Microsoft: next Xbox will provide high frame rates and fast loading”

The head of Microsoft Xbox Phil Spencer (Phil Spencer) said that the frequency and loading time are the areas of consoles, including the Xbox that needs to be improved. During E3 2018, the company told her about the ongoing engineers working on the next Xbox console, so the audience arose various questions on this subject. Which functions system offer? What level of the game, she will be able to provide? When it comes out?

In an interview with Giant Bomb Mr. Spencer shared some of the technological goals set before the next Xbox: “I Believe that frame rate is the area where the console is capable of more. It’s, generally speaking. Actually, if you look at the balance between CPU performance and graphics in modern consoles, it is somewhat different from the situation in the PC market. So I guess we have some work to do in this direction.”

Microsoft: следующая Xbox обеспечит высокую частоту кадров и быструю загрузку"

Indeed, the modern console is equipped with a very weak 8 core CPU on the basis of energy-efficient architecture AMD Jaguar. This often becomes a bottleneck, especially if the developers want to get the game not only good graphics but 60 fps. According to rumors, the future of gaming consoles Sony and Microsoft will have a much more powerful and efficient core AMD Zen.

Then Phil Spencer touched upon the problem of expectations download, install and just run the games, describing them as irritants to the players. Microsoft is constantly working in this direction. One of the innovations in the current generation of consoles became technology intelligent download FastStart, which is based on the analysis of downloads from the servers of those parts of the game, which is likely to be needed in the near future.

Well, have to wait for the next generation of Xbox to find out what are the real benefits it can offer. The output of the Xbox Next is expected in 2020.


The author of the God of War would want the console continued to build capacity within a single generation”

In the current generation of consoles, it was decided to release an improved, more powerful version of devices to suit those who wish to enjoy the beautiful graphics. Talking to the Daily Star newspaper, Director of God of War shared that he believes a gradual hardware upgrades are a good thing.

Автор God of War хотел бы, чтобы консоли продолжали наращивать мощность в пределах одного поколения"

The Director of God of War Cory Barlog (Cory Barlog) commented on PlayStation 4 Pro as well as the future of the console. According to him, the device upgrades within the same generation is very useful to developers, as there is no need to re-learn to work with iron.

“I think [consoles] is always good. I liked the transition from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 4 Pro in the sense that [in case] with the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, we had to throw everything away, you know? explained Cory. — We had to redo everything. As a developer, I don’t like these situations. […] But if we can continue to grow gradually, I think it will allow us [to achieve more] instead of rebuilding the brain in an attempt to understand.”

For this reason, Cory Barlog will always welcome a new device in the current generation. The better the developer is familiar with the equipment, the smoother the process of creating the game.

“So I’ll always be glad upgrade the device, but as the developer, [I don’t keep asking for more]. I think the longer we are acquainted, the better. So I would have continued [to update the console and increase its capacity] and not to throw everything out and reprogram for the next generation, if I could. As long as we are here, everything will be fine,” — he concluded.

Автор God of War хотел бы, чтобы консоли продолжали наращивать мощность в пределах одного поколения"

What he wants Cory Barlog, in fact, offers Microsoft. The company stated that it abandoned the console generations, and will continue to update the Xbox One support old models with new games. As for God of War, it was released only on PlayStation 4 — at the end of April.


Microsoft confirmed the development of a streaming game service and a new Xbox”

Back in January of this year, Microsoft acquired a streaming gaming platform PlayFab, which became part of the family of cloud services company. At E3 2018 Redmond giant has officially unveiled the program for the preparation of the launch of its own streaming gaming service. In addition, the Executive President of gaming areas and the head of Xbox Phil Spencer (Phil Spencer) has confirmed that the company has already started the first work on the next generation Xbox.

Microsoft подтвердила разработку потоковой игровой службы и новых консолей Xbox"

At the press conference of Microsoft during E3 there were a lot of major announcements, including news about the takeover of the four studios and the creation of a fifth. The purpose of these actions is the increased competition with Sony in the field of attractive exclusives. But even more interesting was the statement of Mr. Spencer on the preparation of a streaming gaming service that will work on the Xbox, PCs, tablets, TV consoles, and smartphones.

Microsoft подтвердила разработку потоковой игровой службы и новых консолей Xbox"

“Our engineers in the field of cloud services create a network for streaming games, to make possible the access to the projects console level on any device,” said head. We don’t know any specific features of the service, neither the name nor the most important one: the cost and conditions of work. But I guess gaming giants to think seriously about the future of the industry. Chief technology officer, Electronic Arts Ken moss (Ken Moss), for example, recently talked about the fact that the same technology the publisher is also working and preparing to launch.

Co-founder and CEO of Ubisoft Yves Guillemot (Yves Guillemot) and all expressed the belief that the next generation of traditional game consoles may be the last. In his opinion, due to the rapid development of cloud services and dissemination in cities of quality telecommunications services, the importance of the capacities of client systems (whether PC, console or smartphones) will be much lower and high-end games will be available everywhere.

Microsoft подтвердила разработку потоковой игровой службы и новых консолей Xbox"

Anyway, but 5-10 years from the usual consoles has precisely there. Phil Spencer said that Microsoft engineers are already hard at work on the architecture of the next Xbox. We’ve heard a lot of rumors about the successor to the PS4 from Sony, but so far little has been announced regarding the future Microsoft console. Now there is an official statement. However, given the release of Xbox One X only last year, in the foreseeable future the announcement of the Xbox Next is not worth waiting.

Microsoft подтвердила разработку потоковой игровой службы и новых консолей Xbox"


Exclusive edition retro console Atari VCS cost $299″

Atari started taking pre-orders for their retro-console VCS, identifying the cost and so-called “collector’s edition”. Atari VCS in the performance of exclusive, involving and unique décor in a wooden casing, will cost $100 more expensive than the original version.

Эксклюзивное издание ретро-консоли Atari VCS обойдётся в $299"
Эксклюзивное издание ретро-консоли Atari VCS обойдётся в $299"

The standard edition of the Atari VCS with the word “Onyx” in the title, in black, the developers valued at $199. For the same console, but decorated with inlays of natural wood, the manufacturer asks $299. In technical terms both devices the differences between them do not have, so the $100 over the base cost for the future owner of the device will have to pay only for original visual component.

Эксклюзивное издание ретро-консоли Atari VCS обойдётся в $299"

Both versions Atari VCS is a modern interpretation of the Atari 2600 console, released back in 1977. Novelty has a modern hardware component and the surcharge can be supplied with a joystick like the legendary predecessor as well as a controller in the Xbox style. Note that the collector’s edition Atari VCS for $299 includes the specified joystick, while the version of the Atari VCS Onyx is not equipped with any of these accessories.

Эксклюзивное издание ретро-консоли Atari VCS обойдётся в $299"

In addition to the standard accessories for the Atari VCS provides the ability to connect and third-party peripherals — keyboards, mice, Webcams and other devices that connect via USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.0. Out of the box the console will be ready to offer the future owner of 100 pre-installed retro games.

Эксклюзивное издание ретро-консоли Atari VCS обойдётся в $299"
Эксклюзивное издание ретро-консоли Atari VCS обойдётся в $299"

Preorders for both versions of the Atari VCS while it is possible only through crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, through which the developers managed to collect necessary for the implementation of the project a sum of money.


The event “Time to play” for the first time look to Russia and will bring a new PlayStation 4 Slim”

Sony has announced that for the first time Russia will participate in the event “Time to play”. From 8 to June 18, you will be able to take advantage of offers for systems, accessories and exclusive games for the PlayStation 4.

Мероприятие «Время играть» впервые заглянет в Россию и принесёт новую PlayStation 4 Slim"

In addition, in our market on June 8 will be a special edition PlayStation 4 Slim, which will be available to purchase at a special price. Blue console “PlayStation 4 to play. Special edition” hard drive 500 GB on the top panel contains the PlayStation logo buttons in gold color. Included with the system rely two themed DualShock 4 controller features a touchpad.

“PlayStation 4 to play. Special edition” will be available at a special price (which has not been disclosed) only as part of the event “Time to play”, that is, for eleven days.

Мероприятие «Время играть» впервые заглянет в Россию и принесёт новую PlayStation 4 Slim"

In addition, in honor of the sale of “Time to play” will get discounts in the PlayStation Store on the popular game and network services, and held a contest with the following prizes:

  • special edition “PlayStation 4 to play. Special edition” hard drive 500 GB;
  • the starter kit PlayStation VR (includes PS VR headset, the PlayStation Camera and voucher code that allows you to download the game PlayStation VR Worlds from the PlayStation Store);
  • 12-month PlayStation Plus subscription;
  • 12 redemption codes PlayStation Store — the winner will receive their monthly throughout the year.

To participate you need to apply on the website of PlayStation, and then get at least a single trophy PlayStation 4 every day from 8 to 18 June — in the end you need to collect 11 trophies. The console must be connected to the PlayStation Network until June 19, 1:59 GMT, to track your progress.


Xbox 360 got a system update for the first time in two years”

The owners of Xbox 360 that have not been included in this gaming console, there is little reason to start the system and be nostalgic. The fact that Microsoft released its first update 2.0.17526.0 for legacy systems more than two years. Nobody seems to know what it brings, so will have to be limited to only the official miser with words of minor bug fixes and improvements. However, he says the fact that Microsoft still supports the old workhorse.

Xbox 360 получила обновление системы — впервые за два года"

Interestingly, last update 2.0.17502.0 for the Xbox 360 was released on 29 March 2016 — about a month before Microsoft officially announced the termination of production of the console. By the way, the network service gaming system of the past generation are still supported by Microsoft, including Xbox Live Marketplace and other functions.

However, the distribution of Xbox One and the development of the technology backward compatibility has moved a significant part associated with Xbox 360 activity on the new console. Backwards compatible Xbox One and Xbox 360 was announced at E3 2015, and since then it has become an important feature of the system: more than 500 old games are supported by the actual console, and new ones are added almost weekly.

For those who are interested in the situation with updates to rival the previous generation of consoles: Sony released 14 Nov 2017 last update 4.82 for the PlayStation 3, and Nintendo on 17 July 2017 — the firmware version 5.5.2 U for the Wii U.


Samsung have added support in some FreeSync 4K screens”

Samsung has released firmware updates that add support for FreeSync via HDMI in a number of its 4K TVs. FreeSync is a technology of variable frequency of updates, which allows to increase the smoothness of games, avoiding gaps in pictures on the graphic cards AMD Radeon. A slightly different implementation of the FreeSync for some time now available on the Xbox One, One S and One X.

Samsung добавила поддержку FreeSync в несколько 4K-телевизоров"

Currently, it is reported that technology appeared in the following TV models Samsung for the American market: Q6FN, Q7FN, Q8FN, Q9FN QLED and NU8000 (apparently European counterparts will also receive the new firmware). This is a great step for fans of console games, which got very popular feature, ex-previously exclusive to PC monitors.

However, it is important to point out a few compromises. Support is provided only at a resolution of 1080p, and may be affected by some aspects of the brightness of the screen. This means that PC users and Xbox One X will need to reduce the resolution output of their systems on Samsung TVs, exchanging the image quality to support FreeSync. However, for users of Xbox One and One S this option does not promise cons — because the system output in games the image not above 1080p.

In addition, it should be noted that only in some games, the Eurogamer tests showed the quality of the work FreeSync level PC, and in most cases, the Microsoft implementation does not completely remove the gaps of the screen. However, very much depends on the support of various frequency display — what opportunities can provide the Samsung TVs is not yet clear.

These are the first steps FreeSync on the console market, so it is logical to assume the problem — of course, I would like to see and televisions that support 4K. I would also hope that other manufacturers will implement FreeSync into their TV. By the way, it seems that while NVIDIA isn’t going to support televisions with a variable framerate of the GeForce, faithful to its own closed technology G-Sync.


Sony is back on the market of portable consoles in the future”

CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment John Kodera (John Kodera) expressed his opinion about the future of the PlayStation brand and mentioned that he thinks about Sony and portable gaming.

Sony может вернуться на рынок портативных консолей в будущем"

Speaking with Bloomberg, the Coder did not agree with his predecessor Andrew House (Andrew House) on portable systems such as the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita, which, in the opinion of the house is limited on a global scale. The coder is not sure that the failure of the idea of portable gaming devices is the ultimate solution Sony.

“In my opinion, instead of separate portable gaming console from, you must continue to think of him as one of the ways to deliver more impressions and explore what our players want from [portable] — said Encoder in an interview with Bloomberg. — We want to consider several options.”

Andrew house at the time was quite firm in his belief that the low popularity of the PlayStation Vita and the decline of the Nintendo 3DS compared to DS means that the portable market is dead outside of Japan. But, it seems that the Encoder is much more open towards him.

Sony может вернуться на рынок портативных консолей в будущем"

On the Internet there are some rumors about the created Sony hybrid Nintendo console in the manner of a Switch, but rather, they are simply the desires of the fans, and not evidence of development. The Coder avoided to associate your comments with the Switch, but when considering the chances of a portable market without regard to it anywhere.

At the moment Sony has an internal initiative for mobile games called ForwardWorks, which the company launched two years ago, though still she did not provide any major hits.


Work Sony indicates the use of AMD Ryzen in PlayStation 5″

The next PlayStation could be equipped with blocks of CPU based on cores AMD Ryzen. The news came from the main programmer Simon pilgrim (Simon Pilgrim) units of Sony’s Advanced Technology Group, which configures the stack compiler LLVM (Low Level Virtual Machine) to better support the architecture of the Zen kernels used in the AMD Ryzen. It should be noted that this component of the compiler is part of the development environment of the PlayStation.

The current version of the PlayStation 4 is based on a specialized single-chip system from AMD, which contains eight CPU-cores AMD Jaguar and 1152 stream processors Radeon. Sony also released a Pro version that contains an updated GPU and processor with higher frequency to support 4K HDR. This model was released in September 2016.

Работа Sony указывает на использование процессора AMD Ryzen в PlayStation 5"

For developers, this platform more convenient, as the components are very close to PC, which usually used for creating games. As Sony and Microsoft used the hardware capabilities of AMD for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and because of the fact that Sony is preparing the next console based on AMD chips, it is not surprising.

AMD has spent four years developing the its architecture Zen to provide the best possible performance per watt and to catch up with Intel. The first family of processors 7 Ryzen, Ryzen Ryzen 5 and 3 appeared on the market during 2017, and then began deployment of enhanced processors Ryzen based on the updated design Zen+ at the beginning of this year.

As a senior programmer at Sony since 2009, Mr. pilgrim is now busy integrating support for the original architecture of Zen, passing under the code name znver1 in the LLVM compiler. Information about this job were seen at Github, where he made a few changes related znver1 last week. Improvements continue for at least two weeks.

It is known that the next family of AMD, which will be released in 2019 and will be based on compliance with 7-nm, will receive the architecture of the second generation Zen (Zen 2). What kernel will use Sony’s future console is hard to say, because it is not even announced, and before it starts it will take another 2-3 years.


The PlayStation 4 has entered the final stage of its life cycle”

CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment John Kodera (John Kodera) in 2018 Investor Relations Day in Tokyo, told investors that at the moment the PlayStation 4 is at the stage when sales of the console has already peaked. The system is in the end of the life cycle.

PlayStation 4 вступила в заключительную стадию своего жизненного цикла"

Sony has released the PlayStation 4 in November 2013. Five years later, she is entering the final stage of its life cycle, but that doesn’t mean that it’s time for the PlayStation 5. “PlayStation 4 is entering the final phase of its life cycle that will have a negative impact on sales, but recurring revenue from services and other needs to tone it down,” said the investors of the Encoder.

According to him, in the period up to 2021 PlayStation will stop growing in the future to reach the next round of growth. The coder also mentioned exclusives platformtarget. “The emphasis on [our game studios] not only means a new franchise, he said. The strategy includes the development of a successful series and the updating of existing”. Apparently, Sony is beginning to take the acceleration on the launch of the new next-generation platform.

PlayStation 4 вступила в заключительную стадию своего жизненного цикла"

In addition, the Director-General raised the issue of the sales of the PlayStation VR. He said that the demand for virtual reality headset increases, despite the overall low rate of growth of the VR industry as a whole.