The librarian from the United States condemned for waste of 5 million rubles from the city budget for a mobile game

 Библиотекаря из США засудили за трату 5 млн. рублей из городского бюджета на мобильную игру The trial with the American librarian Adam Winger (Winger Adam), launched in October last year, was completed. If earlier details of the case were hidden, now there’s interesting information: Adam used more than 5 million rubles from the city plot, spending it on the well-known mobile game Game of War: Fire Age.

According to the latest information, the Winger bought several hundred gift cards in two Amazon account, which was spent on microtransactions in Game of War. Despite attempts to hide spending, the actions of Adam fumed, after which he was found guilty of stealing city funds in June.

To avoid jail, she pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 30 days in jail and 100 hours of community service (through the work of his lawyer).

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From Winger also demanded that he returned 78 thousand dollars, which he squandered, if the librarian doesn’t want to go to jail. Not wanting to go to jail, Adam sold his house and took all his savings, which he saved for old age, fully paying court debt.

The first assumption was that Adam suffers from gambling, and at the time of spending money from the budget of the city is not aware of what it does, but after a few diagnostics, it was revealed that the librarian is completely healthy and just thought can easily cover up the crime.

Adam Winger was able to easily get rid of, in spite of such a huge waste. The librarian will no longer be allowed to state jobs.

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Nvidia has revealed the date and time of the presentation, which will show the video card RTX 2080Ti

 Nvidia раскрыла дату и время презентации, на которой покажет видеокарту RTX 2080Ti Nvidia told about his presentation GeForce Gaming Celebration, which will be devoted to new products of the company. It should show the graphics of the next generation, including Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080Ti, a photo which this week had already drained into the network.

It became known that the presentation of the new products, Nvidia will be held August 20 and will start at 19:00 GMT. It is noteworthy that it will be held the day before the exhibition Gamescom 2018, receiving guests since August 21.

On GFGC will be revealed the performance, cost and release date of Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080Ti. Many gamers hope that it will be more powerful than 1080Ti at least 30%. Incidentally, on the day of the demonstration can begin pre-ordering the new video card.

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Gamers will be able to watch the broadcast of the presentation of the GeForce Gaming Celebration on the official Nvidia channel on Twitch, but there it will be in English only. There is already a running timer, counting down the minutes before the stream. Russian version of the broadcast can be viewed on the public Nvidia in “Vkontakte”.

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In the network leaked photos of gaming the GeForce RTX 2080Ti MSI

 В сеть слили фото геймерской видеокарты GeForce RTX 2080Ti от MSI A large online resource Videocardz has published the first pictures of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080Ti microarchitecture Turing.

 В сеть слили фото геймерской видеокарты GeForce RTX 2080Ti от MSI
 В сеть слили фото геймерской видеокарты GeForce RTX 2080Ti от MSI
 В сеть слили фото геймерской видеокарты GeForce RTX 2080Ti от MSI

The photo shows built for gaming graphics card GAMING X TRIO by MSI. GeForce RTX 2080Ti has three cooler with RGB led, support NVLink connector Type-C VirtualLink and two 8-pin power connector.

Rumor: Nvidia GTX 2060 power is lower than GTX 1080Nvidia hinted that it will release a GeForce RTX 2080 — видеоNvidia officially announced the first graphics card on Turing and revealed their patients…

Characteristics, price and release date Nvidia GeForce 2080Ti RTX is still unknown.

More detail about its Nvidia should tell us at Gamescom 2018 from 21 to 25 August. Recall that the number 20, the company will hold own event, which also can present new products.

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Realm Royale left 94% of the players

Realm Royale покинуло 94% игроков

From the field report that in the online shooter Realm about Royale Royal Battle fantasy atmosphere, difficulty finding opponents.

All because the game released 5 June, has already lost 94% of its former audience, and seems to have continued to lose. According to statistics from Steam, after a peak of 105 thousand people simultaneously online, made the 10th of June, last online amounted to 5.5 thousand people. And all this despite the fact that this game is supplied on a shareware model, and is available for download for everyone.

It seems that the rapid decline of interest in the game has forced Hi-Rez Studios to immediately split up into three companies, with the newly formed Realm Royale, a modest structure called Heroic Leap Games, which is an eloquent hint of the possible future closure of the project, which is unlikely to breathe new life. Is that to make free starter set, introducing instead a system of monetization.

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Rumor: Nvidia GTX 2060 power is lower than GTX 1080

 Слух: мощность Nvidia GTX 2060 ниже, чем у GTX 1080 On the website, the 3DMark page with the performance test unannounced Nvidia Geforce GTX 2060 with 5 GB of memory. It is worth noting that the GPU scored less points than the average narisovannaya GTX 1080.

 Слух: мощность Nvidia GTX 2060 ниже, чем у GTX 1080

In 3DMark the GTX 2060 894 scored 15 points, while the average GTX 1080 is 19 711 points, and the GTX 980 in SLI mode- 17 805 points.

Nvidia officially announced the first graphics card on Turing and revealed their patients…Nvidia has hinted that it will release a GeForce RTX 2080 — videopolis photos of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180/2080 with three fans

It is worth noting that the figures are not yet confirmed officially, and therefore could be a fake. In addition, if the test is true, the output of the graphics card indicators may change because the benchmark 3DMark is now may just be not optimized for a new architecture of Nvidia — Turing, which is likely being built GTX 2060.

Recall that the official announcement of the new gaming graphics cards from Nvidia will be at Gamescom 2018 (c 21 to 25 August).

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The authors of Generation Zero publish the full gameplay

Авторы Generation Zero публикуют полноценный геймплей

THQ Nordic normal gameplay for the first time publishes the co-operative action Generation Zero, simultaneously revealing some of its details.

So there is a first-person shooter in the atmosphere, similar to the one we saw at Horizon Zero Dawn, but unlike the robotic Apocalypse began here relatively recently, and humanity has not had time to take in the new Stone Age.

The game is set in Sweden in the alternative of the 80-ies. You will have a role to play in one of the groups of survivors who will be involved in exactly two cases: try not to fall prey to preying on them robots, arranging, in turn hunting them, to analyze them for valuable parts.

The game will be given a lot of attention to this military component, as the ambush and stalking, some types of robots on the trail. To fight with human enemies apparently do not have, although this is not impossible. Will all this next year.

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Metro Exodus is already on sale

Metro Exodus уже в продаже

Metro Exodus is already possible to buy, but really, it’s still impossible to play. Opened pre-orders dumped several details of future games, but at the same time showed the contents of the limited collector’s edition, for which ask for a considerable $ 100, and which is so far only available on consoles, and, for some reason, only in the UK.

That to a digital PC-versions, the standard will cost 2000 rubles, and gold in the 3000. The latter will include not only early access to the game, but at least one addition, the timing of which is not yet marked, but the developers have already managed to declare that it will bring several hours of the exciting new post-apocalyptic survival with a manageable plot of the highest quality.

Out shooter will take place on 22 February, but until then, starting with the Gamescom, it will begin to heavily advertise, including the display of the new gameplay, which is what fans of the series are not particularly spoiled.

Ibid at Gamescom, by the way, will not only see but also to play, so that the Network will flow streams of the new gameplay and impressions.

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ASUS will release the thinnest gaming laptops Strix SCAR II and Zephyrus’s

 ASUS выпустит самые тонкие геймерские ноутбуки Strix SCAR II и Zephyrus S ASUS has revealed the exact specifications and the release date of their new gaming laptops — SCAR II Strix and ROG Zephyrus S. Both laptop stand slim frames on display and small dimensions in comparison with analogues from other manufacturers. ASUS calls the device the thinnest gaming laptops in its range.

Features Strix SCAR II (GL704):

  • Display: 17.3 inch, IPS, 1920×1080 (60 or 144 Hz);
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-8300H or Intel Core i7-8750H;
  • Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060;
  • RAM: 32 GB DDR4-2666;
  • Memory: SSD (128, 256, 512 GB) and 1TB HDD;
  • Battery: 180 W;
  • Dimensions: 400 x 273 x 24,9-26,4 mm;
  • Weight: 2.9 KG;
  • Release date: third quarter of 2018;
  • Features: slim frame and housing that comply with the standard 15-inch laptop.

Features ROG’S Zephyrus (GX531):

  • Display: 15.6 inch, IPS, 1920 x 1080 (144 Hz);
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-8750H;
  • Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 GTX 1060 or Max-Q;
  • RAM: 8 or 16 GB;
  • Memory: SSD (256, 512, 1 TB) and 1TB HDD;
  • Battery: 50 W/h;
  • Dimensions: 360 x 268 x 15.7 mm;
  • Weight: 2.1 KG;
  • Release date: in early September;
  • Features: slim frame and body.

The exact market value of laptops will be announced in the coming weeks.

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Announced the fighting game Omen of Sorrow

Анонсирован файтинг Omen of Sorrow

The announcement of the fighting game called Omen of Sorrow. The game will be released only on the PlayStation 4, the 6th of November.

The developers are offering 12 fighters, taken from the classic legends about vampires and ghouls. Then you and a werewolf, and a vampire, and the mummy and even Quasimodo from Notre Dame Cathedral. In General, every little bit helps, the main thing is to make the appearance of the characters generalized in order to avoid license scandals.

In sum, all fighters have 250 different attacks that will be able to demonstrate in multiplayer or single-player campaign, consisting of 36 matches.

The game looks mediocre, and it is appropriate would look on mobile platforms. Therefore, as practice shows, the projects of this manner, after some time, often go on the PC.

However, the developers do not lose heart, insisting that they have something to surprise. In particular, network mode, in which not only the traditional arcade battles, but the Survival mode. They will open the way to unlock certain prizes in the form of hidden content, including the gradual filling of the local library, information on mythical creatures presented in the game.

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Tropico 6 will be released in January

Tropico 6 выйдет в январе

Became known the timing of the premiere urban, social strategy Tropico 6. The game will be released in January. So far, only on PC. But the version for consoles will have to wait until next summer.

The exact date is still unknown, but given that the last three parts came out in the 20’s of the month, you can assume a release towards the end of January, which is understandable: to release games early in the year, when half of the planet, the holidays – a bad tone.

In Haemimont Games offer an unprecedented variety in construction, as well as the settings of each building. Not only can we steal, for example, the Palace of Versailles, but also to alter it as you wish, by placing it on the roof, for example, the Louvre or the Taj Mahal. Anyway, the sixth part is the most global, so homely and cosy atmosphere of a small tropical island can say goodbye. He replaced the skyscrapers, bridges, highways and other advanced infrastructure.

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