Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia was released on Android and iOS

 Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia вышла на Android и iOS Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, a mobile adaptation of Dissidia, finally released on Android and iOS in English. The game may not yet be available in some regions, as its release is happening gradually all over the world.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia — multiplayer fighting game with RPG elements from Square Enix. Fighting it turn-based like the old Final Fantasy parts. The game is distributed absolutely for free.

Title the release coincides with the release Dissidia Final Fantasy for PlayStation 4 NT (30 January). We will remind, the main feature of the series is that it unites the heroes and villains of the FF franchise and pits them together.

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EA will return microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront II

EA вернет микротранзакции в Star Wars Battlefront II

Electronic Arts re-activates micro-transactions in a shooter Star Wars Battlefront II. This was confirmed in the company’s management.

CEO of EA Andrew Wilson (Andrew Wilson) mentioned the return of microtransactions in a report to investors in the 3rd quarter of 2018 fiscal year.

The company recognized negative role of a scandal because of luchboxes on sale Star Wars Battlefront II. According to Wilson, it was an enlightening experience. But EA believes that digital additional monetization in the game gives the gamers more options. Therefore, the publisher promises to return the mechanism obrabotal it to the needs of players.

On the eve of the financial Director of EA Blake Jorgensen told reporters that the sales of Battlefront II was 9 million copies of the 10 expected. Top Manager added that before the end of the 2018 financial year (until March 31), the publisher expects to sell 1 to 3 million copies of Battlefront II.

For comparison, the first part of Star Wars Battlefront 2015 publication by the end of the financial year (i.e. by April 2016) has sold 14 million copies.


Ubisoft decided not to raise the price of Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft передумала повышать цену на Rainbow Six: Siege

Company Ubisoft has canceled a planned increase in the price tag on the online shooter Rainbow Six: Siege due to the dissatisfaction of users.

Representatives of the French company reported it on the forums resource Reddit dedicated to the game.

According to a community Manager of Ubisoft, the developer has taken into account the opinion of the audience of shooters and decided to maintain the previous price level, so as not to scare off new players.

Ubisoft hoped to replace the standard edition of Rainbow Six: Siege for $40 with the premium version of the game for $60 with additional content, including cosmetic items and stock in-game currency.

The cost of Rainbow Six: Siege starts at $15 for the basic edition. It’s only available on the PC platform.


5 million copies of Monster Hunter: World shipped in the first weekend

5 млн копий Monster Hunter: World отгрузили в первые выходные The delivery of the action role-playing Monster Hunter: World were the best in franchise history. For the first three days Capcom sent to stores and sold to a figure of over 5 million copies.

This is stated in the press release of the company.

International release of Monster Hunter: World took place on January 26 PlayStation 4, Xbox One. PC-version will be released closer to the end of 2018.

The first part Monster Hunter came out on consoles Sega Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 in 2004. As announced by Capcom on January 28, 2018 total sales for the gaming franchise has exceeded 45 million copies.


Blizzard will be monitoring YouTube for the fight with the trolls in Overwatch

Blizzard будет мониторить YouTube для борьбы с троллями в Overwatch Blizzard will look for “toxic” gamers in the Overwatch videos on YouTube and other social media. Identifying rough and aggressive player, the developer may choose to restrict his account without waiting for complaints from other players.

This was stated by the head of project Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan (Jeff Kaplan) in the next release Developer video blog Update on the YouTube channel of the game.

Blizzard has already added to the game system, which warns of “toxic” gamers that their behavior did not go unnoticed, and threatens to suspend your account.

Another feature allows you to see how Blizzard responded to the filed complaint.

According to Jeff Kaplan, introducing these innovations in game chats was 17% less abuse, and a number of messages about the unpleasant behavior of other players increased by 20%.

The unit for combating toxic behavior of players in Overwatch appeared in November last year.

With it, Blizzard wants to keep a friendly atmosphere in the gaming community Overwatch and to provide its members a positive experience.


Square Enix announced the release date of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition for iOS

 Square Enix огласила дату выхода Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition для iOS Square Enix decided on the release date Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition. At least the iOS version. The game is now available for pre-order.

In the App Store, you can find the release date of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition — 9 February 2018 on all compatible devices. The game can be downloaded right now and play the first Chapter — on the day of release.

The second and third chapters razvlekayutsya with their purchase through the app, the price is $ 1 (about 55 rubles) each. The remaining chapters, including the tenth Chapter cost $ 4 (about 220 rubles) each. The full version can be purchased for $ 20 (about 1 100).

Pocket Edition will tell the main story of Final Fantasy XV, however, you need to understand that the graphics will be different. Were also carried out optimization of control for touch. The game requires at least 5 GB, version with high resolution textures already require 8 gigabytes. Supported devices on iOS 11.1: iPhone 6, iPad 5, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and newer.

So you can better understand the game, here is the entry for Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, made at the last PAX:

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Duke Nukem is decorated the first weekend free MMO-ARPG Wild Buster

 Дюк Нюкем украсил первые бесплатные выходные MMO-ARPG Wild Buster Alien scum die like… alien scum — the new trailer for the mobile MMO-ARPG Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan, where there was the coolest video game hero of the late 20th century Duke Nukem.

This isometric puzzle game with elements of Bay-wreck offers kill tons of aliens on a fictional planet Titan. Gameplay feature — attack “on the square”, without aiming. At this point in the game, more than 13 heroes, each with their own unique perk. In addition to the Duke Nukem developers mention Sam from Serious Sam.

In addition to performing the main quests, the player can try to single-handedly clean up the dungeon, made in the spirit Closers and Dungeon Fighter. To interact with other characters in cities.

The project is available through the store developers, the Humble Bundle store, and the portal MMOrewards. To start you will need to download a branded app and it will install the game. Wild Buster if you like it, then you can buy it for 1800 rubles.

Also have Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan has a page on Steam, but to play online you may require a VPN, the game is not available in the CIS region, as it is in early access. On the other hand, in the Valve store it is cheaper at 950 rubles.

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Successor iPhone X can go this year with OLED-screen diagonal of 6.5 inches

 Преемник iPhone X может выйти в этом году с OLED-экраном диагональю 6.5 дюйма Taiwanese insiders have published a lot of unofficial information on Apple’s plans to release a new iPhone this year. And although it’s not exactly but it sounds promising — copertina can imagine 3 or even 4 devices in different price ranges with different screen sizes.

According to sources portal Digitimes, in 2018 Apple will launch the successor to the current iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and will also be a new device with a diagonal of 6.4-inch. It is expected the release of the iPhone SE.

It is noteworthy that this will be the device with the highest identical functionality. Apple engineers are developing four different projects, the first will be the device with LCD-screen diagonal of 5.7″-5.8″, the second — also with LCD-screen and a diagonal 6.0″-6.1″.

The third device will be a higher level with an OLED screen and a screen size of between 6″ and 6.1″ inches. The flagship will be the iPhone with OLED screen sizes from 6.4″ to 6.5″. Apparently, we will see that the successors of the 8th generation iPhone will have different quality screens that will affect the price. Successor iPhone X may or may not appear — Apple has seriously reduced the plans to release the first model after discovered problems. Soon its production will cease.

If a device with a diagonal of 5.7″-5.8″ will be the successor to iPhone SE, it will not get the Face ID and will not be able to use the 3D Touch. Otherwise, all four of the smartphone will be the same: support for fast wireless charging. Older models will receive the feature in 3D sensing and support Face ID.

It is worth Recalling that before the announcement of the new line of iPhones, there is still 8 months, so things may change.

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Dandara, platformer metroidvania, will appear on six platforms in February

 Dandara, платформер в жанре метроидвания, появится на шести платформах в феврале Studio Long Hat House and publisher Raw Fury decided on the release date for the platformer genre Dandara metroidvania. On the occasion of the announcement of the release date, was shown a new gameplay trailer.

Be sure to watch this new trailer because it is much more impressive and shows the fast-paced gameplay in Dandara and it’s hard to imagine that most players will be able to pass any level first time.

Rapid gameplay and still looks because the character is using instead of steps and jumps, the hook-cat, allowing him to instantly move on the surface. The brain just melted from the abundance of different traps, special areas, features, objects, making entire levels to rotate on the fly.

You can also praise the developers for the graphics. In spite of specially selected old-school style, it is not irritating to the eyes and looks pretty. Levels clearly will be very big, and on top of them and the developers promise an interesting plot about saving the world fellow by the name of dandara.

Release date — 6 February 2018, however it is quite expensive — around $ 15 (about 825 rubles). If you like this genre, then you’ll be pleased even more, because Dandara will be released in one day on six platforms — PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

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The authors of World of Goo will release a new puzzle game about programming

Авторы World of Goo выпустят новый пазл о программировании Company Tomorrow Corporation has announced a new game puzzle of 7 Billion Humans. Indie Studio known for games such as World of Goo, Little Inferno and Human Resourse Machine.

7 Billion Humans — the Human Resourse sequel Machine. As in the previous section, gamers will have to come up with algorithms to automate the workflow. Quests will give players an idea about the basics of programming.

7 Billion Humans promised 60 levels. The game will be released on PC and Nintendo Switch, but release date is not yet specified.