Cristiano Ronaldo will be removed from FIFA 19

Криштиану Роналду уберут из FIFA 19

The greatest football player of today, Cristiano Ronaldo, is experiencing, apparently, the most difficult period in its history. For the sudden departure from real Madrid was followed by an accusation of rape from one of, some old friends, which you have already received from lawyers Ronaldo a few hundred thousand euros many years ago.

In this regard, in the Electronic Arts, where he made the player the main symbol of the FIFA 19, has announced that it is closely monitoring the situation and the final conclusions have not yet done. And here is the picture of Ronaldo, it seems, is beginning to return to the company’s official website, but then, something happened, and it was removed in General from everywhere, starting with the official page from Facebook and ending on the EA Sports website. The only thing where it still remains: covers physical copies of the game and screensavers in the most FIFA 19, which, apparently, in the very near future I will get the patch that replaces this character on, some of Neymar.

And, for all biconvex respect to Ronaldo, of such a character as Neymar, with his tears, fancies and simulations, clearly less like the public. But do not go, for the desire to avoid spilling in your underwear.

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