Xbox One controller will be released for people with disabilities

 Для Xbox One выйдет контроллер для людей с ограниченными возможностями Microsoft announced a new controller for the Xbox One, which is designed primarily for people with disabilities. The controller has two programmable buttons A and B, the icons indicating the functions, as well as the directional pad on the left side of the structure.

The new gamepad is designed to help people with disabilities to experience enjoyment from the games, thanks to appropriate management. The main feature of the controller is a plurality of ports, to which you can connect additional accessories. The controller can be connected to the Xbox One wirelessly.

Sony patented a new controller for PlayStation VRПредставлены compact controllers for PS4Microsoft announced a new range of controllers Tech Series

The new controller promises to release later this year. Microsoft announced that the gamepad will cost $100 (6 200 rubles).

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MSI has announced a new line of graphics cards AMD Radeon

 MSI анонсировала новую линейку видеокарт AMD Radeon MSI has announced a new line of AMD Radeon chipset Polaris, which was called MECH. Model Radeon RX MECH equipped with a new design and can not only increase the speed of core and memory, but also to improve performance in games.

The cooler the LEDs that are in the active mode lit in red.

MSI has shown a new motherboard at the exhibition “Age of Gaming”MSI has introduced a motherboard “B360M Ilya Muromets” for Rossiiskie engineers have invented a way to improve the performance of graphics cards …

AMD Radeon has always sought to promote the interests of gamers: innovation API like DirectX and Vulkan, new technologies, including Radeon FreeSync, as well as a desire to significantly improve the ecosystem of the PC. These values lead to the thriving of our gaming community and explain why so many gamers continue to chase the AMD Radeon.— Vice President and General Manager of AMD Radeon Technologies Group Scott Herkelman (Scott Herkelman)

New GPU MSI MECH also features TORX Fan technology 2.0, providing 22% more efficient cooling and noise reduction.

New graphics card should go on sale in July of this year. The exact price and specifications are yet to be announced.

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Sony stops the release of games on physical media for PS Vita

 Sony прекращает выпуск игр на физических носителях для PS Vita According to the latest information, Sony decided to cease production of games on physical media for PlayStation Vita. Thus the distribution of digital products is in no way affected. The store will still be available digital versions of games.

Production of games on physical media will be finished by the end of 2018 fiscal year. All requests for the publication of games should be carried by developers until June 28, and orders for delivery of products will be considered until February 2019. It is worth noting that the 2018 financial year Sony will end on 31 March 2019. On this day the production of flash cards for PS Vita will finally stop.

Sony cut the price of PlayStation VR to 22 999 rubeanic IDC expects PS5 and new Xbox will be released in 2021

Recall that the PlayStation Vita was released in 2012, but was not able to obtain high popularity. In particular, on the console in recent years has left few large games, and recently became known that in March 2019, the owners of PS Vita will no longer get the free games in PS Plus.

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Nvidia will release 4K monitors with HDR, G-Sync and 144 Hz this month

 Nvidia выпустит 4K-мониторы с HDR, G-Sync и 144 Гц уже в этом месяце Nvidia has confirmed that its new 4K monitors, with support for advanced technologies HDR and G-Sync, and the frequency of 144 Hz will go on sale later this month. Recall that the first time Nvidia showed their monitors in 2017 at CES 2017.

The monitors are engaged partners Nvidia: Asus (engaged in the creation of a model PG27UQ) and Acer (engaged in the creation of a model X27). The exact cost of monitors is not reported, but according to Nvidia, it will exceed $1 000.

HP unveiled a new gaming notebook, desktop PC and monitorizarii expected device 2018: new from Oculus, the graphics card Nvid…CES 2018: Nvidia has introduced a new 4K gaming monitors BFGD with a diagonal of 65…

To HDR content on the monitors looked the most beautiful, the brightness is 1000 nits. It was originally planned that the new monitors will go on sale in the second quarter of 2017, but Nvidia has faced some difficulties in the development process.

In addition, Nvidia added that the release of a huge 65-inch monitor BFGD will be held at the end of this year.

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The Nickelodeon star and sang with Nintendo Labo in his new clip (video)

 Звезда Nickelodeon спела при помощи Nintendo Labo в своем новом клипе (видео) American singer and actress Ariana Grande (Ariana Grande), who many remember for her role of cat Valentine in the TV series “victorious” on Nickelodeon TV channel, in his new clip used cardboard kit for Nintendo Labo performance of the song.

The video, of course, is advertising. It is possible to see several musicians including Ariana Grande, used part set of Nintendo Labo and the console Switch as instruments for creating music.

Nintendo Labo went on sale in Russia and Европе13 cool and funny things created using Nintendo LaboНовая a function of Toy-Con for Nintendo Labo added create games with your own hands

It is worth noting that for musicians is not the first time to use a device from Nintendo to create a new composition. In February of this year, Japanese musician Geniway demonstrated the creation of combinations of Final Fantasy XIII with Nintendo Labo.

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Retro console Classic NES Edition will be back on sale in June

 Ретро-консоль NES Classic Edition вернется в продажу в июне The official website of the division of Nintendo of America in Twitter there was a message stating the exact release date of the retro console Classic NES Edition. It is worth noting that this console will be back on the shelves after November, 2016, was massively sold worldwide.

Sales of NES Classic Edition scheduled for June 29. Until the end and it is unclear whether there is a console in Russia. The console will have a built-in variety of classic games and several modes of screen format.

The Switch Online service Nintendo will bring a saving to the cloud and free games…

Nintendo also announced that SNES Classic Edition delivery is scheduled for the end of this year. The console is a reissue of the newer Super Nintendo Entertainment System, released in the early 90-ies of the last century.

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Oculus showed VR-headset review in 140 degrees and a movable display

 Oculus показала VR-гарнитуру с обзором в 140 градусов и подвижным дисплеем Recently went on sale in the standalone VR headset Oculus Go, but manufacturer this is not going to stay. Oculus recently showed a prototype of their new VR headset, which will have a review in 140 degrees and a movable display.

The left shows the mode of 100 degrees, and the right 140:

 Oculus показала VR-гарнитуру с обзором в 140 градусов и подвижным дисплеем

Now Oculus VR used display is able to show a picture review of 100 degrees, which clearly is not enough for some users who wish to obtain maximum immersion in virtual reality. A new VR headset, codenamed Half Dome is designed to correct this problem.

Oculus Rift stopped working around minusami expected device 2018: new from Oculus, graphics card from Nvidia, 4…

The movable display is designed to make it easier for users to adjust the distance of the lenses to the eyes. The device will automatically change the orientation of the screen depending on the view of the playing file. Thus users will be easier to focus on objects.

According to the manufacturer, the automatic adjustment of the lens will occur without any creaking and other annoying noises. The exact release date of Half Dome is not reported.

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In Intel processors seen eight new security vulnerabilities

 В процессорах Intel замечены восемь новых уязвимостей безопасности It seems that Intel still suffering from security problems. Recently, the German Heise online reported that in the Intel and in several models of ARM discovered eight new security vulnerabilities Next Generation Spectre.

Despite the fact that details of the new vulnerabilities are not reported, there is information that they are based on the original Spectre problems, and therefore should not affect the greater part of PC users. However, large companies new vulnerabilities can bring serious problems, making it easier for hackers task to attack hosts and servers.

AMD and Microsoft have released patches to protect against vulnerabilities SpectreIntel unsuccessfully upgraded processors Broadwell and Haswell vulnerabilities …All about critical vulnerabilities Meltdown and the Spectre. Your data is (almost certainly)…

Intel is already working on a fix for vulnerabilities, and to help her in this came from Microsoft, which will release several updates to their OS to solve the problem.

While it is uncertain whether all future updates on system performance, it is quite possible that protection from Spectre Next Generation will require additional resources.

The first package of fixes released this month, while subsequent security updates will arrive in August.

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AMD and Nvidia will be able to double the performance of graphics cards thanks to new technology TSMC

 AMD и Nvidia смогут удвоить производительность видеокарт благодаря новой технологии TSMC The largest contract manufacturer of semiconductor chips that the company unveiled at the technology Symposium in Santa Clara, California, has introduced a new technology to double the performance of graphics cards.

Now each GPU is produced on a thin silicon wafer on which a special technical method of forming an array of semiconductor elements, and at the last stage of metallized copper. The more complex the processor, the more transistors and other elements, the more the chip itself.

Until recently, the area of the chips has grown rapidly that was possible to restrain decrease in the size of semiconductor elements. In recent years, the process technology when production decreased from 90 to 5 nanometers, but now most of the chips use a technology from 7 to 14 nanometer, 5 nanometer products only come from experienced laboratories.

The manufacturers will be extremely difficult to go further due to physical constraints of the crystal lattice of silicon. In other words, progress came to the moment of the end of the race for nanometers. Modern graphics chips are also products of the highly complex and comprise from 6 to 12 billion transistors. It will be very difficult to continue to increase their capacity at the same pace.

More and more gamers are switching to processors and graphics cards from AMDНовые AMD is cheaper and faster rivals from IntelNvidia will help Square Enix with the development of the PC version of Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Anticipating this, TSMC has offered a technology called “plate in plate” (wafer-on-wafer), which is somewhat similar to the technology on which now produce 3D NAND memory. The idea is that on a single wafer of silicon to another place, connect them together using the well established method of flip-chip mounting, wherein the upper plate contains more silicon transitions for switching from the previous layer.

Partners TSMC from the company Cadence say that now the Taiwanese manufacturer showed a number of customers this technology on the example of two plates. However, their number can be more, and all plates, except the first, are connected through the silicon transitions.

This decision will give a great increase in performance, in some cases reaching 100 %. First, the reduced distance between the edges of the chip, the engineers will be able to place blocks closer to each other.

Second, it is not necessary to design several different families for different market segments — budget, mid, high and top, pulling the blocks from the top of the architecture. You can do architecture for the middle market and promote it on the market productive solutions by adding two or three layers.

The only requirement is that you need to take to implement this technology — extremely low reject rate. The source claims that if one of the plates in the layer will be defective, the entire chip will have to go. It will not allow you to use the technology for the production of budget decisions. You will also need to use a technical process to 16 nanometers, which gives an acceptable level of marriage.

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More and more gamers are switching to processors and graphics cards from AMD

 Все больше геймеров переходят на процессоры и видеокарты от AMD Steam recently passed the April survey among gamers who gave their answers about used iron. According to the results of a survey from Intel and Nvidia continues to dominate PC market, but their share was markedly reduced compared to AMD.

 Все больше геймеров переходят на процессоры и видеокарты от AMD

The number of players using cards from AMD grew from 10.8% to 14.9 %. The popularity of AMD processors has also increased by a few percent and amounted to 15.95 % in comparison with the 84,02 % of Intel. It seems that the processors Ryzen become increasingly popular among gamers, but with Intel, AMD is still very difficult to compete.

 Все больше геймеров переходят на процессоры и видеокарты от AMD

It is worth noting that the majority of gamers (61,22 %) use Quad-core processors, while dual-core processors remain relevant for 31,26 % of all Steam users.

Rumor: AMD will release a set of card, processor and motherboard platynowe AMD is cheaper and faster rivals from IntelСлух: PlayStation 5 will be equipped with a processor on the basis of Zen and Navi graphics from AMD

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