Bungie explains the problems with the accrual of experience in Destiny 2

Bungie объясняет проблемы с начислением опыта в Destiny 2

Fans of Destiny 2 sounded the alarm on specialized forums. The official motto is “the Developers lie to us!”.

The fact that many drew attention to the fact that in Destiny 2 you earn experience quite uneven. Now they give you double the ratio, and in an hour and experience comes at a nominal rate. These gamers found suspicious, and many expressed the opinion that the developers interfering in the game without notice, and there, you never know, watching gamers.

But it was much easier. As stated by Bungie, the experience really is charged unevenly. In protracted missions players get more experience than when performing short tasks. That they themselves don’t like, and in the near future they will remake this mechanism.

Destiny 2, contrary to criticism, pretty well sold in the USA and the UK. So good that the same Creative Assembly, according to the rumors, took over the development of their variant of this game.

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The hearing – development of WiLD cancelled

Слух – разработка WiLD отменена

Remember, perhaps, as Michel Ancel was represented by the WiLD action that many have compared to Far Cry Primal? It was a game about the shaman, able to command the animals, to get them to follow orders, and even to move inside thereof. Looked pretty original, although what they showed us then, in 2014-m year, already looked outdated. But now the web was a rumor that development of this game is either cancelled, or suspended.

Ansel allegedly transplanted for Beyond Good & Evil 2, and he was drastically not up to his previous project, which was getting old by the day and by the hour. So, quite possibly, the idea of shaman and zoo so will not finish until the end.

Indeed, Ubisoft games have enough. There certainly working on a sequel to Assassins Creed, doing ship-pirate action Scull and Bones, grind Far Cry 5 and about the same in Beyond Good & Evil 2 should not be forgotten, so things WiLD do not look very promising.

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Planet of the Apes Last Frontier receives scathing criticism

Planet of the Apes Last Frontier получает разгромную критику

Monkey revolution, moved to video game called Planet of the Apes: the Last Frontier gained reviews from press and the feedback from regular gamers, which were United by one thing – not like the game.

The project has been significantly weaker than expected by many. At the moment, on Metacritic, it has 66 points from the press and 4.2 points from gamers. Masterpiece failed. From the pros and those and others noted, the correct atmosphere, good animation and an interesting story of how, in principle, can be interesting. But the downsides of the game was bigger. To him decided to carry too long and boring dialogue that literally stop the game and the lack of nonlinearity. Despite the choice, real control of the situation, gamers are not. Well, perhaps, late loading textures, especially with fast moving shots, too spoil the overall picture.

Planet of the Apes: the Last Frontier belongs to the genre of interactive movies, which require players to observe what is happening, sometimes by pressing a particular button, to intervene in the story and to put it in some concrete way.

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Gamers are invited Sony to drop out of the race for the 4k

Геймеры предложили Sony отказаться от гонки за 4k

The Network has reacted with a strong discussion of the problems PlayStation 4 Pro, which for all its potential, constantly losing contests with comparison charts. Plays and Xbox One X, and a simple PS 4. Before the first console falls short of iron, compared with the second can not offer tangible improvements pictures. And now gamers have decided to write Sony a collective letter in which he proposed… to drop out of the race for the 4k.

The message is simple: 4k resolution is a simple marketing and PlayStation 4 Pro would have been a great console to run games in 1080 at a frequency of 30 and even 60 FPS, and 4k doesn’t need. First, televisions and such for the people there, secondly, it is the 4k by 4k is not difficult to distinguish, but the frame rate will drop down.

Let’s do to Sony on this appeal, but it is believed that under it signed up to many owners of this console.

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Announced strategy Warhammer 40 000 Gladius

Анонсирована стратегия Warhammer 40 000 Gladius

Studio Proxy announced 4X strategy called Warhammer 40,000: Gladius. And then the sword of the ancient Romans – is unclear, but no hint of that era the game has, presenting something between a Dogs of War, and probably Dune in the atmosphere of the Military Hammer.

The developers promise four races: orcs, space Marines, Necrons, and the fraction Astra Militarium. The single player campaign will be, but her story, unfortunately, at the moment nothing is known. We only know that the game is going to come out next year. Then we will show and normal, no adware gameplay.

Attempts to revive the universe of the Military Hammer in the form of strategies was carried out repeatedly, but except for the first part of Dogs of War, the public did not recognize anything, and we can say that these attempts were unsuccessful.

In principle, the same can be said about almost all the games of recent years on the universe of Warhammer. Most of them get low ratings and be forgotten the next day after release.

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PUBG developers showed gameplay of the new game

Разработчики PUBG показали геймплей новой игры

In Bluehole Studios, which we know not only in Tera Online, but PUBG finally revealed to the world the gameplay of its new project, called Ascent: the Infinite Realm.

The game, as expected, is a typical representative of the South Korean MMORPG: very colorful, very Asian, very dynamic. Here, as with Indian films: if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Of course, fans of the same Tera, will certainly come, but the number dislikes under the video, which also, for some reason has been posted in low quality, eloquently testify to the fact that such people have enough.

But in Bluehole especially and does not hide that work primarily for the domestic market, and there with the popularity of games such focus order.

Bluehole also does not want to be a Studio one game, but thank PUBG, including bad, now constantly haunting her, and probably for many more years under each new announcement of the next game the company will receive sarcastic comments in the style: “what? There is also poorly optimized, as in PUBG?”.

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The British found an excuse gambling loot boxes in video games

Британцы нашли оправдание азартным лут-боксам в видеоиграх

Quirky British found an excuse to loot-boxes, in accordance with which those, like, are not an element of gambling.

Told Executive Director of the gambling Commission in the UK, Tim Mueller, who said that the recognition of the loot boxes element of gambling they lack one factor, namely, material values obtained from the LUT-box item. In other words, if the item cannot be sold to another player, then it’s not gambling. It seems that for this argument will cling lobbyists micropayments in video games.

Well, Britain seems to have their say. Let’s see what will they say in Europe. So far, the situation looks so that the European officials intend to take certain measures in relation to microtransactions and the subsequent discovery of a valuable goodie boxes. In Australia, by the way, also recently said that the loot boxes is an element of gambling, and this is not questioned.

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The amount of micro transactions on the PC has grown in 2 times in 5 years

Объём микроплатежей на ПК вырос в 2 раза за 5 лет

Many resent the presence of micropayments in video games. But just as you can be indignant about, for example, that cars go on gasoline, although it has long came up with a more economical and environmentally friendly technologies. Because when it comes to money – logic goes out the window. More precisely, it remains, but in a special form, in the form of the logic of money.

What is all this? Yes to the fact that in accordance with a fresh report of the analytical company SuperData, microtransactions on PC by the end of 2017, the year have earned two times more than in 2012-m: $ 22 billion against the 11. Now you know that the micropayments of the games nobody will be removed, despite the protests.

However, analysts believe that, wait again two-fold growth in 5 years is not worth it, because to 2022-th year according to their calculations, the profit from microtransactions will increase, but double to 3 billion.

Well, it amused the conclusion drawn Super Data: “despite the fact that the players complain about microtransactions, they still encourage their use of their own wallets.”

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Review SteamWorld Dig 2

Обзор  SteamWorld Dig 2

The universe SteamWorld continues to expand, offering a sequel to the original adventure with new game mechanics and a nice patch once controversial decisions.

Обзор  SteamWorld Dig 2

In the centre of the action SteamWorld Dig 2 steam robot Dorothy, who are looking for the hero of the first part to Grow. Meet electronic life form by the name of the Hairdryer, she is drawn into the whirlpool of events, where mystical tremors can lead to the destruction of the city robots to absolutely disastrous consequences for steampunk civilization of the future.

Like her predecessor, Dorothy has the skills of an excavator and a drilling rig, gnawing tunnels to the treasure and secret rooms in the body of the earth. Vertical drilling involves a number of risks, including the exploding plants, evil monsters, and rivers of acid and lava in the later stages of immersion.

Обзор  SteamWorld Dig 2

Dorothy collects treasures and new upgrades, from time to time returning to robot city, which serves as a key hub in the game. The process of traveling to the city is possible through painful backtracking already dug tunnels, and hidden in the ground points of the pneumatic conduit. Air mechanism will deliver you to the right place in just a few seconds. You can also return to the city after the death of the character, sacrificing the greater part of the collected treasure.

Gems can be exchanged from the local robots on the coin, which will fit for the acquisition of new permanent upgrades, reinforcing a lantern, a pickaxe or increasing the number of pockets in your backpack.

Обзор  SteamWorld Dig 2

Following the precepts of Metroid and Castlevania, the developers have important gameplay features and gadgets, such as a plasma pickaxe, rope with cat, a rocket launcher or a jetpack, in a special section of the world, which you get at the convoluted plot. New devices are pushing you to return to previously traversed locations in search of secrets and interesting tests.

In addition to the purchase of the improvements and receipt of gadgets, role-playing game system involves the installation of special gears that give useful but not very important for gameplay perks, and can be swapped to other devices at any time. For example, a pair of gears can give you immunity to acid and lava for a couple seconds, enough to use one of the saving instruments.

Обзор  SteamWorld Dig 2

The gear will have to produce, passing numerous optional dungeons, designed for your skill, logic and use of special skills.

The main difference SteamWorld Dig 2 from the original – is a well-planned structure of the levels. Yes, you can dig in different directions, but within the framework prescribed by the authors of the concept. This eliminates the creation of impassable areas, especially in the early stages when you have no cats or jet packs. Of course, this introduces limitations in your abilities, but virtually eliminates the unpleasant effects that happen though, but very rarely. So, in the first hours of the game I dug a tunnel from which I could not get back to town without running the system self-destruct.

In addition, the game is very poorly made map that is difficult to use without prompting.

Обзор  SteamWorld Dig 2

It should be noted that the level of difficulty of the game is quite smooth, and the rare boss fights are logical and do not require too much many options for finding the right solution. What is true of one section that actively uses the run, which, by that time you will likely forget.

The story for all its predictability, frustrating final twist, seems too artificially broken and crumpled against the background of slow development.

Graphically, the game looks modestly, but stylishly, with well drawn characters, nicely animated monsters and stylistically diverse locations. Three major sections are where you’ll the plot, skillful use of different color palettes that wins against the more simple of the original.

Обзор  SteamWorld Dig 2

SteamWorld Dig 2 is a great continuation of the series, which acquires new ideas and well-adapted solutions. This project is ideal for users of portable gaming devices, like Switch or Vita. But the interesting dungeons and adorable the characters look perfect and on home gaming systems, especially in the gaps between sparkling all the colors of autumn blockbusters, which this year to our surprise too much.


The creators of Seven of The Days Long Gone were inspired by Hitman

Создатели Seven The Days Long Gone вдохновлялись Hitman

Action role-playing Seven: The Days Long Gone will be released soon – the 1st of December, and its creators decided to remind about the game gamers, to those prepared wallets. To remind you first decided to fans of Hitman, stating that the development is inspired by this game about a bald assassin.

In particular, Seven passed the cloaking system with a disguise, which actively uses Agent 47. Due to this, in the game there is no mission that can only go one way. Ways always at least two. You will be able to disguise, to crack the security system, to decide on open or secretive killing, to lure the enemy into a trap or even produce some manipulation of time: in the game you can accelerate time, which is helpful when you escaped from the guards, and they need some time to forget about you and return to their posts.

Seven: The Days Long Gone is already on Steam. The cost of the game is unknown. Russian, text localization in documents.

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