The integration of Atari in Tesla called the worst game and car idea

Интеграцию Atari в Tesla назвали худшей игровой и автомобильной идеей

Absolutely unprofitable car brand Tesla has collected a new batch of criticism after Elon Musk came up with to introduce cars of the classic game from Atari in which you can play as clicking on the touch screen, and rotating the steering wheel.

The idea called original, but strange, if not stupid. First, historic games of the 80s look absolutely ridiculous in such a car with a number of futuristic bells and whistles, secondly, turn the steering wheel, twisting his head to the right, trying to see what is happening there on display, hardly a comfortable pastime.

Citizens have already started to joke about the children of wealthy parents, that will tell you that their favorite console is the Tesla, and that mom will say: son, go get your car.

However, the idea seems to have been solved to put on the conveyor, and to release a certain number of cars equipped with a set of these rare video games. Importantly, road accidents did not more, because who knows what would happen if a bored driver will wish to play, slightly turning the wheel, until the red light of the traffic light.

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