Video game addiction has become an official disease

Зависимость от видеоигр стала официальной болезнью

Last year we were told that the world Health Organization has made for 2018 year, in the list of official diseases and a disease called “video game Addiction”. Then we still laughed at the fact that the disease is far-fetched, and that it may not approve, but it was serious.

The disease approved. Approved and come up with a description. Not to bore you with medical terms, note that doctors are separate online and offline games, share gaming genres that, in their opinion, cause different types of addiction, and list problems experienced by patients. In particular, this deterioration of family, educational, social and professional spheres of life. By the way, online game the doctors called more harmful than offline.

And we are for this reason concerned about one question: would it be possible for these patients to rely on the official hospital for the slope from the study, to obtain more output at work, or even benefits for a disability? If not, then a penny the price to all these things.

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Kojima responded to the accusations of the use of star actors in Death Stranding

Кодзима ответил на упрёки в использовании звёздных актёров в Death Stranding

Hideo kojima, in another interview, answered a reporter’s question about criticism on the part of his admirers, among whom not everyone likes the use of star actors in Death Stranding.

Specifically, it is called “the process of legalizing the use of famous actors in the gaming industry”. Many do not care that this particular character was removed from the famous Hollywood personality. Gamers, he says, is far from the movie, so they don’t like that huge amount is spent on fees to these guys.

This kojima said that the game will be nothing like that of the famous actors involved in the shooting, will be playable only Sam, played by Norman Reedus, and all. To which unnecessary costs, kojima admitted that he just likes to make a movie, and he respects the cinematography in video games, but to abuse it is not.

The first gameplay Death Stranding was shown at E3. It provoked a mixed reaction, ranging from complete delight to complete disappointment.

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Fallout 76 boosts tourism

Fallout 76 стимулирует туризм

Interesting story happened to a natural reserve called Cadman Park, which is located in the state of West Virginia. Suddenly the traffic of the website dedicated to the Park climbed from 3000 to 20 thousand per day, and the phone began to disrupt many calls. People began to order the tickets or interested in purchasing Souvenirs.

It was very strange, but not stranger than the appearance of this news with us. Why are we telling you about this? And then, after a small investigation, the nature reserve staff found that all the fault is the announcement of Fallout 76, game that by a large margin defeated all of his competitors from E3, if you count popularity by views in YouTube. The fact that the events of Fallout 76 will develop just in this state, which, incidentally, is famous for its tourist attractions. Therefore, there was very happy here this sudden is.

I wonder what domestic video games sparked such interest? After World of Tanks and WarThunder, the crowds flocked to the military museums. Stalker powerfully promoted the interest in the tours to Chernobyl, and Metro has raised the interest in underground communications underground. Does the history of similar examples?

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The creators of Ghost of Tsushima was happy that Assassins Creed wasn’t about Japan

Создатели Ghost of Tsushima радовались что Assassins Creed был не про Японию

Pretty fun Studio Sucker Punch, whose team jumped to the ceiling with joy when it became known that assassin’s Creed: the Origins were not about Japan and about Egypt.

In particular, one of the employees of the company, Nate Fox, spoke about how watching last year’s E3, he broke out in a sweat, when the Ubisoft presentation because the likelihood that a new part of the Assassin will be sent to Japan was great, but it fortunately happened otherwise: the players were invited Greece, so the atmosphere of ancient Japan to the public will retain its freshness.

According to Mr. Fox, the Ghost of Tsushima and Assassins Creed in many ways similar. In both games, a lot of stealth, in both the battles presented in the form of a protracted duel, and in both considerable emphasis on the plot.

Exit Ghost Tsushima is tentatively planned for the following year only on the PlayStation 4, however, even the approximate timing no one still didn’t call.

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FIFA 19 can be crossplatforming

FIFA 19 может стать кроссплатформерной

Electronic Arts suddenly intensified discussion of the problem of crossplatforming for FIFA. After many years of rejection, there seem to change your mind, and it is possible that in the future FIFA 19 between them will be able to play console gamers and PC-schnick.

In particular, the situation was commented by the creative Director of EA Sports, Matt Prior. Further, the direct speech: “cross-platform is what we need. I make no promises, but this feature is now for us the main theme. It is as relevant as ever. If you asked me about cross-platform several years ago, I would say this will not happen. But now things have changed. We will monitor the situation, because the cross-platform – useful for players.”

But the perspective there is one insurmountable obstacle: Sony, whose bosses do not want anyone to share his PlayStation, so if something happens, it should be about Xbox One, PC, and maybe Nintendo Switch.

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Journalists sell figures from Cyberpunk 2077

Журналисты продают фигурки из Cyberpunk 2077

At a private screening Cyberpunk 2077, where only invited journalists from reputable publications, as it turned out, the visitors were given Souvenirs dedicated to the game. In particular, some have got figures of girls, known on the very first promotional trailer. And, it has to happen, not all chose to leave the figures themselves, putting them on the Internet auction.

And, to understand possible sellers: prices have developed rather big, as for a piece of painted plastic in the packaging, so resist the temptation not all. The figure of the character, played by Polish model, Katarzyna, Danish, asking an average of $ 500. The option “buy now” for $ 700. There are other themed items. For example, the cord for smartphone asking for 51 $. Seeing this thing, it can be assumed that soon these things will begin to do the Chinese, and to sell on Aliexpress. Then begins the real dumping. In the meantime, the hype and scarcity.

  • Журналисты продают фигурки из Cyberpunk 2077
  • Журналисты продают фигурки из Cyberpunk 2077
  • Журналисты продают фигурки из Cyberpunk 2077

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The Elder Scrolls 6 already has a release date

The Elder Scrolls 6 уже имеет дату релиза

The Executive producer of Bethesda Game Studios, Todd Howard has stunned the public statement that The Elder Scrolls 6 already has a release date. It is assigned and it is selected appropriate marketing company, however Mr. Howard, like the postman Pechkin, this very date, we will not name. Not because we have “no documents”, and because I do not want to upset anyone.

The reason is simple: The Elder Scrolls 6 seems to be released later than Cyberpunk 2077. For if the second has threatened to leave on the current generation consoles, the elder Scrolls, according to Mr. Howard, for the next generation.

Well, as long as developers are developing the project game concept and art style. So no new announcements for many months, and all we can do is keep your ear to the ground hoping to catch some interesting rumor.

By the way, the rumors that The Elder Scrolls 6 is in development, roamed the Network in the last year. For example, a game analyst Michael Pakter, many months before E3, I said that’d be extremely surprised if Bethesda don’t announce until the end of the year The Elder Scrolls 6.

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Steam will allow you to count all the money spent

Steam позволит подсчитать все потраченные деньги

Bad news for regulars of Steam, who took over the rule, at least once a month, but to buy some games, filling your collection. The fact that in the framework of this service there was a separate page where players can see all of your expenses they incurred in this store from the moment of registration.

In order to see these terrible figures, you need to go at and then go to tab External Funds Used.

It is noteworthy that all prices here are in us dollars and you will not be able to see the statistics on the activated keys, the money for which you paid to third-party resources. However, this has shocked many avid gamers are already excitedly began to report on the expenditure of thousands of dollars.

The lack of such statistics in the Steam for a long time was taken for granted, like the lack of clocks and Windows in casinos to effectively deprive visitors the sensation of time. Now, when such statistics are, many will be confused, impressed spent amounts.

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DOOM turned into a stereogram

DOOM превратили в стереограмму

Stereogram – a special picture, for a seemingly meaningless lurid background, which actually carries the optical illusion that you can consider if relax look that is not all. So, in this stereogram has transformed the classic shooter DOOM, which is called the OMDO.

OMDO is a small piece of the original Council, which, by the way, you can play, but what is happening on the screen will have to parse the above method of decoding stereogram images, which still completed the last pages of some school books.

This is far from easy, and most people simply sees a green background, which is clearly something going on.

For consideration stereograms image, it is necessary to defocus the view, distancing, bringing the object in question to the eyes. Then, when you achieve full relaxation, you need to try to mentally combine with each other repeating elements in patterns. If everything is done correctly, you will be able to see three-dimensional image in the place where not only saw nothing but mottled nonsense.

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The main PUBG “wants to kill” his critics

Главный по PUBG «хочет убить» своих критиков

In the circle of fans PUBG wildness. Or rather, not so much in the circle of fans, many opponents. The fact that the main development of the project, Brendan green said that he wanted to kill some people who criticize his game.

Specifically, he expressed the desire to address those who accuse designers PUBG that they steal textures and objects. It turns out that the Internet is a whole community that is seeking some borrowing in video games. And, apparently PUBG is ahead of the rest, because there the designers go to the Network and buying from private owners model just about anything, from phone booths to cars, most of which, by the way, do the designers of Russia.

This is Mr. green something and not liked it, because, according to him, first, designers, and artists Studio and created a bunch of content, and secondly, instead of some specialist two weeks have created a model of the statue, the better will be the model to purchase from a third-party author, and two weeks to devote to improving the game.

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