Mobile shooter Critical Ops downloaded 34 million times

Мобильный шутер Critical Ops скачали 34 млн раз Download mobile PvP shooter Critical Ops the Finnish Studio Critical Force exceeded 34 million Softlaunch games took place 2.5 years ago. DAU of project crossed the mark of 1 million players.

Last 4 million downloads of the title has gained in the last 4 months.

The game does well in social networks. They account for C-Ops is following more than half a million users.

According to the creators of Critical Ops, last year they managed to turn the project into a full-fledged cyber discipline and set the standard for mobile competitive games.

The General Director of Critical Force Veli-Pekka Piirainen (Veli-Pekka Piirainen) noted that 2017 was a “phenomenal” and the state of the Studio during this time increased by a quarter.

In November last year, the Board of Directors of Critical Force entered the Korean businessman Kevin Chou (Kevin Chou). Previously, he led the gaming company Kabam, and founded Korea’s largest eSports organization Korean Silicon Valley, which is leading the top teams on Overwatch, PUBG, and other disciplines.

Critical Ops is very similar to the famous Counter-Strike. The game is distributed model fritupley.


Mario Kart Tour is free

 Mario Kart Tour будет бесплатной Nintendo is in a hurry to conquer the smartphone. Announced in the beginning of the month Mario Kart arcade racing Tour will be free, as reported on Twitter journalist the Wall Street Journal.

The developers are in no hurry to share information about the upcoming game. They reported it 1 Feb a short publication on Twitter. The release will take place next year in March.

Presumably, the business model will be built the same way as in other mobile hit Nintendo — Super Mario Run. You can play it for free, but title contained various microtransactions. Everything is as usual in games for phones.

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Global sales of GTA V has exceeded 90 million copies

Мировые продажи GTA V превысили 90 млн копий Hit the Studio Rockstar almost 5 years on the market and still sells well. Total sales ekshena GTA V has exceeded 90 million copies, and in 2017, were sold 15 million copies of the game.

This was reported analyst at Niko Partners Daniel Ahmad (Ahmad Daniel) tweet with a link to the latest financial report of publisher Take-Two Interactive.

15 million copies for the year title for 2013 release — an impressive result. For comparison, Star Wars Battlefront II has sold 7 million copies. However, sales of Battlefront II was damaged by the scandal because of luchboxes and policy of Electronic Arts to monetize their games.

GTA V does not forget thanks to its multiplayer mode, GTA Online, which regularly receives updates and new content. One of the recent additions in the past year was the game mode Last Man Standing, GTA turns in the battle Royale like PLAYERUNKOWN”S BATTLEGROUNDS.

In the last quarter of GTA Online remained leading titles Take-Two is the amount of money that players spend on in-game purchases.

The success of GTA V has repeatedly noted market analysts. Last year, the NPD Group called GTA V the best selling game on the video game market in the US in 22 years of observations, and the company SuperData recognized GTA V the most lucrative console game in history.


WotC will release a mobile game based on Magic: The Gathering

 WotC выпустит мобильную игру по мотивам Magic: The Gathering Wizards of the Coast announced a partnership with Netmarble Games — together they plan to move the iconic Magic: The Gathering to mobile phones. The game was codenamed Project M, but it is clearly not what you expect.

The project is at an early stage and information about it very little. But the short description says that we will be able to choose their own plainswalker, to pick up and improve a deck, and then fight with other players in the different planes of the multiverse MTG.

To better understand what it is about, view the video above. Perhaps the fans are not too happy with the idea of turning a card game into something similar to MOBA.

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Switch – the best indie platform. The most sold copies of Celeste on it

Switch – лучшая инди-платформа. Больше всего копий Celeste продано на ней 25 Jan independent developer Matt Thorson released a new project — a platformer Celeste. 2 weeks version games for the Nintendo Switch ahead of the sales of your publications on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Successful sales Celeste fixed the Switch for the glory of the main indie platform today. At the end of last year, the most downloadable games for Switch was the role-playing farm simulator Stardew Valley from independent developer Eric Baron (Eric Barone).

“We see that Celeste and Switch are perfect for each other,” said Thorson in an interview with Destructoid.

He did not name the exact number of copies sold Celeste. According to the Spy Steam, only Steam game Matt Thorson since the release time came to 20 thousand.

Thorson became famous in the world of video games thanks to sprite action game TowerFall, which it was originally developed for the Ouya console. Later, Matt re-released TowerFall on PC and consoles called TowerFall Ascension.


Simulator fantasy the gun store will be released on iOS

 Симулятор фэнтезийного оружейного магазина выйдет на iOS Admirers Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! and other fantasy Sims may be interested to hear that the simulator is the fantasy weapon shop Weapon Shop Fantasy will be released on mobile this week.

 Симулятор фэнтезийного оружейного магазина выйдет на iOS

In the Weapon Shop Fantasy you are responsible for managing each item in their shop. Hire staff, pay them, expand and improve the range and, of course, attract more customers.

The game contains elements of RPG. You have to send workers into the wilderness to gather resources and treasures, where they will inevitably encounter monsters.

Fantasy Weapon Shop managed to conquer the PC gamers on Steam, and now get to iOS 8 Feb. It will be released in two versions: the free Lite and paid (229 rubles). You can first try the first and then, if you enjoy the game, updated to the second.

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On Japanese shelves ends Monster Hunter. Gamers have bought 92% of circulation

На японских полках кончается Monster Hunter. Геймеры раскупили 92% тиража In the first week after the release of the action role-playing Monster Hunter: World of Japan purchased 1.2 million physical copies of the game. This is 92% of the starting batch of discs sent by publisher Capcom in stores.

This is stated in the research company Media Create.

With the release of Monster Hunter: World in Japan is almost three times (266%) off sales of the PlayStation 4: from 55.6 thousand to 140 thousand consoles.

The game also reached the 1 place in sales in the retail sector in the UK according to data from research firm GfK on 3 Feb.

Games the Monster Hunter series was established in 2004 and includes 5 games and two spin-offs.

Popularity and start selling Monster Hunter: World steel record in franchise history.


Mobile megahit Arena of Valor Tencent brought in $1.9 billion in 2017

 Мобильный мегахит Arena of Valor принёс Tencent $1.9 млрд в 2017 году According to a report by SuperData Research the mobile games market in 2017, brought in an income of $59.2 billion. The most successful project was a MOBA Arena of Valor, also known as the Honor of Kings, from the Chinese Corporation Tencent.

Arena of Valor brought the creators of $1.9 billion. On the second place is located Fantasy Westward Journey from NetEase ($1.5 billion), and the third Monster Strike from Mixi ($1.3 billion).

 Мобильный мегахит Arena of Valor принёс Tencent $1.9 млрд в 2017 году

The only game in the list, which was released in the year 2017, — Lineage 2: Revolution that brought Netmarble $980 million. The game is very successfully started at home and quickly conquered the Western market thanks to the notoriety of the universe Lineage.

In General, the global mobile market revenues increased by $14 billion compared to year 2016. The vast majority of them came from Asia.

Looking to the future, SuperData predicts that Asia, North America and Europe will together generate a revenue of $55.5 billion in 2018.

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Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia was released on Android and iOS

 Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia вышла на Android и iOS Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, a mobile adaptation of Dissidia, finally released on Android and iOS in English. The game may not yet be available in some regions, as its release is happening gradually all over the world.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia — multiplayer fighting game with RPG elements from Square Enix. Fighting it turn-based like the old Final Fantasy parts. The game is distributed absolutely for free.

Title the release coincides with the release Dissidia Final Fantasy for PlayStation 4 NT (30 January). We will remind, the main feature of the series is that it unites the heroes and villains of the FF franchise and pits them together.

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EA will return microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront II

EA вернет микротранзакции в Star Wars Battlefront II

Electronic Arts re-activates micro-transactions in a shooter Star Wars Battlefront II. This was confirmed in the company’s management.

CEO of EA Andrew Wilson (Andrew Wilson) mentioned the return of microtransactions in a report to investors in the 3rd quarter of 2018 fiscal year.

The company recognized negative role of a scandal because of luchboxes on sale Star Wars Battlefront II. According to Wilson, it was an enlightening experience. But EA believes that digital additional monetization in the game gives the gamers more options. Therefore, the publisher promises to return the mechanism obrabotal it to the needs of players.

On the eve of the financial Director of EA Blake Jorgensen told reporters that the sales of Battlefront II was 9 million copies of the 10 expected. Top Manager added that before the end of the 2018 financial year (until March 31), the publisher expects to sell 1 to 3 million copies of Battlefront II.

For comparison, the first part of Star Wars Battlefront 2015 publication by the end of the financial year (i.e. by April 2016) has sold 14 million copies.