Khovanskii beer became one of the heroes of the new game help

 Хованский с пивом стал одним из героев новой игры про видеоблогеров

DMarket the company announced that it will release in the App Store and Google Play a mobile game about famous DHeroes help from all over the world, including the Russian youtubers Yuri Khovansky and Pozzi. In total, the game will be about 30 million help.

 Хованский с пивом стал одним из героев новой игры про видеоблогеров

Game mechanics will be similar to Hearthstone, but instead of magical heroes, players will play cards with well-known bloggers, the characteristics of which will be measured in terms of popularity. Gamers will be able to hold the card matches one by one, using a collection of cards.

Support for promising game projects is part of the global strategy of the company’s DMarket. Our many years of experience in the game industry, unique technology and service will help monetize the game and significantly expand its audience.— founder DMarket Vladimir Panchenko

DHeroes promise to release before the end of the year, but pre-order special decks of cards already available on the official website.

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Sean bean will kill again. This time in Hitman 2

Шона Бина снова убьют. На этот раз в Hitman 2

English actor Sean Bean is known not only for advanced meme “you can’t just take”, but the fact that the movies of his hero is almost always killed. And now, it looks like this trend I decided to play IO Interactive took the actor to play the first Exclusive target in Hitman 2.

Sharpe, Boromir or Ned stark, will appear in the game as an agent of British intelligence MI5, presented in the form of a Agent 007, just the opposite – completely negative character.

For this reason, the developers released a video in which Mr Bean (not to be confused with the comedian Mr Bean) talks about the numerous assassination attempts on himself, or analyst, or journalist, who after killing. So, it seems, to reach it will not be easy.

If someone does not know what its purpose a special mission, available for a limited time, which upon expiry or if it is unsuccessful, it disappears from the game forever.

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Announced Simulator Priest

Анонсирован Симулятор Священника

Polish Studio Ultimate Games S. A. has announced a simulator of a priest. The game is apparently supposed to be chernushny and absolutely insulting the feelings of Catholics.

In the video, a cleric, tries unsuccessfully to carry out an exorcism, then gets drunk, and starts to sin right and left, Stripping the gaze of the parishioners, for the money, forgiving the sins of the criminals, but in the end, purchased at the sale of the rifle, a La Fallout, kills a devil.

The developers themselves call their project: “simulation of the most privileged person in the entire village.” That is why he can control people, taking possession of their minds on sermons, and in his spare time to establish his laboratory for the expulsion of demons from parishioners.

Battle with other priests, racing cars and collecting his own collection of exotic weapons, also promise to be available.

Will all this on the PC the 25th of December, but not this year and next.

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Over the weakest player in FIFA 19 bullied teammates

Над самым слабым игроком в FIFA 19 издеваются товарищи по команде

Despite the demonstrative indifference, every year thousands of professional players buy a new FIFA to see, as it is the case with them – loved. How to change the indicators, what quality card put it, and what are the characteristics bestowed on them.

And, as it turned out, all this could have far more serious consequences than it seems. In particular, the subject called the midfielder of the English club Oxford United – Shandon Baptist, which has in FIFA 19 modest 47 points, which is the lowest rating in the game, which, however, gave a few more players.

Mr Baptist lamented that, say, his colleagues in the 50-55 points, and he 47. This – he said – unfairly, and because of this he gets bullied teammates, thereby causing him mental suffering.

In this regard, the player is planning to start to play better, connection in one of the future updates it’s stats will rise, at least a couple of points.

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In Bethesda urgently invented an explanation for the presence of the brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 76

В Bethesda срочно выдумали объяснение присутствию Братства Стали в Fallout 76

The recent scandal with the uncanonical presence of the brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 76, continued.

After fans protested the violation history of the universe, and the emergence of an organization called the Brotherhood of Steel in West Virginia, where she has never been, in a year when it did not exist, in Bethesda urgently raised the writers, so they invented an explanation for this fact. And those came up, I could.

In particular, the following was stated: “In November 2077 th, one month after the great War (the nuclear war) army captain Roger Maxson, along with a group of survivors went to one of the bins of California called the Lost Hill, and then used a functioning satellite orbiting the Earth, which founded many branches of the Brotherhood throughout the country.” So to say that scrupulous fans more so every day.

However, despite this clever attempt to get out, it is clear that Bethesda do not know the history of Fallout, because this message about the satellites and California, was added to the picture of the captain, who uses the symbol of the East Coast Brotherhood with gears and sword, which was approved only after 150 years after the events of Fallout 76.

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Rumor: Cyberpunk 2077 will be Lady Gaga

Слух: в Cyberpunk 2077 будет Леди Гага

Joan Stephanie, better known under the pseudonym of Lady Gaga, it seems, is somehow involved in Cyberpunk 2077.

This can be argued after one of the messages in her Twitter account responded the official account of Cyberpunk. The message Lady Gaga left in November 2012. It was a collection of letters and numbers at first glance do not make sense. Gibberish, which allowed fans to assume that she was drunk at the time of publication. And now, after 6 years, replied to a tweet from an account Cyberpunk 2077, where he wrote: “of Course! Of course we will!”, adding “business” smiley with sunglasses.

It was quite unexpected, and it looks like the same gibberish still had some sense addressed to very specific people, especially if you remember those numerical codes, which CD Projekt RED was excited audience at E3. We have to find out what specific side miss Stephanie is involved in the development of the game. Will see if it is in the form of NPCs or the game will be its music – is so far unknown.

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Obsidian is unlikely to make a new Fallout

Obsidian вряд ли сделает новый Fallout

After a series of rumors that Obsidian Entertainment, which has released Fallout: New Vegas, took it for a remake of this game, whether for New Vegas 2, on this account decided to speak to the developers themselves.

To a question from fans – what is the likelihood that they will make another Fallout – the press-service of the company responded with a photo of the so-called ball predictions, which gave the answer “Very doubtful”.

But, nevertheless, something definitely happened. In 2016, the year, designer of the company, Eric Fenstermaker, said that most members of the team are ready to start work on a new Fallout. Then spoke the head of the company Fergus Urquhart, who said he’d like to do another game of this universe. Then one of the founders of Obsidian, Chris Avellone, began to publish pictures of the kid from Fallout, which embraces some man saying a “How I missed you.”

All this gave the firm the confidence that that something definitely happens, and suddenly this was turned down. Perhaps blame Microsoft, which seems, again, rumored to be acquired obsidianovom.

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The Division 2 will not be “harmful” policy

В The Division 2 не будет «вредной» политики

While some companies, like CD Projekt RED, and talk about what has always been rebellious, and not afraid to touch on the most acute political problems, without constraint Ubisoft announced that The Division 2 is not policy because it is bad for business.

We’ve all seen the Capitol, which will be the main hero base, surrounded by American flags. We also talked about the great emphasis in the plot and the fate of the characters. From all this, the audience was in anticipation of something spicy and interesting on the subject of American presidents, however, Ubisoft denied the hope does not put build itself from the controversial creators like tried to do it during the advertising campaign of Far Cry 5.

Specifically, the developers said: “We cannot be private views in the games. We can’t meddle in politics. The world we have created in the game created to ensure that everyone could feel what it was like to be a good person. Unfortunately, people like political scandals. We refused it, because to engage in political discussions – it’s bad for business.”

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Blizzard denies rumors of Diablo 4

Blizzard опровергает слухи о Diablo 4

It seems that the announcement of Diablo 4 at the upcoming BlizzCon will not be held. After a series of speculation, many have a confidence that we are on the threshold of a new part of this series, but in the Blizzard rushed to cool the hottest heads.

The press service of the company, in particular, has issued the following statement: “2018 BlizzCon is almost here, and we’ve seen tons of rumors about our plans for Diablo show. These are indeed very interesting times, and now we have several teams working on different projects from the universe of Diablo, and we can’t wait to tell about them… when the time comes”.

In General, such a thick hint that the time has not come yet. However, we witnessed the first official confirmation of the fact that Blizzard will not consider Diablo only as an RPG. So perhaps the rumors of a network action on this game – not so crazy. Well, that before Diablo 4, it is a hypothetical announcement is delayed for at least another year.

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The developers PUBG announced some content for Halloween

Разработчики PUBG анонсировали часть контента для Хэллоуина

Halloween is one of the most important holidays for Americans, so many games launch themed event a few weeks before the celebration to enhance the content and to please their players. The developers PUBG no exception, and prepared a lot of surprises, but to whet your interest, released a teaser, which you can already see some pieces of the upcoming event.

One of the most interesting innovations of the future update is costumes from the popular series of horror Silent Hill where you play the role of a nurse. Also in the trailer is visible another costume from the movie “It” cruel and scary clown Pennywise. Look skins, frankly, really cool. Details about the dates fill innovation in servers is not yet known, but it is likely that we will see new skins next week. More clearly see the appearance of the characters in the trailer, which is posted below.

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