Total War: Three Kingdoms would change the time of day

В Total War: Three Kingdoms будет смена времени суток

While fans of Total War, saying that in the upcoming Three Kingdoms is not anything new that the series has stagnated, and in General it is time to do something serious, the developers are ready to surprise.

In particular, it was found that in the Three Kingdoms, will the system change the time of day. This is a fundamentally new mechanics, which was not previously in the series. Moving units on a global map, we see the movement of the sun across the sky, and if you specify the destination, the system will show you when we get there: by night or by day, which is quite convenient, because those archers, as you know, the night will shoot much worse.

However, developers have reported that some jobs are still better to run at night. When, for example, you need to quietly steal up to the enemy, so Yes – in all-out War will be the first time something like stealth.

We know that embedded in the camp of the enemy spies, can provoke a civil war, and the ability of the faction who have always been single, will change in the course of the campaign.

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Steam told on filtering, erotic games

В Steam рассказали о фильтрации эротических игр

The administration of the Steam expressed in the erotic games that we approve of, then banned. In short, the game will, but not immediately, and not all of them.

In General, Steam think that you can sell anything if it does not violate the direct laws and is not trolling. But, knowing that some of the games need to protect some visitors, there are now working on a special filter, which can take months, because it is necessary not only to filter but also to bring all the games of this genre to the same standard, why should the developers add them in a special way to arrange and conduct pre-training.

Oh, and most importantly: erotic games on Steam in the near future will be extremely small, since their emergence need to obtain the approval of the administration, which is complicated by the fact that the mechanisms of the approval has not yet been developed.

In General, it is clear that nothing is clear and to the point when the filter are being developed, the Network could easily rise, some powerful scandal on the subject, and the Valve again reverses its decision.

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Announced a new Sniper Ghost Warrior

Анонсирован новый Sniper Ghost Warrior

The announcement of the continuation of Sniper Ghost Warrior, which is probably appropriate to consider the fourth part, although CI Games on this account nothing is said.

However, much more important is not how the game will be called, and what it will be inside. The last part has failed on all counts. Leaders had to tighten their belts, laying off some employees, recognizing that the commercial result allowed barely to recoup development costs. Overall, the experiment attempts to create an open world – failed. And in General the shooter, soaked, by the way, Russophobic ideology, has not justified itself.

That is why in the new part the developers have abandoned the open world in favor of manually created in-line levels with staged scenes. In General, as in former times.

The head of the Studio, Marek Tyminski, admitted that they were too ambitious, and are now ready to learn from mistakes. When the game comes out, or at least, when it just shows – yet unknown.

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Sales of Sony’s PlayStation VR helmets exceeded 3 million copies”

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that global sales of virtual reality helmets PlayStation VR overcame the iconic the mark of 3 million units.

Продажи шлемов Sony PlayStation VR превысили 3 млн экземпляров"

Recall that the PlayStation VR device, designed to work with game consoles, the PlayStation 4, was released in October 2016. The novelty proved to be quite popular among consumers.

So, in June of last year, it was announced that the total sales of the PlayStation VR reached 1 million sets. Six months later, in December, Sony has doubled the volume of sales of the gadget, bringing it to 2 million units. And now it is reported that the supply of virtual reality helmets to customers worldwide exceeded 3 million units.

Продажи шлемов Sony PlayStation VR превысили 3 млн экземпляров"

In addition, Sony Interactive Entertainment made the hit parade of the most popular games for the platform PlayStation VR. In ten of these projects included:

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR;
  • PlayStation VR Worlds;
  • Rec Room;
  • Resident Evil 7 biohazard;
  • The Playroom VR;
  • Job Simulator;
  • Until Dawn: a Rush of Blood;
  • Batman: Arkham VR;
  • Farpoint;
  • Superhot VR.

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    Road Redemption is preparing to release on consoles

    Road Redemption готовится к релизу на консолях

    The developers of the popular project Road Redemption announced that this summer the game will appear on next-generation consoles PS 4 and Xbox One and Switch. There is no exact date, but there was a trailer where you can watch the gameplay mechanics and graphics quality on consoles.

    We will remind that Road Redemption is pretty well known racing game where you will have to take on the role of the head of the bikers and show who is the boss here. The main feature of the project – a battle with the players at great speed. You squeeze 100 mph while trying to hit with a bat or other weapon nearby player riding parallel to you. Here you can find a huge number of weapons, new cooperative modes, the skill tree, the possibility of collecting different loot, upgrade your “iron horse”, a large number of combos and many other pieces.

    In the PC version it was possible to connect not only the mouse, but a joystick, so after the release Road Redemption on console, players will not have long to get used to the controls, if they previously PC had tried to play with a joystick.

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    CS:GO has a new weapon

    В CS:GO появилось новое оружие

    If you’re a fan of online shooter Counter Strike: Global Offensive, you’ll be happy to update from the developers who have added to the game legendary submachine gun MP5. Often it is present in many games of this genre, but in CS:GO it decided to add why only now. And Yes, this is not a standard version and modified slightly. More specifically, this MP5-SD. The main difference from the standard version – screwed the silencer that cannot be removed.

    And this is a great advantage to such weapons. Shots inaudible after a few metres of the player with this weapon. At this point MP5 is only available in modes with bots, and in sections Deathmatch, Casual, but soon, most likely, the developers will add it and all the rest, because they are asked to leave their opinions about a new gun.

    By the way, who do not know, even in the first beta version of CS:GO added MP5, but for some reasons it was removed and replaced with MP7. This is indeed a very significant event, both for the players and users, who create their skins. Immediately begin to receive hundreds of new options for the external design for the new weapons.

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    The developers PUBG released the first patch of the road map

    Разработчики PUBG выпустили первый патч из дорожной карты

    Not so long ago in PUBG added road map FIX PUBG, in which the developers described, on fixing any bugs they will work in the first place. Today the patch came out No. 20, which appeared the first results. Now you can assess what corrections have been made and what new innovations added to the game. So far, the patch is only available on test servers, but will soon appear on the main.

    In a nutshell, I got a notification system in which you will tell you have considered whether your complaint on a particular player or not and what decision was made. Also added a separate option which you can use to change the camera position when you play from the 3rd person. As for the new content now in the game, scooter. It appears only on the location of the “Sled”. Another nice innovation is the assault rifle Beryl M672, which you can install various modifications, for example, a handle or improved sight.

    If you want to see what you working on now developers PUBG, visit the official website and navigate to FIX.

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    In Skyforge will add the Battle Royale

    В Skyforge добавят режим Battle Royale

    This year has forced many developers to submit their projects popular mode is battle Royale, because it encourages players to stay in the game and enjoy the gameplay. And despite the fact that basic cream already Packed games like Fortnite and PUBG, many developers are trying to add Battle Royale and, in order to attract attention.

    In the popular MMORPG – Skyforge also announced the mode that will be completely free. The map will be
    40 players, who will have to fight on the map with the tropics. And here it features 12 different characters, each with their own skills. But the fight will not only against live players, but also monsters. Defeating them, you will be able to obtain additional equipment and miscellaneous items.

    As reported by the developers of Skyforge, the mode is “battle Royal” to be released on August 28 for the PC version, August 29, for PS4 and 30 August for the Xbox One.

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    The creators of Dying Light 2 cook the perfect open world

    Создатели Dying Light 2 готовят идеальный открытый мир

    Creative Director of Techland, Adrian Czyżewski, said that Dying Light 2 they are preparing a “final vision of an open world”, which is huge and perfect, an interactive matrix reflecting all the actions of the player.

    It turned out that in the game there is countless number of choices that the developers couldn’t even count, because they will be generated systemically.

    Further direct speech: “If you tell the peacekeepers about the building full of zombies, they’re zombie will be driven out to another building, another part of the city. So sometimes it may happen that some areas will be full of zombies even during the day. To kick them out, you need to interact with factions, and help them to settle in this area, to the complexity of travel has declined. All tools will be concentrated in the hands of the player, and only he can decide how it will look in the world.”

    This whole interactive city with a whirlwind of zombies in nature, ban the developer considers a unique creation, what has not been done before, and that according to this formula, they say, and must be created in the future, games with open worlds.

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    Battlefield 5 is losing the race Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

    Battlefield 5 проигрывает гонку Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

    From the field report that Battlefield 5 has failed at the stage of pre-orders. However, this is not entirely accurate.

    As stated by analysts at Cowen Group, who published financial report edition of Dow Jones Newswires, Battlefield 5 is not totally not buying, but it is clearly losing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Red Dead Redemption 2. The authors of the report called the pace of sales “weak,” stressing that the blame – the restraint of the project between the two above-mentioned competitors. Same in 2016, happened to Titanfall 2, which, despite the relatively brisk gameplay, not met expectations, showing poor financial results, thus calling into question the further development of the brand.

    There’s also the report says that Electronic Arts has come on hard times. No sooner had the company to recover from the blow received after the release of Star Wars: Battlefront 2, which caused billions of dollars of electronic damage as now here’s CEO Patrick Soderlund, responsible for Battlefield, resigns two months before the premiere.

    Well, we will add that, probably, business not only in stiffness between the two competitors, but the controversial advertising video game, grabbed in YouTube 450 thousand dislikes allowed.

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