The creators PUBG will block computers cheaters

Создатели PUBG будут блокировать компьютеры читеров

Epic battle creators PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds with cheaters continues. The administration is represented by the hero, brandishing a huge sword, chopping the head of a many-headed snake, which, however, has no intention to die by one is cut down two new ones. And now, it seems, where were those same heads, decided to cauterize in order to prevent recurrence.

Under this allegory should be understood Bluehole’s statement that now they will block the account and the device, behind which sits a cheater. We are talking, first, about blocking by IP, and secondly, the blocking version of Windows. And if the other citizens of the cheaters are still able to get around, after manipulation of the internal operating system files, the IP blocking need to add them troubles in the form of change of provider or purchase VPN services.

Apparently, 13 million banned in the last 12 months is not enough since the developers are talking about such a radical method.

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