In Brazil are unhappy with the game about the murder of feminists and LGBT people

В Бразилии недовольны игрой об убийстве феминисток и представителей ЛГБТ

Brazilian officials are threatening criminal prosecution against Valve Software, whose store sold the game called Bolsomito 2k18 that in the Public Ministry of the Federal District of Brazil considered insulting.

The fact that the developers of this Bolsomito 2k18, which, by the way, is a two-dimensional pixel shooter offer “to get rid of the Communist evil,” and the “growing corruption and inverted values promoted in society.” That is why there is no need to kill only Communists, but also of feminists, sexual minorities, various LGBT activists and officials to support them. A kind of Postal, only without the sarcasm. Instead, a thoughtful process of virtual extermination of undesirables developers elements.

The game, which, by the way, Steam has 87% of positive reviews are not removed, but may withdraw because of all the other charges added charges of attempt to discredit the elections in Brazil, which began almost simultaneously with the release of this action.

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