Electronic Arts promises to resurrect Command & Conquer after thousands of dislikes allowed

Electronic Arts обещает воскресить Command & Conquer после тысяч дизлайков

After Electronic Arts announced a mobile Command & Conquer: the game, the developers had to hear a lot from fans of the series, a lot of things, but mostly, of course, bad.

Old fans of this strategy, the last of which came in 2010 year, was unhappy with what he saw. Many demanded an end to nonsense, and to produce something valuable. And, it seems, these proposals were heard, as one of the representatives of Electronic Arts, Jim Wessel, announced the beginning of a tight consultation with the gaming community for a future project that may be the first remaster in the history of Electronic Arts.

Mr. Wessel explained that he is also an old fan of the game, and he understands those who require more than the mobile version. So they have already begun to communicate with the public in order to understand what it really want, then we will report the results of the research. And that something definitely will happen, because this year marks 20 years since, as electronics began to publish this strategy. The date of the round, so wait for announcements.

The official announcement, by the way, the channel scored EA 60 thousand dislikes, and only 3 thousand likes. Such is the love of the people.

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