Nvidia: “Sell our video cards to the gamers, not miners”

 Nvidia: «Продавайте наши видеокарты геймерам, а не майнерам» The boom of cryptocurrencies and their tremendous growth over the past few years has made such a mundane thing as a graphics card, terribly rare. The resulting deficit led to the fact that gamers now don’t have time to buy a normal video card at a recommended price, and retailers have stopped selling their discounts. Nvidia has finally decided to intervene in this situation.

Known graphics card manufacturer issued an address, which explicitly called for retailers to sell video cards to gamers, not miners. In its recommendations, Nvidia asks to give priority to players who buy cards for the entertainment and care of the dealers who earn the currency to put in place.

That said the press Secretary of the Nvidia whitish Boris (Boris Böhles):
For Nvidia gamers in the first place. All our actions are related to the GeForce line of products, focused on our core audience. We therefore ask partners to take appropriate measures to ensure good accessibility and a large selection of GeForce graphics cards of different models and variations among consumers.
Please note that this is a recommendation and nothing more — a retail chain are free to sell the graphics card for those who they want and may not follow this request. However, this is good news because PC gamers may soon become extinct as the mammoths — in fact the graphics cards there, and without them there is no good gameplay.

Nvidia intervention can reverse this trend, especially if AMD will go to similar actions. We will monitor the situation.

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The range of keyboards in the style PUBG

 Представлена линейка клавиатур в стилистике PUBG Varmilo the company introduced a line of mechanical keyboards for the popular multiplayer shooter Playerunknown”s Battlegrounds. The keyboard uses Cherry MX Brown switches, Blue and Silver. Also there are variants with a quiet keystroke.

Keyboard made in the colors of PUBG. On some keys has special characters that will allow gamers to better navigate in the game.

 Представлена линейка клавиатур в стилистике PUBG

The most epic can be called by pressing the spacebar, which Varmilo wrote the phrase “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” (“winner, winner, chicken dinner”). This phrase prompted many sites to give a series of keyboards such name.

 Представлена линейка клавиатур в стилистике PUBG

The cost of the keyboards varies from 131 to 164 USD.

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AMD has released the Radeon driver Software Adrenalin Edition 18.1.1

 AMD выпустила драйвер Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.1.1 AMD has released a driver version Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.1.1 for its graphics processors. It is worth noting that this is the first driver from AMD in 2018.

The driver fixes various glitches with the game running on DirectX 9. It also improves PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds in the mode of multiple graphics cards and fixes some bugs related to StarCraft 2.

Features of the Radeon driver Software Adrenalin Edition 18.1.1:

  • Fixed crashes that occur in games on DirectX 9;
  • Fixed crashes when using FreeSync Radeon;
  • Fixed crash that could occur when periodic freezes of the video content;
  • Improved StarCraft 2 and PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds mode with multiple graphics cards;
  • Fixed bug with Enhanced Sync API Vulkan;
  • Fixed many other bugs and glitches.

Download driver on AMD’s official website.

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Hackers close to cracking the Nintendo Switch

 Хакеры приблизились ко взлому Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch is a “tough nut” in the fight against piracy, but recently, some hackers have stated that they are much closer to full hacking of this console. These “hackers” is a group of people calling themselves Fail0verflow.

7 Jan Fail0verflow posted on his Twitter page a short video, which is intended to confirm that the hackers were able to launch on the Nintendo Switch third-party illegal software. According to the hackers, they created the exploit “can’t be fixed” by the developers, and therefore to the complete breaking just a few steps.

It is also worth noting that hackers from Team-Xecuter has announced their own exploit, working with a special chip that allows you to set the Switch to custom firmware. Another hacker under the name Hexkyz, said that has found its own method of hacking the console, working on all firmware versions of Nintendo Switch.

 Хакеры приблизились ко взлому Nintendo Switch
In addition, at the world Congress of hackers “crackers” under nicknames Derrek, Plutoo and Naehrwert said that Nintendo Switch “is the most secure operating system they have ever encountered”. Thus, there is still a lot of things that hackers will have to hack for full access to the system.

Anyway, currently, the console is still under a high level of protection as chip from Team Xecuter will come out only in the spring, and hackers from Fail0verflow is not really informed that if they managed to run a pirated game on a console.

As for the hacker under the nickname Hexkyz, he reported that he used for hacking the console with firmware 3.0.0 or higher. So far, the hacker has no plans to release the exploit in the public domain, but believes that it may be necessary for novice programmers.

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The authors of the War Thunder do not believe that 4K resolution is required for the best image

 Авторы War Thunder не считают, что 4К-разрешение требуется для лучшего изображения Executive Director of Gaijin Entertainment Anton Yudintsev expressed its position regarding the performance of the Xbox One X to promote 4K and modern requirements for computer graphics.

Anton spoke in some detail to all these questions:Xbox One X definitely can render some games in native 4K resolution. However, in some cases it makes sense to improve the overall quality of the graphics than making the game work in a “honest” 4K. You need to use certain features on dynamic change of resolution.

But “honest” 4K resolution does not always improve the quality of the image on the corresponding monitor, because most neighboring pixels will not be much different from selected. And we, the gamers, you need a high quality anti-aliasing, and FPS stability. Unfortunately for benchmarks, in reality the “honest” 4K resolution is no better than the [lower resolution], but I’m sure in the coming years we will see some interesting progress in this area.

[The end result] depends on what technologies the game uses. Most modern technology uses a so-called deferred rendering, the performance of which is linear or even better depends on the resolution (that is rendering 4K images require 4 times more power than 1080p resolution). The method of “direct shading with its modern options might be better.on the question of crossing whether the owners of Xbox One on the One X, in order to enjoy the improved graphics and higher FPS, Udintsev said:I always hope the players will go to better equipment. Unfortunately for developers, many people do so well with the equipment that they have. So I don’t expect an immediate change in the popularity of gaming platforms, but players in War Thunder on Xbox One X really get the best visuals and FPS.War Thunder is currently only being developed for Xbox One and the developers have not announced a date for it. However, it is available for PC via Steam or their own client, but also for PS4.

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Intel: the latest firmware update has lowered the work of all generations of Core processors

 Intel: последнее обновление прошивки ухудшило работу всех поколений процессоров Core Today Intel made a statement in which he acknowledged that the latest firmware update from the vulnerabilities Spectre and Meltdown have aggravated the work of all generations of Core processors.

From the news you can read that the owners of processors Broadwell and Haswell drew attention to the too frequent restarting of the system when I installed the latest update of the microcode of its processors.

Today Intel Vice President Navin Shana just (Navin Shenoy) said that the company was able to reproduce the problem on internal test stands and found that similar behavior can occur on CPUs with modern architecture Skylake and Kaby Lake, and issued in 2010 and 2011, respectively, Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge.

What is being done to resolve? According to Joshua, the Intel is close to identifying the issue. “In parallel with the search for a final correction, he adds, — next week we will send the beta firmware vendors to check.”

Naveen also spoke about a series of benchmarks of server platforms with dual-core Intel Xeon processor Scalable — the latest micro-system. Specialists have found that the upcoming hotfix will not affect the energy efficiency of servers.

In some cases, the performance of business applications and Java machines may fall by 2-4 %. It was also found a significant drop in performance when running tests load the system input-output (IO) or having different types of input and output data. In the latter case, up to 18%.

Intel still open to collaboration with those partners, when performing tasks on servers where there is a significant drop in performance. About what vulnerability Spectre Meltdown and we urge you to read our article.

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For PS4 has been updated 5.05, maximize system performance

 Для PS4 вышло обновление 5.05, повышающее быстродействие системы Sony Interactive Entertainment released for the PlayStation 4 software update version 5.05. The update weighs 374,7 MB and brings improvements in performance and system performance.

The download update is required if you want to connect to online services for its PlayStation console. Most likely, under the performance improvement Sony meant increased performance of the OS, and not games.

Recall that the last major update for PS4, added many new features to the system, was released in October last year. I hope Sony is still many innovations, which it plans to implement in future updates.

It is noteworthy that currently the Japanese PlayStation blog, Sony is accepting applications for participation in the beta update version 5.50.

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Intel unsuccessfully upgraded processors Broadwell and Haswell vulnerabilities Spectre and Meltdown

 Intel неудачно обновила прошивку процессоров Broadwell и Haswell от уязвимостей Spectre и Meltdown Intel this week has released a security update for the firmware of processors Broadwell and Haswell vulnerabilities Spectre and Meltdown. However, as is often the case, the decision of one PC problem led to another.

According to the representatives of Intel in its report, the configuration of computers based on processors Broadwell and Haswell for example, data centers, server room, as well as the machines of ordinary users, subject to sudden reboots, which significantly reduces the system stability.
We have received reports from several clients about the more frequent reboots their computer systems after applying this firmware. We work with these customers to quickly understand, diagnose and fix this problem with rebooting.
If this will require another firmware update for the Broadwell and Haswell processors, we distribute it via the normal channels. We also work directly with centers and storage, to quickly help them troubleshoot problems.— States treatment no less kompaniyam, Intel strongly recommends that all users continue to install software updates that are recommended to them by system administrators or operating systems. Firmware updates will come after further testing.

As a bonus, the company Intel has published a summary table of performance, which proves that its updates will not have a material impact on the computers performance after installation.

We encourage gamers to carefully consider the test results in 3DMark, as they demonstrate the effectiveness of the graphics, not just the CPU:

 Intel неудачно обновила прошивку процессоров Broadwell и Haswell от уязвимостей Spectre и Meltdown

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Google bought a startup that’s trying to get the phone screen to play the sound instead of speakers

 Google купила стартап, пытающийся заставить экран телефона воспроизводить звук вместо динамиков Google quietly acquired a Cambridge startup Redux, developing a technology that uses the device screen to play the sound instead of speakers.

According to Bloomberg, the deal was confirmed on 13 December 2017 report of the British House Company that shares of the holding were transferred to the Redux Google. However, it was suggested that the acquisition occurred in August of the same year.

Technology Redux uses a vibration screen device to play the sound, not the speakers installed in your phone. In March last year, the company has collected $ 5 million during one of the rounds of funding.

Google likely wants to use the technology in its range of smartphones Pixel. The latest model, Pixel 2, was released in October 2017. The company previously said it wants “to follow the rhythm of the industry.”

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New Razer mouse has no battery and is charged by the Mat

 Новая мышь Razer не имеет батареи и заряжается от коврика This week at CES, Razer revealed a new wireless gaming mouse — Mamba HyperFlux. The manufacturer has set out to create one of the lightest high-performance mice and this took out something important — the battery.

But what would be her power source without wires and batteries? Mamba HyperFlux works with the new special Mat — Firefly. They connect through a magnetic field that transfers energy mouse, that is, it charges. In the end, Mamba weighs only 96 grams.

It is equipped with an optical sensor 16 000 DPI 5G, nine buttons, a polling rate of 1000 Hz and light Chrome Razer.

The disadvantage of the new solution to power is that Mamba HyperFlux loses power if you pull it from under the Mat more than a few seconds. They will be on store shelves in the first quarter of 2018 and will be sold together for $250.

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