Active Shooter the shootings at the school want to remove from Steam

Active Shooter про стрельбу в школе требуют удалить из Steam

In Steam, it seems, becomes ripe the next scandal. This time about the arrival of the game called Active Shooter, the release of which is planned for 6th June.

What’s her scandal? That actually is a game about a school shooting – such a painful theme for US that the discussion has been connected not only simple but gamers and journalists with public organizations and politicians. The meaning of the claims are quite narrow – minded, the game should be banned, the children have not seen enough and decided to repeat it in reality. Although in reality the developers insist that it’s not just a shooter, and a behavioral simulator which people can better understand the psychology of the criminal. And in General, is there to play, not only for terrorist, but for special forces, so the game, well, not exactly the devil incarnate.

Reaction Valve yet clear – the game will be, because there is nothing wrong with that. In the end, there is a lot of games like Hatred where there is only one main character – a maniac killing innocent people. And nothing. Sold, sold and will be sold.

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DICE explained clowning in Battlefield 5

DICE объяснила клоунаду в Battlefield 5

Official English trailer for Battlefield 5 has almost gained 200 thousand, her parents told me that not today or tomorrow, will catch up to the huskies, which at the moment only 20 thousand more. It happened long ago in the regional trailers. For example, the presentation of this project on the official channel in Poland, grabbed as many drawbacks, like they showed Justin Bieber, not one of the most anticipated shooters of today.

DICE, I must say, I noticed this. Noticed and said that will always laugh at historical authenticity. Specifically they said: “We treat history with respect. In particular, Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 1 was from a historical point of view is very accurate (ha ha!). But the thing is that we want to empower players to make gameplay more varied and allow players to customize the appearance of the soldiers. Well, Yes – in the future we will continue to laugh at historical authenticity. That’s what we always did in the series Battlefield”.

Here and so. Can quote when you, someone will prove that all it really was, because “he met”.

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Start selling indie games of the fighting wizards for the week exceeded 200 thousand copies

Стартовые продажи инди-игры о боевых волшебниках за неделю превысили 200 тыс. копий Sprite hybrid Sitemap and bagel Wizards of Legends from indie teams Contingent99 has sold 200 thousand copies in the first week.

Wizards of Legends was released on may 15 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

To promote the title Contingent99 involved as much as possible platforms for distribution. On PC Wizards of Legends is not sold on Steam and GOG, but is also available in the Humble Bundle store.

Wizards of Legends is the debut project independent Studio Contingent99 from Los Angeles, consisting of two people: Kim Bundy (Bundy Kim) and Yes Hun Lee (Dahoon Lee).

Kim and Lee have funded the development of the game through Kickstarter, gathering $72 million of the required $50 thousand.


We Happy Few started to ban

We Happy Few начали запрещать

Only recently we learned that a detective adventure We Happy Few getting ready for release, as it turns out now that the game has already started to ban.

In particular, this action was banned entirely in Australia, where, in fact, the developers have gone, almost in the first place, to register your product and to know the opinion of the local censors, who did not disappoint, announcing the game is outlawed in the country.

The reason – drug abuse, actively shown in play. Apparently, the censors didn’t like the pill joy that the society accept, preferring to see the world through rose-colored glasses. Australian officials noticed there raising “the themes of sex, brutal violence, multiple crimes, and other disgusting things.” It is clear that to alter one specifically for Australians, nothing will, because the idea of taking drugs is the basis of the plot, but quite possibly, this is only the beginning, and We Happy Few in the future will prohibit another.

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Sony is preparing a new portable console

Sony готовит новую портативную консоль

Network was the news that Sony is working on a new portable console, which may be a hypothetical PlayStation Vita Portable 2 or 2.

Told the President of the company, John Coder, who noted that right now they are thinking about the release of a portable version of PlayStation in a variety of options, but here just that case when you first need to conduct a thorough market research to understand what the people want.

And then, of course, I remember recently surfaced drawings of some of the consoles that Sony has patented a few years ago. The prefix this, I must say, very, very similar to the Nintendo Switch, but then something prevented the Japanese decide to start production. Now, when the Switch made a splash among fans of portable gaming, apparently, Sony decided to reassess previous conclusions.

It is also worth noting that absolutely all the gaming device from Sony, which were not directly associated with PlayStation, or otherwise suffered a financial collapse. Yes, the same c PSP PS Vita also, though not a failure in sales, but did not become bestsellers.

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Sunset Overdrive will be released on PC

Sunset Overdrive выйдет на ПК

Another console exclusive is less. However, unofficially, but it is already clear that action game Sunset Overdrive in the near future will be released on PC.

To assert this on the basis of the simple fact that Insomniac Games has registered the PC version of the game with the South Korean rating organization, and announced that is looking for a publisher.

But for consolers, jealously guarding exclusives and rasstraivatsya from such events, there is good news: it may well be that the release of Sunset Overdrive on PC will happen simultaneously with the announcement, or even the release of Sunset Overdrive 2. This is all, of course, conjecture, but this conjecture is perfectly placed in the logical fabric of the gaming industry.

Sunset Overdrive is exclusive to Xbox One, so if the game will be released on the PC, not the fact that it can be found in Steam, or run on Windows 7 or 8, because the publisher here is Microsoft, whose policy in this area has long been known.

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FIFA 19 will not be the Russian League

В FIFA 19 не будет российской лиги

Disturbing rumors were confirmed: FIFA 19 will not be the Russian football Premier League, which Electronic Arts will be very poor to look at the presentation in front of domestic fans of football.

The reason – the conclusion of an exclusive agreement between the Russian Football Union and Konami, so CSKA, Spartak, Zenit, Lokomotiv and other – only in the new Pro Evolition Soccer.

What prompted this is unclear. Or policy, or trite money. Perhaps the electronics have offered too little, that they, by the way, I love to do, and our officials have decided to contract with Konami, which, by the way, I will add in a future PES 19 top League-Denmark, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Scotland and Argentina. These League, it seems, will also be exclusives to this game. So, for those who can not imagine a virtual football without a national championship, it is time to reflect on the feasibility of buying future FIFA 19, the value of which in domestic spaces will fall significantly.

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Newzoo: Fortnite PUBG more popular among young people

Newzoo: Fortnite популярнее PUBG среди молодежи Analytical platform Newzoo compared the composition of the audiences of two of the most popular “Royal battle” — a Battle Royale Fortnite and PLAYERUNKNOWN”S BATTLEGROUNDS. It turned out that PUBG they are adults and independent gamers, and among the fans Fortnite is dominated by young people and students.

Newzoo: Fortnite популярнее PUBG среди молодежи

Compare audiences PUBG and Fortnite, Newzoo

According to Newzoo, 60% of the players in PUBG — people aged 10 to 30 years. The share of this age group among the players in Fortnite slightly higher − 68%.

Fortnite is a bit more popular PUBG among students − 19% of players in Epic Games title are students of various educational institutions. Among the players in PUBG students make up only 12%.

PUBG is far ahead of Fortnite in the number of employed players — permanent place of work is at 65% playing Thriller from Bluehole, whereas among fans Fortnite works only half (50%).

Moreover, the audience PUBG in General more serious relates to video games. Almost a quarter (24%) of players in Fortnite called themselves casual gamers, but among fans PUBG “casual” was only 17%.

Newzoo explain the differences in the audience of the two games in the same genre by propagation models (free Fortnite, and PUBG costs $30) and different visual styles — Fortnite attracts more young players due to the bright graphics and fun animations while PUBG’s emphasis on realism and aesthetics of the style of “military”.

In the study Newzoo surveyed over 60 thousand people in 28 countries around the world.


The Microsoft presentation at E3 will be a record long

Выступление Microsoft на Е3 будет рекордно долгим

It became known that the promises of notably kindle Microsoft at the upcoming E3, was not idle chatter, and that the performance of the company can actually be the brightest in its rich history. Or, if not the brightest, the most long, because it will last more than two hours. The previous record was an hour and a half.

For example, Ubisoft last year, managed less than an hour. Electronic Arts, if compactly folded everything she was shown, can also be placed in the same frame. Well, here the whole two hours. Where? Well, firstly, Microsoft will let on stage CD Projekt RED Cyberpunk with his. Secondly, the company will show some in-depth reviews of already released games. And thirdly, there will be a story about a new Microsoft service called Mixer, which want to turn in, something like a full-fledged television channel.

All of this will take place not in the pavilion, and in a separate room across the street, so we can say that EA is not the only company, which was closely at E3.

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The release of a Raft of cooperative vigilantia

Состоялся релиз кооперативного выживастика Raft

On sale co-op survival Raft where you have to survive in the open sea, taking on the role of survivors after the crash.

The survivors (or survivors) will have to build a raft, which eventually will turn into a floating house, floating around abundantly collecting garbage. The game, of course, not even close to Wildstar, but fans of the same Stranded Deep it can like. At the moment the project is released, by the way, early access, Steam has 88% positive reviews. But on the background of General positive, depressing one: the developers are unable to set a date for the release of the final version.

It is understood that after the final release of the game will receive a full story and at least a full ending, when the hero is saved, because, no matter how well built your house, it is unlikely that the prospect of spending it all his life much like it, to anyone. Now the gameplay is presented in the classic sandbox, where fun is encouraged to obtain from the process, and not from a gradual approximation to the goal.

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