Mobile GRID: Autosport received a patch that improves the control and gameplay

 Мобильная GRID: Autosport получила патч, улучшающий управление и геймплей Studio Codemasters released a minor update for the iOS version of GRID Autosport. The developers claim that their project brings console quality graphics to mobile devices, and the gameplay is almost as good as a simulator. With the new patch, the game was even better.

Most of the corrections made to the gameplay and management to facilitate control of the car and get a more comfortable gameplay. Improved default settings for offset rudder to the right or left by the accelerometer, the touch of the touch screen, responsible for steering and buttons. Function the “arrow” that can be used with the new control scheme. If you play with a controller from the MFi, it will work better.

For levels of difficulty “beginner” and “professional”, you can choose the option “automatic acceleration”, which will simplify the control of the machine. The game developers have increased the performance of GRID Autosport, and you will have to notice it.

Mobile version of GRID Autosport has received high marks in the press and the players, everyone loved how good it looks and what the gameplay provides. The game is available for purchase in the App Store for $ 10 (about 550 rubles). Please note that in Google Play the game is not out, but there are several projects with similar names, so be careful!

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Cuphead will be released for mobile devices and here’s why

 Cuphead не выйдет для мобильных устройств и вот почему Last week Cuphead suddenly became the hero of news when the AppStore came out fake virus program with the same name. However, fans of the project overwhelmed the developers a question, whether they plan to release the game for mobile devices, and they were forced to respond.

That said, the co-founder of Studio MDHR Chad Moldenhauer (Chad Moldenhauer) to questions about the success of Cuphead and output a fake program:
This event has opened our eyes, we saw how prevalent in the gaming area Cuphead. We found it strange that the service service Apple Store could miss this project without any issues, but, in the end, they very quickly removed the fake app from the store.

With regard to the likelihood of release of Cuphead on mobile devices, then you know what they say — “never say Never”. Although the probability that in the next few months Cuphead will appear for smartphones and tablets, is extremely small.

The game just will never work on mobile devices like now on the PC. If we do something for mobile devices, that’ll do it from scratch and do something completely different.
Cuphead has gained huge popularity because of its ultimate complexity, the visual style of the cartoons of the 30-ies of the 20th century and interesting gameplay.

Would you like to see Cuphead for Android or iOS? Write your opinion in the comments below!

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Stardew Valley for three months became the most downloaded game on Switch for 2017

Stardew Valley за три месяца стала самой скачиваемой игрой на Switch за 2017 год Switch — the new patrimony indie? Role-playing farm simulator Stardew Valley last year in the number of downloads surpassed all other titles, was released in digital on Nintendo Switch. The game did not stop, she came three months before the end of the year.

No information about the fact, comparable to any in the number of sold copies of the results of Stardew Valley compared to the blockbusters of the platform, whose major sales were in retail (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey), but it is clear that outstanding projects from independent developers on the platform are very popular.

The ten most popular projects on the Switch also includes such indie projects like Shovel Knight and Steamworld Dig 2. Not surprisingly, the company is now actively seeking new projects in its digital store.

In particular, this is Tim Simmons (Tim Symons), Product Development Manager in the European office Nintendo. Mentioned we is not just. Tim will be in White Nights, which will be held in Prague from 13 to 14 February.

It is not excluded that will be able to catch him and ask him about how to get to the site and what you are playing now considering Nintendo for its new console.

With regard to Stardew Valley, it became a hit long before the Switch. The game was released on PC back in 2016. Developed by just one developer — enthusiast Eric Baron (Eric Barone) — is it only on Steam has sold 3.5 million digital copies. According to a rough estimate the author of the service Sergey Galenkin, only for the first year the game has earned $24 million.


Disney will strengthen its expansion in the mobile market with new games from third party developers

 Disney усилит экспансию на мобильный рынок с новыми играми от сторонних разработчиков Representatives of the Disney company, the giant of the entertainment industry, made a statement, according to which the Corporation will strengthen its expansion in the mobile market in collaboration with Gameloft, Glu, Ludia and PerBlue.

Last year, Disney has revised its strategy in the mobile market and shut down the franchise, based on Disney Infinity and mobile games in the universe Marvel. Survived only game series Kingdom Hearts.

That’s what today said Kyle Laughlin (Kyle Laughlin), senior Vice President, Disney consumer products and interactive entertainment:

Disney will work with these mobile giants like Gameloft (Sonic Adventure Runners), Glu (Kim Kardashian: Hollywood), Ludia (Battlestar Galactica: Squadrons) and PerBlue (Portal Quest).

These teams are known due to the previously released popular mobile games and each of them is currently working on unannounced new games for Disney franchises.Fans of the company should expect a “hard reset” and “new start” for all video game companies. It’s a risky decision, but it is Disney prepared for possible failures and risks. Laughlin noted that the company is interested in exploring new genres such as RPG or brawler.

What do you think about this initiative? Looks like Disney is using the tactics of their AAA blockbuster and begins to work with an experienced and large studios full of professionals that indicates a high degree of sophistication and tolerantnosti. Will we see a new Kingdom Hearts in the near future?

Maybe we are waiting for a mobile RPG based on Star Wars? Or Disney will give birth to a bunch of shareware games, main purpose of which is to suck the contents of the wallets of parents of young children in preschool? Write your opinion in the comments below!

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Start Overwatch on Twitch League was watched simultaneously by 425 thousand people

Старт Overwatch League на Twitch одновременно смотрело 425 тыс. зрителей Stream games to open the debut season of the Latest League January 10 on Twitch simultaneously collected 425 thousand people.

Recall that the streaming platform Twitch is an official partner of the show games Overwatch League with exclusive broadcasts 6 of the 12 League games.

Matches Latest League held in the new center of eSports, Blizzard, Arena, open Blizzard in Los Angeles in September last year.

Старт Overwatch League на Twitch одновременно смотрело 425 тыс. зрителейThe interior of the Blizzard Arena Los Angeles, photos Forbes

The launch of the League of Overwatch caused a lot of excitement, but did not become a major event in the history of eSports.

For example, the 2017 tournament The International Dota 2 last year was watched simultaneously by more than 5 million people, and the world championship of League of Legends a year earlier lump sum was watched by 14.7 million viewers.


Audience Fortnite per month increased from 30 to 40 million players

Аудитория Fortnite за месяц выросла с 30 до 40 млн игроков Fritupley mode is “battle Royal” remains a reliable engine for MMO shooter Fortnite. Thanks to it the number of users of the game over the past month increased by 10 million and reached 40 million players and peak playing online exceeded 2 million gamers, said to Eurogamer with a link to Epic Games.

The main competitor Fortnite and the leader of the genre “battle Royal” PLAYERUNKNOWN”S BATTLEGROUND behind the opponent in the total number of users, but still ahead of the competitor in the number of both in play gamers.

Аудитория Fortnite за месяц выросла с 30 до 40 млн игроковComparison of audience and attendance Fortnite Battle Royale and PUBG

In connection with the emergence PUBG on Xbox One a month ago, the gap in the near future may increase even more.


GTA V is among the three best-selling games in Europe for a year

GTA V вошла в тройку самых продаваемых игр Европы за год The success of GTA V has lasted almost 5 years. Hit Rockstar Games took the third place on sales of physical copies in 15 countries of Europe for 2017, losing only 18 FIFA and Call of Duty: WWII.

It is reported by the Dutch research company GfK. The rating is built on the basis of data on sales of game retailers in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and the United Kingdom.

In these countries bought GTA V rather than a number of large releases 2017, including big-budget titles like Star Wars Battlefront II, Assassin’s Creed, Origins and Destiny 2.

Attendance for the game continues to grow. According to Rockstar, in December of last year in the multiplayer mode GTA Online , it was registered a record number of players for all time of existence of the title.

Last year, analyst firm NPD called GTA V the best selling game on the video game market in the US in 22 years of observations, and the company SuperData recognized GTA V the most lucrative console game in history.

All in all, 2013 in stores worldwide we have shipped over 85 million copies of GTA V.


PUBG per month scored 3 million users on the Xbox

PUBG за месяц набрал 3 млн пользователей на Xbox

PUBG Corp. and Xbox announced the sale of 3 million copies of “battle Royale” PLAYERUNKNOWN”S BATTLEGROUNDS for Xbox One in the first month after release, with 1 million copies sold in the first 48 hours.

Success PUBG on the Xbox was due to several factors. By the time the console game had great fame by setting a record in attendance on the Steam platform, and became a true phenomenon of the gaming industry in 2017.

In addition, PUBG filled a niche seasonal exclusives for the Xbox, which was empty at the end of 2017.

The popularity of the game on the platform Microsoft did not prevent even a low optimization of the port. Bought PUBG immediately after the release of Xbox One owners have complained about sudden failures framerate, glitch and many other bugs.

However, since the release on 11 December, the developers have released several patches that addressed some problems with the optimization, and added new content.

The publication Venture Beat suggests that with a proper optimization PUBG under the Xbox will be able to quickly increase the number of copies sold at least twice.


Sega has launched a mobile slots for Sonic and Golden Axe

Sega запустила мобильные слоты по Сонику и Golden Axe

Sega introduced its own social casino Slots Sega. It contains 8 virtual machines in the theme of popular gaming franchises of the company: Sonic the Hedgehog, Sinobi, Golden Axe and others.

In the future, Sega plans to regularly add new slot machines.

Sega Slots distributed model fritupley and is available on Android and iOS.

In some ways it’s a return to basics. In the 50s, before the company gained its current name, it was mainly engaged in the supply and manufacture of slot machines.


Developers Pokemon GO will refuse to support older iPhone and iPad models

 Разработчики Pokemon GO откажутся от поддержки старых моделей iPhone и iPad Very soon, the mobile game in augmented reality Pokemon GO stop to support older models of iPhone and iPad. This was reported by the developers from the Studio Niantic, adding information about what devices will no longer be supported by the game.

According to the developers, Pokemon GO will cease to support iPhone 5 and 5C and also iPad 4th generation on February 28 this year. In simple words, on devices that cannot upgrade to iOS 11, it will be impossible to play Pokemon GO.

Thus, all the coaches that use to play one of the above devices, now have to prepare to buy a new model i-device if they want to continue to play Pokemon GO.

The developers note that the termination of support due to the fact that they want to expand the game with new possibilities which does not make the old version of iOS.

Recall that since its release Pokemon GO has got the highest popularity. The developers of this product has even managed to earn the game more than one billion dollars.

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