Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be the most difficult game in franchise history

Shadow of the Tomb Raider будет самой сложной игрой в истории франшизы

In Eidos Montreal are raising the stakes. No further as a couple of weeks ago there were told that in the Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be a very difficult puzzle and a serious return to basics, that will appeal to old fans of the classics, as they have now announced that thought, and, perhaps, this game is generally the most difficult part in the entire series.

Said this main producer of the project, Daniel Chayer, who explained that the main difficulty the player themselves tombs, and that these same difficulties they had to add because “we will meet with the most experienced Lara”. Learn whether Lara to roll, add a indicator of energy, and will she be able to replenish your health flasks of Estus – we know already the 14th of September, when the game will go on sale.

The plot of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the main character have to stop the Apocalypse predicted by the ancient Mayan prophecy, which, in fact, she and activated. All of this will happen in the heat of South America, which also declared enemies of the organization Trinity.

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E3 will pass without Titanfall 3

Е3 пройдёт без Titanfall 3

The sudden rumors about the upcoming show Titanfall 3 just as suddenly ended, and those who had hope that the game will bring to E3, can exhale in disappointment – will not bring.

Food rumors gave one of the artists at Respawn Entertainment, who published in Twitter SFII with the date of the exhibition, and images of what looked like a spacesuit. All immediately alarmed, they say, is coming the new Titans, but then the floor was taken by the developers, who explained that this is the only advertising channel in YouTube, and no Titanfall 3 can be expected. Moreover, the second part was, as you can understand, not very successful.

Titanfall 3, according, again, according to rumors, still is in development. The camp Respawn Entertainment came constantly, any hints on a new ambitious project, but what exactly is unknown. But it must be something in the spirit of the corporate policy of Electronic Arts, which acquired Respawn Entertainment, thus becoming the owner of the rights to the Titanfall brand including.

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Fortnite blamed the declining interest in Overwatch

Fortnite обвинили в падении интереса к Overwatch

Recently interesting made American billionaire mark Cuban, who owns, among other things, a couple of companies promoting various video entertainment on the Internet, and, last but not least – broadcast with different cibercorners.

So, Mr. Cuban touched on Overwatch, which, according to him, has never looked as bad as it is now. And if two years ago about this shooter remembered, almost every day, now Overwatch, the viewer is not.

The Reason Is Fortnite. The speakers he didn’t say it directly, but everything was so clear, judging by the questions from the audience and its reaction. Something to say at Blizzard, where persistently do not want to mess with the Royal Battle.

Chief of Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan, has repeatedly said that his game is not built for Battle Royal, where the basis of gameplay inherent individual dominance, is a collective mechanism of mutual assistance on the basis of class diversity. And the bulk of the weapons of heroes, among other things, has a small blast radius.

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Electronic Arts will not part with female characters

Electronic Arts не расстанется с женскими персонажами

Deeply, seemingly tolerant of the West, has been simmering not tolerant of scandal about the infamous clown in Battlefield 5, which is not liked too much.

The reason, as it turned out, not only brand circus characters, but also a militant woman with a metal hand. Noise dispersed such that the word took the Director General of the DICE, Oscar Gabrielson, who said that female characters are not going anywhere, because diversity is good. And when it comes to political and ideological matters, and it is the diversity of this region, we do not go on about gamers.

So let’s see whether these same gamers for Electronic Arts another boycott, after Andromeda and Battlefront 2 or make some noise, and then run to pre-order.

Battlefield 5 comes out the 19th of October, but for those who pre-order Deluxe version, the game will roll out for 16 th. Well, in the case of payment of the subscription Origib Access to play new part of the Battlefield will be on the 11th of October.

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For “swatting” in the United States want to sentence to life

За «сваттинг» в США хотят приговаривать к пожизненному

A bit of news from that Bastion of Freedom, i.e. from the USA, where now is a loud trial on two so-called “satterly” – which pitted the player in Call of Duty streamer, the police. In some circles it is considered very funny to watch as the SWAT team breaks the door in the house of the streamer, and puts all on the floor.

And, as is usually the case, such jokes were not in vain. In the past year, arrived at such a false call to the police, killed an innocent young man who, it seems, even the streamer was not just staying in the neighborhood. Characteristically, the shooter COP was justified because he allegedly saw the young man appeared on the threshold of his house, started to get a weapon from his belt. But the phone prankster found, and he now faces 41 of this democratic prison in Kansas.

But that’s not all. It turns out, did not act alone, and with two companions, who first were able to cover their tracks, but then the police came out to them, and in this regard, the Prosecutor demanded a tougher punishment to life plus a fine of 250 thousand dollars. That’s what causes excessive Call of Duty.

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Miners raised the demand for graphics cards by 66%

Майнеры подняли спрос на видеокарты на 66%

Remember how Nvidia was told that the topic of cryptocurrencies they are not interested, because, they say, miners account for about 5% of all buyers? A similar statement was made in AMD, where the General talked about how they did not approve of all this mining-tantrum, because miners graphics cards do not reach the gamers. Although, the real market dictates its own rules: sell as much as possible, and still someone.

Well, and here, therefore, emerged an interesting report from analyst firm Jon Peddie Research, which conducted a comprehensive study, which found that miners are affected and, importantly, continue to influence the market of graphics cards. In particular, the report says that thanks to the mining-fever manufacturers of graphics cards has managed to increase the shipment of products by 66% in the last year. So do not be surprised if tomorrow it turns out that financial analysts are predicting an unprecedented rise in the prices of cryptocurrencies, a little sitting on the allowance from shops that sell video cards, or from the producers themselves, who, as it turned out, were able to earn good money.

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Detroit Become Human blamed for the “wrong” policy

Detroit Become Human ругают за «неправильную» политику

Remember, as the creators of Detroit: Become Human hunted last year? They say, Quantic Dream, dislike blacks, and indeed took money from the governments of France and not really reported? So, the harassment continues. Only now it spread to the game itself, which is already out.

Immediately is to say that the gamer score on Metacritic, is the highest 9 points. But then the publication Videogamer gives the project a four, because, they say, stupid dialogues and the illusion of choice, when real his absence. It was pretty suspicious, for it is not every day AAA exclusive for the PlayStation gets such assessments. And then suspicions were justified. Blame all the previous conflict of developers with the most liberal members of the Western press.

It is possible to assume, judging by the review of the American edition of Polygon, which revealed all the cards, posting angry review, the essence of which is that Quantic Dream still not like minorities. Like, racial and social conflicts is a very serious thing, and in Detroit it touched only superficially, not deeply enough digging. In General, Detroit: Become Human is a good game. The reaction of some representatives of the Western press proof.

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Show took place at the Russian zombie shooter WORLD WAR Z

Состоялся показ российского зомби-шутера WORLD WAR Z

Domestic IGROPROM raises his head. This time we are pleased with the Russian Studio Saber Interactive, who published the first gameplay trailer zombie shooter called WORLD WAR Z, which is generated with the production company, Paramount, which owns all rights to this franchise.

So, Brad pitt will not. But it will be a snowy Moscow with heaps of zombies. And, no – it’s not about the rally, Navalny associates. Zombies are the most that neither is on the real written, very fast and extremely aggressive.

Purely technical implementation is unlikely to inspire all, because the game looks exactly like State of Decay 2, which graphics – not the strong point, but its budget is still wonderful. Will release on PC and “big” consoles, it seems, this year. At E3 the game, as far as we understand developers will also show.

In fact, WORLD WAR Z was announced quite a while, but then, few understood what it all about: no screenshots, no gameplay, no detailed account of the mechanics from the camp but didn’t arrive. Well, now – can enjoy.

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The creators of the Mirage: Arcane Warfare decided to close the game because of the GDPR

Создатели Mirage: Arcane Warfare решили закрыть игру из-за GDPR Studio Torn Banner Studios was removed from the Steam online-action Mirage: Arcane Warfare and announced the imminent shutdown of game servers. The developers explained the closure of the entry into force of the European law on data protection — GDPR, but he’s a project, Torn Banner were far from prosperity.

In addition to the problems with GDPR at Mirage: Arcane Warfare had problems with the audience — it almost no one played. According to SteamDB, since early this year daily attendance title on Steam did not rise above 100 people per day.

Mirage: Arcane Warfare became the third multiplayer project, which closed in connection with the GDPR. Previously, due to new European law forever went offline MOBA Super MNC Studio Uber Entertainment and action Loadout Edge of Reality.

The creators of both projects explained that the process of bringing games into full compliance with the requirements of European regulations they can not afford, as it requires significantly increase the maintenance costs of servers.


Michael Pakter – In Steam dominance “bombing” reviews

Майкл Пактер - В Steam засилье «бомбящих» отзывов

Our favorite financial analyst Michael Pakter, said that the number of negative reviews about the games is constantly growing.

On the one hand, increases in the total number of games themselves, but apparently their quality leaves much to be desired. However, this does not remove the responsibility from buyers who, sometimes just for fun, put your finger down, not realizing that it seriously interferes with the developers to understand the direction in which they develop their project. Also Mr. Pakter mentioned the so-called “feedback bombing” which is generally nothing to do with the game do not have, and which people are put, for example, Team Fortess 2, because Valve still has not released a new Half-Life.

This, according to Mr. Pakter sad, for if one will not think about what you write in the comments, on the other hand will not think about how to make their game better. Fortunately, to prohibit dislikes, like in Facebook, Mr. financial analyst to offer did not.

Administration Steam, I must say, took some measures for combating the “bombing” reviews, adding several new filters that allow people to weed out meaningless reviews.

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