In may iOS will be released puzzle G30 — A Memory Maze (trailer)

 В мае на iOS выйдет головоломка G30 — A Memory Maze (трейлер) Kiev developer Ivan Kovalev presented his debut game called G30 — A Memory Maze for mobile devices running iOS. The game belongs to the genre of puzzles and have been able to obtain many awards, including the award for best innovation from the Casual Connect.

Features G30 — A Memory Maze:

  • Each step as you solve the puzzle may change the course of history;
  • The game shows how people with a mental illness perceives reality;
  • Dramatic story;
  • Classic product. Ivan Kovalev is doing almost everything alone, including game design, coding, art and music;
  • To finish G30 — A Memory Maze the developer even had to sell his guitar.

G30 — A Memory Maze is about a man suffering from cognitive disorder, because of what his memory is slowly crumbling. The hero needs the crumbs to retrace his past, solving puzzles.

Mobile Fortnite has brought developers to $ 1 million for the first three dnyaneshwara World Ghostbusters is a mobile game in the style of Pokemon GoНа iOS and Android mobile released God of War: Mimir”s Vision

Each puzzle in the G30 — A Memory Maze is a collection of memories, feelings and even events associated with a character. The game will be held on may 17 of this year in the App Store at a price of $4.99.

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Sensor Tower: PUBG Mobile has become the most downloaded game in the 1st quarter of 2018

Sensor Tower: PUBG Mobile стал самой скачиваемой игрой в 1 квартале 2018 года Analytical platform Sensor Tower called the battle Royale PUBG Mobile by Tencent, the world leader in downloads of mobile games in the first quarter of 2018. It is stated in the report.

PUBG Mobile slipped to second place the previous leader of the overall ranking game downloads — “evergreen” hit Subway Surfers Kiloo Games company.

Sensor Tower: PUBG Mobile стал самой скачиваемой игрой в 1 квартале 2018 года

Most downloaded mobile game in Q1 of 2018, Sensor Tower

Subway Surfers kept the lead in the top of the most downloaded games Google Play

Gaming revenues

The maximum amount of money for the first quarter of MOBA earned the Honor of Kings from Tencent.

She also leads the ranking of the most profitable games for iOS.

Sensor Tower: PUBG Mobile стал самой скачиваемой игрой в 1 квартале 2018 года

Grossing mobile game in the 1st quarter of 2018, Sensor Tower

Most grossing titles on Google Play you’re role-playing MMO game Lineage M from NCSoft.

Where is the Fortnite?

The main competitor PUBG, “battle Royale” Fortnite Battle Royale may be one of the rankings Sensor Tower, although the mobile version of the game start 4 days before the release PUBG Mobile.

Despite the lack of tops, mobile Fortnite earns more than the opponent.

As Gamerant reported, revenues of mobile online shooter from Epic for the start of the week was 5 times higher than PUBG Mobile for the same period.


MOBA Super MNC closed due to the European data protection act

MOBA Super MNC закрывается из-за европейского закона о защите данных The creators fritupleynaya MOBA-shooter Super Monday Night the Club decided to close the project. Uber Entertainment has proven to be profitable to support the game after the entry into force of the GDPR — regulation on protection of user data, which will be operational in the EU since may 25.

Representatives of the Studio announced that the multiplayer game system does not meet the requirements of the GDPR and its processing will cost more than they can afford.

The developers have promised players a “farewell party” for which will give each user a Super MNC $10 thousand in-game currency.

The game server will go offline on may 24, the day before the entry into force of the regulations of the European Union.

According to the service Steam Spy, a number of owners Super Monday Night Club on Steam has up to 2 million people.

General Data Protection Regulation

Regulation GDPR applies to all companies processing personal data of citizens and residents of the European Union.

It imposes restrictions on the amount of data collected and the retention period and commits the company to protect this information from third parties.

For violation of the law companies can be fined up to €20 million or to recover to 4% of annual turnover.


The gamer has transformed the smartphone into a desktop computer and plays on it in PUBG

 Геймер превратил смартфон в настольный компьютер и играет на нем в PUBG A Reddit user under the nickname alemkalender showed the world his new “invention”: the gamer hooked up to a smartphone keyboard, and mouse, by which it without any problems playing PUBG. Well, most likely, in other mobile app.

 Геймер превратил смартфон в настольный компьютер и играет на нем в PUBG
Such an Assembly allows not only to obtain a huge advantage over other players on mobile platforms, but “buy” is almost the same PUBG absolutely free (not for 900 rubles).

Such “computer” you can launch other apps. For example, World of Tanks Blitz, which is sometimes praised for its simplicity and some casual. With Fortnite there were also no problems there. Only the eyes tired.

For the development of the cheat programs for PUBG arrested 15 people. They were fined 5 …Major update PUBG rebalance the weapons added to the game Makkaveev: look at the updated interface PUBG

In the comments to the post people have condemned this “build”. According to most, this type of players spoil the games and do not allow to reveal potential of others.

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The Creator of Monument Valley: the premium mobile game has found its place in the market

Создатель Monument Valley: мобильные премиум-игры нашли свое место на рынке A leading designer of mobile indie hit Monument Valley and Creator of interactive stories Florence Ken Wong (Ken Wong) believes that fritupley is not a prerequisite for a successful mobile games. In his opinion, people are willing to buy high-quality titles.

Wong cited the example of Monument Valley. Puzzle game Studio Ustwo has released in 2014, when fritupleynaya distribution model has dominated in the mobile market.

According to the game designer, Monument Valley was one of the few at the time of premium mobile games. It showed that fritupley is not omnipotent, and paid title can also be commercially successful.

Wong said that over the past 4 years the market for premium mobile games has become more competitive, and this is partly the merit of Monument Valley.

Ken Wong also added that his second game — Florence — also sold well on iOS and Android. Florence came out earlier this year. The game created a Studio in the Mountains, which Wong founded after retiring from Ustwo.

According to the developer, the success of mobile games depends on what kind of experience will give gamers the authors.

Wong noted that the study and work with the capabilities of mobile platforms differ markedly from the development of games for PC and consoles, where there are long-established templates to create titles.


A new game from the authors of This War of Mine paid off in less than 3 days

Новая игра от авторов This War of Mine окупилась менее чем за 3 дня Fresh project Frostpunk from Polish indie Studio 11 bit studios has successfully started. For the first 66 hours after release, the developers have implemented more than 250 thousand copies of the game. As announced by the Studio, the revenues from sales have already recouped all the costs for the creation and promotion of the game.

Новая игра от авторов This War of Mine окупилась менее чем за 3 дня

A message from the Twitter account of the game

Chapter 11 bit studios Machowski Grzegorz (Grzegorz Miechowski) thanked the fans and announced the work on the Supplement. He also promised updates with free game content for Frostpunk.

Frostpunk combines the mechanics of strategy and survival. The game was released on Steam on April 24.


Arma III sales exceeded 4 million copies

Продажи Arma III превысили 4 млн копий Military tactical action Arma III has sold over 4 million copies. This was announced by the company-game developer Bohemia Interactive.

The creators of Arma III have prepared an infographic with the results which their title had reached 5 years of existence.

Продажи Arma III превысили 4 млн копий

Statistics Arma III 2013, Bohemia Interactive

Audience Arma III now exceeds 4 million people. During the existence of the game, they spent more than 600 million hours online and the peak was more than 56 thousand people.

Games of Arma series are very complex and detailed gameplay.

The series itself is an unofficial sequel of the franchise Operation: Flashpoint, the first of which Bohemia Interactive released back in 2001.

Subsequently, the developers were forced to abandon the original name because of a dispute with publisher Codemasters.

The popular “battle Royale” PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS also appeared from Arma. Its Creator Brendan Greene (Brendan Green) started with the development of mods for the game Bohemia Interactive.


“Battle Royale” cliff Blezinski has lost 82% of the audience 2 weeks

«Королевская битва» Клиффа Блезински потеряла 82% аудитории за 2 недели Although the new project Studio Boss Key Productions and is called the Radical Heights i.e. “radical height” attendance at the games is said to the contrary. Two weeks since the launch of the simultaneous audience online the fighter was reduced from 12.5 to 2.2 thousand.

Drop game online was 82%, according to Analytics platform GitHyp.

«Королевская битва» Клиффа Блезински потеряла 82% аудитории за 2 недели

Online Radical Heights in the first two weeks, GitHyp

Boss Key has launched a Radical Heights soon after refused to develop their first project — a heroic shooter LawBreakers.

Release LawBreakers took place last summer. The game failed to attract a sufficient number of gamers despite the transition to a model fritupley and other efforts of developers to breathe life into your project.

Radical Heights was released in early access on Steam on April 10. The game received mixed reviews. Critics praised the unusual visual style and fun gameplay, but was unhappy with the weak engine optimization and many shortcomings of the project.


Free Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery was released on iOS and Android (trailer)

 Бесплатная Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery вышла на iOS и Android (трейлер) On mobile devices running iOS and Android was released a shareware adventure game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery from an independent company Jam City.

In the game gamers will become disciples of the great school of wizards Hogwarts. The main action takes place in the 80s, just after Volan de mort was temporarily defeated. That is, the events of the game unfold before I entered school such legendary magicians as Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

Warner Bros. opened a Studio Portkey to create games about Harry Potter

In the game you meet many familiar faces from the films: Michael Gambon (Professor Dumbledore), Maggie Smith (Professor McGonagall), Warwick Davis (Professor Flitwick), Sally Mortemore (Madame Irma pins), Gemma Jones (Madam Pomfrey) and Zoe Wanamaker (Madame Trick)

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery await players choice of faction, learning magic spells and new adventures. You can download the game now in Google Play and App Store.

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Perfect World Announced Mobile

 Анонсирована Perfect World Mobile Chinese gaming giant Tencent Games on Tencent held UP has announced many new games, among them — Perfect World Mobile from the developers of Perfect World. A new announcement was accompanied by a CG teaser:

The slogan of the new game refers to “Air battle of the new generation”, so players may spend a lot of time in the air. The trailer is visible the familiar races, such as Untamed and Winged Elves. Also catches the eye of a possible RAID on a giant boss.

It is confirmed that the mobile MMORPG will be 6 classes in spite of this, at the moment unknown to any of them. Tencent also mentioned that the release of Perfect World Mobile to be held later this year.

 Анонсирована Perfect World Mobile

 Анонсирована Perfect World Mobile

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