The genius of Kajumba and she has released their free version Death Stranding on iOS and Android

 Гений Коджумбо и россиянка выпустили свои бесплатные версии Death Stranding на iOS и Android Hideo kojima (Hideo Kojima) has not once proved that he’s got a good sense of humor and cunning. With the Death of Stranding the situation has not changed, because while many are waiting for the release of the game, some are already playing the game on smartphones.

On Android game called Deadly Standing — A Survival Game and it is not a masterpiece. The essence of the project is to move around the map and shoot the mysterious Ghost entity, simultaneously looking through an incredible variety of advertising.

Kojima spoke about the Death of Stranding and admitted that he had been struck …

The iOS game came out called Death Purgatory Starting Stran. Judging by the fact that on the project page there are no reviews, no one has ever returned from a mysterious adventure.

In fact, both games are just bland clones of Death Stranding, probably created to attract attention and the introduction of players astray. The developer of Deadly Standing — A Survival Game listed some Genius Kojumbo, and Starting on Death Purgatory Stran tried some Varekova Marina (Marina Valekhova).

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Author PUBG recognized the purchased assets

Автор PUBG признал использование в игре купленных ассетов Battle Royale PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds uses on their maps assets purchased in the online store, said the Creator of the game Brendan Greene (Brendan Green). According to him, this is done in order to the art Department team can focus on more important aspects of your maps.

Reddit users have repeatedly found in PUBG assets that were used on several maps or were similar to ready assets out of the market for games on the Unreal.

Автор PUBG признал использование в игре купленных ассетов

Responding to the criticism, Brendan Greene said that when the game was created, in case you are ready to assetm was inevitable. This allowed quick and cheap to create maps and to promote the game.

Hire a team of forty artists to just “try the game and see how good it” would be just silly. This is the store assets! This is an excellent base for teams who want to work with the mind.

Brendan Green

Creator and lead designer PUBG

One time, says green, there were rumors that card to PUBG fully made to outsource or use only the purchased assets. There was nothing like even the first map in the game includes the original design. With each new location someone else’s contribution becomes smaller.

With regard to the inclusion of the same asset in multiple cards, green does not see anything wrong with that. He cited the words of one of leads the art Department PUBG Corp.:

“Why, my artist must spend two weeks on an ordinary sculpture, if he can spend two weeks on something that will have real value to players? How many times do you need to simulate a phone booth? How many times do you need to make a new sculpture for the cash register?”


ARK: combat Evolved was released on Android and iOS

 ARK: Survival Evolved вышла на Android и iOS ARK: combat Evolved was released on the iOS and Android platforms for free.

Players available 80 species of dinosaurs that you can tame and use as a transport, and a map, no different in scale from the versions on other platforms. You can play alone or in a group. The possibility of building is also still there and moved to mobile platforms with the rest of the functionality.

Beta Fallout 76 will not appear in Steam. Full release, maybe…8 minutes of gameplay World War Z: a huge crowd of zombies and still stable…

The mobile version also offers a video Pass — a paid subscription that gives different content slots on servers, gifts and other benefits. In addition, there is a piece of Ancient Amber, which players will get opportunities to upgrade, various buffs and will be able to resurrect dead dinosaurs.

ARK: Survival Evolved is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.

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The Last of Us became the best selling game Sony

The Last of Us стала самой продаваемой игрой Sony In the five years since the release of the Last of Us has sold 17 million copies of the game, making it the best selling game published by Sony.

About this fifth anniversary of the release of the adventure game has announced on Twitter the title the developers — Naughty Dog Studio. Takes into account all digital sales of the title, and you can also purchase the bundle with the game.

Developed exclusively for PlayStation, The Last of Us became a hit, breaking the record for the pace of sales among the original IP for the PlayStation, and was critically acclaimed. Game rating on Metascore — 96, the number of awards exceeds 240.

Now Naughty Dog developing a sequel.


Version Fortnite for Switch for day downloaded two million users

Версию Fortnite для Switch за сутки загрузили два млн пользователей Fortnite has become available for a Switch shortly after the Nintendo presentation at E3 and a day gained two million downloads.

On Twitter announced the American division of Nintendo.

Experience with Fortnite shows that the Nintendo Switch fritupleynaya launch titles may not be less successful than rival platforms.

We will remind, a platform already interested in other developers already had three games. In particular, to the output of Switch is prepared fritupleynaya MOBA Arena of Valor (Honor of Kings) from Tencent, the top grossing mobile game in 2017.


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is the service support model

У Assassin’s Creed Odyssey будет сервисная модель поддержки Ubisoft has decided to transfer to the service support model its main franchise, the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will get updates every week.

This was on the sidelines E3 reported to the Executive Director of the European division of Ubisoft’s Alan Corre (Alain Corre).

У Assassin’s Creed Odyssey будет сервисная модель поддержки

In the game there will always be something fresh and new that players will be able to access. We want Odyssey was a lively game.

Alan Corr

Executive Director of Ubisoft, Europe, Middle East and Africa

Examples of updates Alan failed, but assured that add additional content the game will be very long. According to korra, it titles, which are updated on a regular basis, are most loved by gamers.

Service support is one of the key elements of a strategy by Ubisoft to promote many of its games. For example, the upcoming Skull & Bones and Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 also developed for years of regular updates.


Promotional game from the author of Castlevania downloaded over 100 thousand times. 56% of the downloads had to Switch

Промо-игру от автора Castlevania скачали более 100 тыс. раз. 56% загрузок пришлось на Switch Sprite platformer Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Japanese Studio Inti Games scored over 100 thousand downloads in the first 2 weeks. More than half (56%) of the title downloads did users Nintendo Switch.

The game authors have written about it on Twitter.

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon is available on all modern platforms, including not only the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch, but the portable console Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita.

The game was created as a side project for the promotion of action-RPG Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, due out this year.

Over both titles worked as game designer and producer koji Igarashi (Koji Igarashi), known for his contribution to the development of the adventure franchise Castlevania.


Apple called the terms of the placing the Steam Link in the App Store

Apple назвала условия размещения Steam Link в App Store Apple updated the rules of publishing applications in the App Store. According to an updated policy, for placement in the official Apple store should not allow users to buy content outside the App Store. Failure to do so did not allow Valve to release in the App Store app for streaming games Steam Link.

It is important to note that the ban on the purchase through the app applies only to multi-platform programs. Apple explains that Steam Link and similar applications should not contain the interface, or allow you to search and buy content that is not user. In this case, Apple does not forbid to make in-app purchases inside applications.

Simply put, Apple wants through the Steam Link was only possible to stream games from their Steam library on iOS devices, but do not buy them through a mobile client.

We will remind, last month the App Store has rejected a request to publish Steam Link, although Valve has informed that earlier the company came to an agreement to release the iOS version of the app.

The Steam application Link allows players to stream games from your computer to external devices. A beta version of the mobile client start on Android in may this year.


Retro strategy has attracted $70 million on Kickstarter in just two days

Ретро-стратегия привлекла $70 тыс. на Kickstarter всего за два дня Independent developer David Murray (David Murrey) has funded the creation of retro-strategy Planet X3 with the help of Kickstater platform, collecting the required $30 thousand in a few hours. Two days later, the campaign funds more than doubled the original goal and reached $70 thousand

Planet X3 stylized titles of the early 80-ies for the operating environment MS-DOS. The game is made in CGA graphics with a palette of 4 and 16 colors to choose from, and controlled only from the keyboard.

In addition, Planet X3 really works in DOS. In the words of Murray, the game will run even on an antique IBM-compatible PC with processors generation x286.

David Murray is well known in the circles of fans of the old software and vintage computer equipment under the name 8-Bit Guy. On his YouTube channel signed by about 700 thousand people.

Planet X3 — not the first game Murray. In December last year he released the strategy of Planet X2 for the system of the Commodore 64, which was distributed on diskettes of 3,5 inches.


Florence, INSIDE, and Alto’s Odyssey received the award Apple Design Award

Florence, INSIDE и Alto’s Odyssey получили награду Apple Design Award Apple has named the finalists of the annual Apple Design Award, which is awarded to the best games and apps from the App Store. This year among the winners of the award have included game Florence, INSIDE Alto’s Odyssey, Frost and Oddmar.

The names of the winners of the 2018 ADA announced at the annual conference of Apple WWDC, which takes place these days in California.

Game-winners of the Apple Design Award 2018
Florence, INSIDE и Alto’s Odyssey получили награду Apple Design Award

Florence — an interactive story with puzzle elements from the lead designer of mobile hit famous Monuments Valley Ken Wong (Ken Wong).

Florence, INSIDE и Alto’s Odyssey получили награду Apple Design Award

INSIDE — dark adventure game from Playdead, the Studio that created the platformer Limbo.

Florence, INSIDE и Alto’s Odyssey получили награду Apple Design Award

Alto’s Odyssey — an endless runner, Alto’s Adventure sequel developed by Snowman.

Florence, INSIDE и Alto’s Odyssey получили награду Apple Design Award

Frost is a colorful puzzle game by the Austrian Studio Kunabi Brother.

Florence, INSIDE и Alto’s Odyssey получили награду Apple Design Award

Oddmar — adventure platformer from independent developers Mobge from Turkey.

Besides the games, Apple has also won an award applications, Agenda, Bandimal, Calzy, iTranslate Converse and Triton Sponge.

Won Apple Design Award games and programs likely to receive powerful promotion in the App Store.