Announced Observation space Thriller

Анонсирован космический триллер Observation

The announcement of the game called Observation, which promises to be a space Thriller (but not horror), which will be released on PC and PlayStation 4 in spring next year. Publisher of the project is notorious Devolver Digital.

In the story, players will be asked to go into space to find out what happened to the crew of space observation stations led by Professor Emma Fisher. The entire campaign will be supplied, as it were, on behalf of artificial intelligence of the station, which will have to play, focusing on management systems, setting up the camera, controlling drones, and other instruments. In order to get to the missing astronauts. The only living person on Board – the one Emma will be unplayable character, is completely dependent on the decisions taken by the player controlling the artificial intelligence of the station.

Does this all Studio No Code, which is unknown a wide range, but in its composition there are guys that worked at Rockstar, Creative Assembly, Rocksteady, IO Interactive and a number of well-known studios.

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