Fallout 76 ignores the rules of the universe – fans furious

Fallout 76 игнорирует каноны вселенной – фанаты в ярости

Fans of Fallout didn’t seriously angry due to the fact that Fallout 76 ignores the rules of the universe.

The thing was in the Brotherhood of Steel is one of the secret associations of the worshipper combat technologies. First you need to say that the Brotherhood existed only in California. This was mentioned in Fallout 2, it was said in Fallout 3. In addition, these guys did not seem to light, sitting in bunkers. The first RAID happened in 2134, the year, and in a 2150-m Fraternity members finally left their refuge.

Well, there is not 2150 year, and 2102, and not California, and West Virginia, where the brotherhood of Steel simply was not there. However, in Fallout 76 it is present that was not liked by the fans of the universe. Many of them are unhappy with the fact that Bethesda violates world knowledge, as approved by the Interplay Intertainment 20 years ago. For this reason they turned to the head of the company, Pete Hines, to which he replied, sorry guys, but in the lore of the game, he does not understand.

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