Streaming gaming service, EA is quite efficient and is being actively tested”

Electronic Arts after the purchase in may of this year, the company GameFly is actively working to launch its own cloud service for streaming games. Cnet reporters visited the company and got acquainted with the course of Affairs. In particular, Kyle Fujita (Fujita Kyle), testing the quality of the products of Electronic Arts, showed the gameplay of Titanfall 2 on a normal TV connected to a $ 20 controller and high-speed Internet connection.

As Ubisoft, EA believes that such cloud services are the future of games, because if you have a good connection to play in AAA-projects can be in any place, by analogy with viewing Netflix on inexpensive laptops, tablets and even smartphones with different operating systems.

Потоковая игровая служба EA уже вполне работоспособна и активно тестируется"

“Now only the beginning of technology to the market, said a senior technical Director EA Ken moss (Ken Moss). — However, these services have existed for several years.” Mr. moss previously participated in the creation of the search unit at Microsoft, which later evolved into Bing, and for more than two decades working on the development of various large-scale online services and services. All this experience will be useful to promote cloud-based EA games. The publisher believes that technological and economic changes that have turned the music and film industry, happen in the gaming industry.

“The combination of streaming and subscriptions will really change the way to access games,” said Mr. moss. He still refuses to tell how much will cost EA a new service or when the service is launched. But the launch could happen in the next couple of years.

Потоковая игровая служба EA уже вполне работоспособна и активно тестируется"

In General, the idea of streaming games is not new — it for about a decade. First companies like OnLive and Gaikai showed in 2010 and 2011 that the cloud game is possible. Sony also made a big bet on technology in 2012, absorbing and using Gaikai to create a streaming service PlayStation Now. She was launched two years later and provided the PS4 backwards compatible with old games.

But these services have not yet changed the gaming industry. A sad example of the financial failure of OnLive (closed in 2015) cooled the ardor of many companies, obdumyvaya output in this area. The problem was partly technical: the quality of the OnLive service for servers and poor Internet connection was mediocre, but the lag is quite frequent.

EA said that over the past few years since the closure of OnLive technology has become much cheaper broadband, quality Internet access is more widespread, and people become accustomed to different services with a monthly paid subscription. “Convenience will win, — says head of design at EA, Patrick Soderlund (Patrick Söderlund). — Our task is to technically functioned like a watch and it turned out to be attractive in price and services.”


Yakuza 6: The Song of Life can get on the PC until the end of the year

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life может выйти на ПК до конца года

It seems that in the foreseeable future Sony will lose another exclusive that comes to PC.

We are talking about Yakuza action 6: The Song of Life, which was released in 2016, the year only on the PlayStation 4. The game received on Metacritic 83 points, where reviewers noted, overall, a very brisk gameplay, when tiring battle, which is too much.

So, in the financial report Sega noted that they had planned before the end of the year release of this action on the PC. It seems that this is the expansion, which said the company in recent days. As the release of the report indicated last quarter.

Meanwhile, the rating of the newly released Yakuza 0 is gradually reduced, already down to 77%. All because of purely technical issues, plus the lack of translations from English and Japanese. Especially if this problem annoys gamers to a camera that doesn’t want to properly communicate with the mouse.

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New rumors about the Google gaming initiatives”

Over the past few months in the gaming industry sounded the most different hearings, affecting not only the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Next. The most interesting communications related, perhaps Google plans: in February, first heard reports that the tech giant is working on a streaming gaming service Yeti and game console.

Over the past months gaming resource Kotaku spoke with five of his informants and sources knowledgeable about the plans of Google, and found out some details. First of all, they confirmed the work of Google on some streaming platform and the development of a hardware gaming console. But the sources also added that the search giant is moving in the third direction, Google aims to enlist the support of game developers, both through aggressive recruitment and by acquisitions of entire studios.

Новые слухи об игровых инициативах Google"

In the last decade, Google is considering gaming initiatives. For example, in 2014, the company reported actively fought for the absorption of Twitch, though in the end lost Amazon. Years there are rumors that Google wants to create a console based on Android, similar to the Fire TV from Amazon, but it never happened. In 2016 Niantic Labs, founded as an internal startup of Google, has achieved tremendous success with the Pokémon Go, but the previous year it was allocated in the independent company. Finally, Google has a long history of hiring game developers for projects that never materialized.

In recent months, however, rumors are getting louder. At the game developers conference GDC 2018 in March this year, Google representatives met with several major game companies to evaluate the interest in their streaming platform, code-named Yeti. Google also had meetings during E3 in June 2018 in Los Angeles, and, according to sources, the company wants not just to attract game developers to work with the Yeti, but sometimes expresses a willingness to buy the Studio as a whole.

Новые слухи об игровых инициативах Google"

What streaming platform is going to create Google? As in the case with the GeForce Now NVIDIA’s platform Yeti provides all the games on powerful servers, and transmitting to the client system, real-time video. With a quality Internet connection, even on the cheapest PC you can play games of high class. This releases the hardware barriers and big-budget games can reach a wider audience, because the players do not require expensive graphics card or a powerful console to run them. One of the informants described the Yeti: “Imagine that you play The Witcher 3 on the tab of Google Chrome”.

Of course, it is necessary to solve problems of input lag and quality loss through compression — that’s what ruined such ambitious services like OnLive. One of the informants spoke about the idea of closer integration of the Yeti is owned by Google, YouTube. For example, when faced with a difficult boss or puzzle in the game, it will be possible at the touch of a button, view the hint in the record of the passage of this moment on YouTube.

Новые слухи об игровых инициативах Google"

Far fewer rumors sources Kotaku heard in respect of the hardware gaming platform Google. We know one thing: the console is being developed with an eye on a close relationship with the streaming service. It is unknown if Google wants to compete, in terms of technical characteristics with the following versions of PlayStation and Xbox, or it was just the terminal that you created with a view to work with the streaming service.

It is worth noting that the “flow noise” in the gaming industry lately has increased. The head of Ubisoft in June said that the PS5 and Xbox Next may be the last such consoles, after which the industry will move to streaming games. And the other day he told that the publisher wants to switch to a streaming model of games, although not yet figured out how to earn it.

Новые слухи об игровых инициативах Google"

During the press conference of Microsoft at E3 2018, the Executive President of the gaming Corporation Phil Spencer (Phil Spencer) not only confirmed the start of work on the next generation Xbox, but also spoke about creating a streaming game service that will allow you to run any game on any device. Finally, Electronic Arts in may of this year the company was bought GameFly and is now actively preparing to launch its own cloud service for streaming games. She even showed her work to reporters.

Sony continues without much noise and applications to develop to their paid streaming service PlayStation Now, the main purpose of which is to ensure compatibility with PS4 games generation PS3 and PS2 (as well as access them on a PC) via cloud streaming. Currently, the library of PS Now includes more than 650 games.

But the main problem with these services is maintained — speed Network access to users. The transfer quality of the video stream means downloading large amounts of data, it is difficult to count in many cities of the planet. Google Fiber is an initiative to deploy superior broadband connection that allows you to reach speeds of 100 times more than most U.S. households. Although Fiber is being implemented with difficulty even in the US and is still working only in a few cities, the service shows what Google could in theory solve the problems with bandwidth, as no other gaming company can not. Google also has servers around the world, giving the company a big head start. Oh and don’t forget about the monstrous amounts of money at the disposal of the search giant.

However, some had heard of the Yeti, the developers who spoke with journalists, skeptical. Google is too well known a lot of abandoned projects. In addition, even in more rural parts of America the Corporation is unlikely to come to deploy adequate infrastructure — to say nothing of the rest of the world? If Google will release its own console, and what games will be supported start? That will force developers to port their projects to the new platform? The history of the gaming industry is littered with consoles that tried to challenge Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft — and many of them failed due to the lack of appealing exclusives.

Other tech companies yet not too well. Amazon, for example, in the last four years has spent many millions of dollars to attract the best developers to create their own game engine and by companies such as Twitch and Double Helix. Even with three full studios of Amazon have not yet been able to offer a really big game and canceled multiplayer sports project Breakaway last year.

One thing is for sure: Google wants to try. In January 2018, the company hired Phil Harrison (Phil Harrison), a veteran of the gaming industry, who has long held senior positions in the PlayStation and Xbox. Google is also seen in the mass involvement of experienced developers and marketers of EA, Sony and many other leading companies. In General, the money to start the company. And only time will tell whether materialized Yeti in one form or another or will go the way of Google Glass.


Giants igrostroya preparing for the sale of games through Netflix

Гиганты игростроя готовятся к продаже игр через Netflix

It seems that Netflix will soon cease to be associated as a service, where you can watch videos or listen to music, because now it is prepared for the games future.

As reported by the CEO of Electronic Arts, Andrew Wilson, his company is preparing for streaming and cloud-based technologies, which are inevitable, and as the main platform, where the electronics are planning to distribute your game, it will be Netflix. According to him, the same steps in Activision, Ubisoft, and Blizzard, so that soon Steam will be a powerful competitor.

However, there is another opinion. More skeptical. If you remember, three years ago, these words flowed from the lips of the Directors of the major game companies in virtual reality, they say, the VR revolution is inevitable, but in fact this revolution was quiet zilch – a little harder than the 3D technology in the movie. So, it is not excluded that in a few years most of these streaming broadcasts will tell you that, well, the idea was good, but the time has not come, and anyway, such things are good only until the third generation.

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Google may launch streaming gaming service and console”

According to The Information, Google is working on a subscription streaming game service. It will work through the digital media player Chromecast, or yet to be announced gaming console.

Google может запустить потоковый игровой сервис и консоль"

The service, codenamed Yeti similar to PlayStation Now: the user pays for the subscription and gets access to a large collection of games that work on a remote computer and transmitted to the device over the Internet. According to The Information, the early version of the platform was created to Chromecast, but does not specify how the media player could use the controller. Later, the company began to experiment with their own console and controller.

The project is led by two top-Manager of Google in the area of Vice President of product management Mario Queiroz (Mario Queiroz) and Vice-President, development Majd Bakar (Majd Bakar). From this we can conclude that the service will still work on the new hardware platform.

Yeti is in development for about two years. Google was going to start it in the Christmas season of 2017, but for some reason postponed the project.

Google может запустить потоковый игровой сервис и консоль"

Service eventually you may not see the light of day. But it is worth considering that recently, the California giant has hired Phil Harrison (Phil Harrison) is a man who has been in the position of the top Manager gaming division of Sony for 15 years, and for three years was engaged in the Xbox platform at Microsoft. Harrison just reports to the senior Vice President of Google devices Rick Osterloh (Rick Osterloh), so we can assume that work on the console the company is still underway.


Capcom wants more remakes

Capcom хочет больше ремейков

Against the backdrop of high interest to HD-re-release of Resident Evil 2, which, it seems, is doomed to success, Capcom announced that this game will not stop, and that the company management supports the idea of producing remakes entirely.

The information was announced during the publication of its financial reports. It should not be made about resident Evil. The list of future remakes can end games such as Devil May Cry, Lost Planet, or even something from the Mega Man.

It is noteworthy that two years ago, Capcom has already conducted a survey among gamers on the subject of remakes. Then the final results were not announced, but rumored to lead the classic episodes of Resident Evil, which, most likely, will be those, which the developers put in the queue to restart.

The release of the remake of Resident Evil 2 will take place on 25th January on PC and big consoles.

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Creator PS VR Richard Marx will join Google”

Sony PlayStation VR is one of the most successful games of virtual reality helmets on the market. Of course, it has been achieved, primarily due to PS4, but still. Interestingly, Richard Marx (Richard Marks), engaged in the design of this device, moved to a mysterious division of gaming consoles Google. He worked at Sony since 1999 in the Magic Lab team working on new and promising technologies.

Создатель PS VR Ричард Маркс присоединится к Google"

Among the projects that had a hand specialist, was the controller movements PlayStation Move, EyeToy camera for the PS2 and various other pilot projects, is never embodied in commercial products and once described Mr. Marx as “pie in the sky”. Perhaps now inside Google it again will not waste your time on a bird in the hand and try to get the crane?

Создатель PS VR Ричард Маркс присоединится к Google"

At least we know that the industry veteran will work with another former employee of Sony, Phil Harrison (Phil Harrison), who in January announced joining the Google Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP). To welcome a new employee, Mr. garrison wrote on Twitter: “Pleased that Richard Marx joins Google. An exciting addition to the team ATAP!”.

Already, we have heard rumors that Google is working on a certain game console, which will be focused on cloud-based games. However, very little is known yet except that the project is the code name for the Yeti. Generally, the idea of streaming games lately increasingly grasps the leading companies in the industry: Microsoft, EA, and Ubisoft — and Google has a huge cloud infrastructure (along with an incredible installation base in the form of smartphones), it is not out of this series.

Создатель PS VR Ричард Маркс присоединится к Google"

In a statement, the resource Venture Beat, the search giant said: “ATAP is located at the intersection of scientific research and practical applications. Our goal is to remove the difficult technological barriers that stand between ideas and their implementation. We are very pleased that Richard has joined the team and look forward to his participation in our work.”

Of course, the console and gaming service, Google — curious and potentially exciting idea. However, the skills of Richard Marx would want the search giant and on a much more prosaic reason: for instance, the development platform of virtual and augmented reality ARCore. It is quite possible, because Apple is making a big bet on the development of ARKit.

Создатель PS VR Ричард Маркс присоединится к Google"


Sony is not against it, if all her games are very similar to God of War

В Sony не против, если все её игры будут похожи на God of War

One of the leaders of Sony, Jim Ryan, in a confidential conversation with a journalist, admitted that he would not mind if all the games his company will be similar to God of War. It was said, of course, in the form of a joke, but the joke is indicative, in which there was significant truth to it.

The fact that God of War 2018 became the best selling exclusive for Sony’s history of PlayStation. This was reported by analyst firm NPD, which closely follow the gaming market, and if you see that some game is more successful than others, immediately advise their investors to invest in its Creator.

Prior to that, the most successful game Sony was considered not Bloodborne as they could think of many, and The Last of Us, but now this zombie shooter moved into second place, despite the fact that sale for 5 years, while God of War was able to break into the leaders in just a few months.

This can only mean one thing: the new adventures of cooperative Kratos and Sons are already doing.

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Street Fighter 5 and Tekken 7, you can play for free

В Street Fighter 5 и Tekken 7 можно сыграть бесплатно

On Steam this week happened an extremely generous promotion free weekend, which is free to access until Monday morning, was put up just five games, all of them fighting.

First, add to library, free to download and play, you can adventure fighting action Absolver.

Second, free access posted the anime fighting game BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle.

Thirdly, quite fresh, and apparently not very well sold Dragon Ball FighterZ, are also included in the list of games for giveaway.

Fourth, added to the above Street Fighter 5, which is not so bad to not play for free the fan of the genre.

And, fifth, temporarily free did Tekken 7: the new and quite specific part of one of the most legendary fighting game series in the world.

Naturally, it announced a variety of discounts, so if a game like this, until the desire to spend money is a better time than now, and can’t wait.

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Rumor: FIFA 19 will be a 5×5 mode with unusual rules

Слух: в FIFA 19 будет режим 5х5 с необычными правилами

In the Network leaked information about the interesting surprise that Electronic Arts are preparing for the FIFA 19.

The surprise lies in the new mode 5×5, like FIFA Street, which was in the previous parts, but now its radically modernized. Still not officially announced, but rumored for every goal he scored, the leading team loses the player, which greatly complicates its position, and, as if that makes the suspense, allowing the other team to win.

It is expected that the mode will be available for multiplayer and single player mode. At the same time, judging by the published picture, build your own team will not: instead, you have to play for already existing clubs, picking out the best candidates.

This is probably not the last surprise that made us developers FIFA 19, and in the future, 2-3 weeks before the release, EA Sports will reveal all his cards, showing, finally, showmanship.

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