Call of Duty: Black Ops gets a 4 rating from the press

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 получает оценки от прессы

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 acquires ratings from the press. And evaluation these must be said, should inspire those who are going to join this game.

At the moment on Metacritic, the average score for all platforms is 85 points. Naturally, gamers will appreciate the game much lower, but, nevertheless, we can already guess that turned out much better than with the same Infinite Warfare, barely stretched 70 points from gaming publications.

So, the game is praised for a Battle Royale, which some journalists called fantastic. For specialty soldiers, which greatly diversify the gameplay. For multiplayer in General, for a longer time-to-kill, a great map with zombies, split screen and a large number of settings.

Scolded for the lack of single player campaign, some problems with individual areas of revival on the cards, and for the monotony of some combat modes.

In General, we got good network branch, which will certainly appreciate the fans who do not care about singleplayer modes.

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