Release Far Cry 5 Steam gathered almost 100 thousand people online

Релиз Far Cry 5 в Steam собрал почти 100 тыс. человек онлайн Run shooter Far Cry 5 Steam became the most successful in franchise history. Peak attendance at the game reached 92 thousand gamers. Reported analytical platforms GitHyp.

For comparison, the previous record among the games of the franchise on Steam belonged to Far Cry 3 with 23 thousand players online. Far Cry 4 and Far Cry: Primal were collected up to 17 and 14 thousand, 7 thousand people respectively.

Релиз Far Cry 5 в Steam собрал почти 100 тыс. человек онлайн

One-time audience for Far Cry 5 on Steam in the first 10 days after launch, GitHyp

Mass launch of online Far Cry 5, including games firm Ubisoft lost only online shooter The Division, which after the release of the simultaneously played 114 thousand gamers.

The success of the game on Steam, Far Cry 5 became the most popular show on the streaming platform Twitch. On the day of release for stream games at the same time was watched by 250 thousand people.

Far Cry 5 was released on PC and consoles on March 27.


Russians asked to support the development of the game “Plant a forest”, aimed at ecological restoration in the real world

 Россиян попросили поддержать разработку игры «Посади лес», направленную на восстановление экологии в реальном мире Service announced to start developing a mobile game “Plant forest”, which will be aimed at restoration of forests on the territory of the Russian Federation. The creators asked for help from users posting your new project on the site Boomstarter.

In “Plant a forest” the players have to take care of his own small clearing on which to grow trees. Thanks to the growing “digital trees” in Russia will appear the groves and forests planted by volunteers from the community of “Movement Eka”.

The task of the new mobile game is to teach players responsible attitude towards nature. “Plant a forest” is perfect for children and adults: to be in the game permanently is not necessary, it is only important sometimes to check your trees and from time to time to care for them.

 Россиян попросили поддержать разработку игры «Посади лес», направленную на восстановление экологии в реальном мире
On Boomstarter the collected money will go on development of the game script, interface and other important details. The developers of “Movement Eka” has created a large list of bonuses that will be opened depending on the input amount of money.

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The myth of the pokemon Mew was confirmed 22 years later in Pokemon GO

 Миф о покемоне Мью подтвердился спустя 22 года в Pokemon GO In 1996, just when he released Japanese role-playing game Pokemon Red and Blue, there was the myth of the elusive legendary pokemon named Mew. Many players told me that this pokemon can be found under the truck in S. S. Anne location. This rumor eventually turned out to be complete nonsense, but in the 22 years since its emergence myth still confirmed, though in a different game.

A few days ago for Pokemon GO out a massive update that added to the game a lot of new quests and challenges. As a reward for completing one of these tests the players get a chance to catch the pokemon Mew.

After learning about the update, many gamers immediately decided to recall the old myth about the pokemon and even started to catch Mew under the truck.

 Миф о покемоне Мью подтвердился спустя 22 года в Pokemon GO

As for the mythical Mew in Pokemon Red and Blue, there is this pokemon or not. Players were able to see him unless with a special bug.

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Fortnite Mobile was released on iOS

 Fortnite Mobile вышла на iOS Testing Fortnite on iOS invite over, and now it became available to all players. Android users, however, will have to wait.

For the game enough to register on the website Epic and have one of the supported game device: iPhone SE iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad 2017, the iPad Pro.

The mobile version of the acclaimed play will delight the users with the full version, which includes weekly additions and other features.

Unfortunately, no further information on the Android version, no, but Epic has assured its fans that the version is in development.

Background: Fortnite has topped the sales charts on iOS in 13 countries

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Announced Final Fantasy 14 Online GO: production of wood and fish in reality

 Анонсирована Final Fantasy 14 Online GO: добыча дерева и ловля рыбы в реальности Square Enix has decided to please his fans with yet another April fool’s announcement. At this time the company spoke about the mobile adaptation of Final Fantasy 14 Online, in which players will be able to get resources in reality together with your friends.

Now players using your phone can cut wood, mine stone and even fish. And if you can buy a special pointer, which is attached to the device, the success of resource extraction will be absolute!

Even though the video is a joke, Square Enix really did their best: live long and taken very believable. Has taken the idea of the concept of the famous mobile game Pokemon GO, which is still popular in USA and Japan.

By the way, now the real Final Fantasy 14 are available on PC, PS3 and PS4.

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New trailer for the Vandals, announcing the release date of the game

 Вышел новый трейлер Vandals, анонсирующий дату релиза игры Today, turn-based stealth-puzzle Vandals, in many respects very similar to the famous Hitman GO, has got a new trailer announcing the release date of the game — April 12. Vandals will be released on PC, Android and iOS.

In Vandals, players will take on the role of street artists, brave enough to Wade through the crowd of police and their dogs. Graffiti will need to draw on buildings of many cities worldwide, such as Paris and Berlin.

In total the game will feature 60 levels, the level of complexity which will continue to increase. By the way, the graffiti will have to draw his own, and finished work can be shared with other players.

The game will cost 360 rubles ($6). Page Vandals is now available on Steam. You can also pre-order the game for iOS in the AppStore.

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The characters of The Walking Dead: Our World animesouth with iPhone X to save on equipment

 Лица героев The Walking Dead: Our World анимируют с помощью iPhone X, чтобы сэкономить на оборудовании According to the developers from the Studio Next Games working on The Walking Dead: Our World, the animation in the game is created using the TrueDepth camera on the iPhone X. to Use this method, the Studio decided when I found out prices for equipment to capture facial expressions and movements.

 Лица героев The Walking Dead: Our World анимируют с помощью iPhone X, чтобы сэкономить на оборудовании
First character model, in which to breathe life, it creates on the computer. Ready mask gets on the iPhone, where the camera TrueDepth transmits the created model all the emotions of a developer with a frequency of 60 frames per second.

Can be animation and not what I wanted to see her in the Next Games, but working with TrueDepth was dozens of times cheaper, and a program to transfer facial expressions were created just a few weeks.

Next Games has promised that in The Walking Dead: Our World will be able to create an animation of the movements of the face, but only for the zombies. The finished animation can be sent to friends.

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Studio cliff Blezinski has frozen work on LawBreakers

Студия Клиффа Блезински заморозила работу над LawBreakers Boss Key Production announced the suspension of work on the heroic online shooter LawBreakers. The team recognized the commercial failure of the project and wants to switch to new games.

Along with these LawBreakers is not yet closed — the game will continue to function, but will cease to receive updates and other development.

“LawBreakers have not gathered enough players, so we have enough money to implement all ideas. We created a game for three and a half years and hope to give it a second life. Therefore, we will continue to support the LawBreakers in the current state, but also focus on creating new games,” reads the project website.

Recall LawBreakers, was released in August of last year. The game was owned by the Creator of the franchise Gears of War cliff Blezinski (Cliff Bleszinski).

Despite the weak start, Blezinski to the last pinned on LawBreakers hopes and promised not to give up as long as his game is not appreciated.


Ubisoft began to deal with “toxic” players in Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft начала бороться с «токсичными» игроками в Rainbow Six Siege “Toxic” players is one of the main problems of most modern online games. Ubisoft told about the counter are rude and disturbing behavior of gamers in a team tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege.

At this stage the project team protects the audience of the game from bullying by monitoring in-game chat.

The code of conduct for Rainbow Six Siege prevents players rude and obscene communications as well as threats, insults and incitement to hatred and any discrimination based on sex, race and other characteristics.

Violators of this rule may be banned for a period of from 2 days to lifetime, depending on the severity of the violation.

In the future the developers promise to add automatic filtering of in-game chat and the function of blocking the messages from the players, with which gamers will be able to ignore text and voice messages from rude or Intrusive companions.

Ubisoft also announced about working on the fighting system fans to kill teammates, but not told exactly how it will work.

New measures against the “toxicity” should enter into force after the scheduled seasonal updates this year.


Mobile strategy DomiNations downloaded 37 million times in 3 years

Мобильную стратегию DomiNations скачали 37 млн раз за 3 года Studio Big Huge Games and publisher Nexon said 3 years since the release of the mobile strategy DomiNations. During this time fritupleynaya the game won more than 37 million downloads.

To the anniversary, Nexon has prepared an infographic with statistics DomiNations during its existence.

Мобильную стратегию DomiNations скачали 37 млн раз за 3 годаStatistics DomiNations for 3 years, Nexon

DomiNations continues to make money

According to the service Datamagic, mobile strategy earns $1.5 − 2 million per month. Last month sales of games on mobile platforms totaled $1.7 million.

Recall, the total income of DomiNations exceeded $100 million a year ago, the second anniversary of the game.