.

New contracts, events, unique items and locations also promise to be available.

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The authors of Agony hide what you are doing Unholy

Авторы Agony скрывают, что делают Unholy

As it turned out, we had nothing suspect in the course of watching the debut trailer for Unholy, on the subject of extraordinary similarities with Agony. Judging by the gameplay segments, the similarity of these games were simply outrageous, but all was confusing different studios: while Agony did Madmind Studios, for the development of the Wicked meets a certain Duality Games.

However, after a little investigation revealed that this same Duality Games not just the Polish Studio, but also as Madmind is located in Warsaw. Well, then it turned out quite lovely: Unholy is actually created by the guys from Madmind who have moved to a new place of work, despite the fact that she Madmind will help in the edition of the game to another publisher in the face of some Playway.

Chief of Agony, Tomasz Dutkiewicz, insists that is not directly related to Unholy, but it’s more like what the creators of Agony, after losing his debut game, did not dare to release another under his own name, arranging the development of two shell companies. Bogus, of course, that’s a strong word, but actually it turns out something like that.

In this regard, the Polish gaming press, though, and warns the audience, but still asks you not to criticize the game in advance and wait for the release to be held in December next year.

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