Rumor: next game Rockstar will be Bully 2

Слух: следующей игрой Rockstar будет Bully 2

In the leaked rumors that Rockstar are already doing action Bully 2.

It can be assumed, based on the submitted applications for selection of actors for multiple roles. It was like: recruitment Agency Jessica Jeffries, tweeted several positions with a description of the appearance and character of the characters that have to play. One of them is very similar to Emily – “sophisticated, Mature student”, and the other just exactly describes a College Professor: smart, stocky but not thick, witty and a bit of a scruffy.

This news could be ignored – you never know in America make a film about the students, if not for the edition Rockstar Intel, has repeatedly successfully spied Rockstar Games, stated that their representatives did see someone from the Studio was busy with these jobs, and that the sample of candidates should begin here.

The only thing remains unclear: will Bully 2 before GTA 6, or is it after?

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