In Overwatch started the event “Horror of Halloween”

В Overwatch началось событие "Ужасы на Хэллоуин"

Due to the fact that not much time remains before the American holiday, Halloween, many developers are launching themed events in their games, and Overwatch is no exception. Started an annual event called “Horrors of Halloween”. What do we see? First, is the addition of PvE-mission “Revenge of Krasenstein”. If you played Overwatch in the past year, we have encountered it. Secondly, cosmetic items in the theme of the holiday, only they added some more skins for the following characters: Moira, Soldier 76 and McCrea.

Thirdly, all players will be able to obtain additional containers from this event, if you will raise your level. The higher you pump the level, the more interesting containers will get. And the last thing was added, along with an event – completely redesigned the hero torbjörn, as well as a large number of edits on the balance sheet.

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Sony patent stirs rumors about backwards compatibility in the PlayStation 5″

Published on 2 October, the Sony patent describes the future of console gaming and backward compatibility. Patent application entitled “Updating by emulation” is owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment of America. However, you should pay attention to the filing date of 22 November 2016.

Patent complicated, but, in fact, describes a technology that offers real-time remastering the textures from the old games, substituting them directly during the performance of the improved versions, more suitable for high-resolution displays. “Each resource kind of texture required BY the old, for example, legacy the game has a unique ID associated with it, — explained in the patent. Artist refines texture for display with a higher resolution than the original, and saves it back to data structure with the same IDs”.

Патент Sony подогревает слухи об обратной совместимости в PlayStation 5"

“Original is then reproduced on the screen with a higher resolution, when this occurs, the interception of calls to resources (such as textures), determination of the possibility of extracting from the data structure of the updated resource with a specific ID and substitute it on the fly when rendering the game”, — is reported on. The patent also contains information on the “sound requests”: we are talking about a similar system for the replacement audio files on an enhanced version by analogy with the textures.

Патент Sony подогревает слухи об обратной совместимости в PlayStation 5"

The patent sounds like a description of the system emulate games of the past generation to the current generation of consoles, but you need to consider the timing of application. In 2016, Sony could think about the emulation of games on the next-gen system and not on the PlayStation 4.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will sell a day early, because of the patch 50 GB

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 будут продавать на день раньше, из-за патча на 50 Гб

From the field reports that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will receive a patch the first day to 50 GB without which the game starts. Just for installation you will need 112 GB of free space, despite the fact that in the prescribed form the game will take about 55 GB.

And it just so happened that a bad Internet – the problem is not only domestic gamers. In the West, in the UK and the USA, people every time they come in terrified that they will have to download the patch for 20, 30 or 40 GB. Well, there are as many as 50.

In this regard, the number of stores had already announced that it will start selling discs with the game a day early so people had time to prepare for the stretching of the patch. And the developers themselves said that for those who will not be able to pump out the game before midnight of the first day, cook a consolation gift in the form of some exclusive hats.

It is noteworthy that the mode of the Battle Royal takes relatively little: 15-20 GB, but to run it separately, without getting the rest – will be impossible.

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Sony has confirmed work on the next-generation console”

Sony is developing a game console of new generation. It became clear from the statements of the CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida (Kenichiro Yoshida), which he made in an interview with The Financial Times. However, the details of the head of Sony was not to go.

Sony подтвердила работу над консолью нового поколения"

In an interview, Yoshida stated the need for the release of “iron of the new generation”. That is, he has not indicated that it will be a PlayStation 5, but our colleagues believe that it was just about the successor to the current PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. Details on when conditional the PlayStation 5 will be presented and what it will consist, of course not.

Sony подтвердила работу над консолью нового поколения"

Currently on the market of consoles have a rather interesting situation. Over the past few years PC gaming become more popular especially with the development of eSports. In addition, the current console is quite similar to PC in terms of architecture. The new console will likely also continue to use computer hardware, only the new generation. Therefore, recent reports about the possibility of backwards compatibility with old games looks reasonable.

Furthermore, it is now gaining popularity of cloud services, allowing users to play even on slower hardware running games on the capacity of the remote servers. And they clearly will have an impact on the gaming industry. Against this background, quite interesting are the rumors that Sony could develop a console, something similar to Nintendo Switch that will work with the cloud and does not require powerful hardware and a good Internet connection.

Sony подтвердила работу над консолью нового поколения"

But we assume that the PlayStation 5 will be a traditional console. Most likely it will be based on single-chip platform, AMD new generation. It will include a Central processor architecture Zen or its newer versions, Zen 2, for example, and a graphics processor of the new generation, most likely Navi or later.

It is difficult to say when exactly Sony could introduce a game console of new generation. According to analysts, it will not happen until the spring of 2020, but perhaps will have to wait until 2021.


Max Payne 3 launched two top-end Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080Ti and got over 100 FPS in 8K resolution

 Max Payne 3 запустили на двух топовых Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080Ti и получили свыше 100 FPS в разрешении 8K

Youtuber nick Thirty IR decided to test the old Max Payne 3 on top-end hardware from Nvidia. For this, he took two GeForce RTX 2080Ti and run the game in SLI mode at maximum graphics settings in a resolution of 8K.

 Max Payne 3 запустили на двух топовых Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080Ti и получили свыше 100 FPS в разрешении 8K

In most scenes the frame rate hovers around 100-120 FPS, which is not surprising, because the GeForce RTX 2080Ti is one of the most powerful graphics cards on the market.

Recently the graphics card was tested in other AAA games, including The Witcher 3, PUBG, and Final Fantasy XV.

We will remind, sale Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080Ti began in September at a price of 96 000 roubles.

Nvidia released a new driver 416.16, to improve the performance of your Windows 10Nvidia announced the start of sales of the new video card RTX 2070Парень dispersed Nvidia RTX 2080Ti record up to 2 415 MHz

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Rumor: Microsoft almost bought Obsidian Entertainment

Слух: Microsoft почти купила Obsidian Entertainment

Old rumors that Microsoft is interested in buying Obsidian Entertainment, was confirmed once again.

Most reputable Japanese gaming publication Kotaku, citing its own sources, reports that the deal is almost complete. Left to settle some details, and the company that created Fallout: New Vegas, Neverwinter Nights 2, Armored Warfare, Tyranny, Pillars of Eternity and released a bunch of other games, will be the property of Microsoft.

The alleged transaction took place, if obsidianovom not have problems with money. The financial situation of the Studio, they say, leaves much to be desired, so something happened, what happened. All because of a complete failure of Pillars of Eternity 2, which seems to put an end to the series.

It is noteworthy that a few years ago obsidianovye already done on request of Microsoft game called Stormlands, but then the project was closed. And now, it seems, have to wait for official reviews.

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In Fortnite set the record for kills, and Epic Games will ban your own video

В Fortnite поставлен рекорд по убийствам, а Epic Games банит собственные видео

For fans of Fortnite arrived two funny news.

First, the game was set an absolute record for killings in one battle. Some Australian team of four, eliminated in one game of the 61st opponent, completely defeating the rest of the team, was not prepared for such a cohesive and professional enemy.

On account of one of the band members 25 kills. On account of the other – 18. The remaining 18 kills divided between two other players. As evidence, one of the group members posted a recording of the fight, which was officially documented by a record in team fights Fortnite, beating the previous record of 60 homicides.

Well, and secondly, someone has blocked in YouTube official trailer for the sixth season in Fortnite. With a little investigation it turned out that that someone was herself Epic Games, which eventually filed a complaint against its own content. There are two options: either Epic Games for the submission of complaints is responsible, someone is incompetent or, someone could pretend Epic Games and to file a complaint to YouTube administration.

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Sony consider PlayStation 5 “need”

В Sony считают PlayStation 5 «необходимостью»

One of the Directors of Sony, Kenichiro of Ishida, in an interview with the Financial Times confirmed the existence of a PlayStation 5, calling it “a necessity.”

Specifically, the following was stated: “At this stage I can say that to have the hardware of future generations – is a vital necessity”. This was said in the context of the discussion PlayStation. While Mr. Ishida did not indicate directly the name of this hardware, but everyone understood that.

In addition, it can be assumed that new PlayStation they don’t really want, but the market demands it, then do it. Because in this phrase you can find some regret and the reference to “this stage”. Apparently Sony are quite sensibly believe that society is not yet ready to move to the cloud, which will not require the console itself. Well, as you can see the desire to compete with Microsoft, which is rushing to surprise everyone with a new console. Hence, the need.

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The creators of Machinarium has announced a new game

Создатели Machinarium анонсировали новую игру

The Czechs from Amanita Design pleasing performance. Their games are not those that want to replay again and again, but they are magical and unique phenomenon in the world of gaming. So it was with Machinarium, it was Samorost and so it was with the Scarecrow. Well, now the developers have announced a new game called Creaks, that is Creaking.

The project is in its idea is a bit similar to the domestic game tuk-Tuk, and is the sort of adventure Thriller with the traditional puzzles. The hero finds himself in the bedroom secret passage, which, as it turns out, there is a whole surreal world in which, by the way, discern the elements of Machinarium.

The fundamental difference of this game from the others is that in addition to the logical problems there will be challenges on agility, since the hero will have to run and jump escaping from pursuing enemies.

The game will be released next year. The list of platforms we have not named, but most likely it should be on PC and mobile devices.

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In Cyberpunk 2077 can be multiplayer

В Cyberpunk 2077 может быть мультиплеер

Became known to the creators of Cyberpunk 2077 hired assistants in the face of canadian Studio Digital Scapes.

If you believe the new rumors, the Canadians help the poles with nothing other than multiplayer. They do the same thing for Techland did when it developed the action game Dying Light. Specifically, they made the mode Be the Zombie, which has become one of the most popular in the entire game.

And now, judging by the comments from the field, in Digital Scapes help to optimize Cyberpunk, improving its performance, but the main profile of the company – after all, cloud technologies, and various network entertainment.

All this suggests that in Cyberpunk with high probability can be multiplayer. And not be what the developers told me when I mentioned a large database where players can chat with each other, and the classical network games. CD Projekt RED has repeatedly confirmed that not rule out this possibility, but now they are just focused on the single player campaign.

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