Sony will ask for money for re the change of ID

Sony попросит денег за повторную смену идентификатора

As we assumed, the change service account name in the PlayStation will be paid. But only re. First time to change the name you can be absolutely free.

We almost had insulted the Japanese, thinking that they will not take money for the name change. Will, even as. Re the name change will cost € 10, but those who are subscribed to PlayStation Plus will have to pay only 5 euros.

In the settings you can leave the mapping of old ID with the new. In the event that your old friends can easily find you under a new name. With the return of the old name if the new suddenly you do not like spending money will be impossible.

Change of identifier in an account PlayStation is one of the most anticipated features that gamers around the world waiting for years on end. And now, it seems that this moment is near. The only thing that confuses – the old name by which friends will have to look for you. I do not come out the way that along with the name change, and is reset friends list?

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