Ubisoft makes fun of the greed Electrnonic Arts

Ubisoft высмеивает жадность Electrnonic Arts

Oh, what’s going on! A scandal in a noble family: In Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey found the pin, released to address Star Wars Battlefront 2. Poison Ubisoft Electronic Arts! And you know what this is about? About existence of system of in-app purchases.

The shot found in the quest where the hero must get to the Minotaur, which you need to get three tokens. Tokens possess three characters that offer to buy them or to win. Buy film, buy offered a second. But the third NPC refused to sell, saying he will only give it after the match. To the question: “why don’t you suggest like the others just buy it for 1500 drachmas?”, the character said, “do You want to pay to win? Eh… aren’t you a warrior? Where is your honor? Where’s your sense of achievement and pride?”.

Citizens immediately remembered the statement by Electronic Arts, which, once removed micropayments from Battlefront 2, issued a statement where it was said that “Our goal is to provide players with a thirst for achievement and a sense of pride for unlocked heroes.”

But with all that, Ubisoft itself was no good, because in the Odyssey there are also micropayments.

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