Tencent denied the information about the spying players

Tencent опровергла информацию о шпионаже за игроками

In the last days of the battle Royal around the Ring of Elysium, which is being developed by Tencent Corporation, the scandal supposedly the developers have implemented a Trojan that collects information about the actions of the players, loggedout and sends them to Chinese servers. Some users have complained that their computers suddenly started to slow down, booting the computer to the eyeballs with unnecessary processes of the game.

The scandal around the project is growing, therefore, the representatives of Tencent in Facebook published a statement in which he swore that the surveillance is not conducted by the players and they respect the privacy of each user. The report said, and that the company’s representatives reserve the right to sue in court for those users who are spreading such rumors to discredit their project.

What is it? Another HYIP, a viral video, which has received chain reaction or the machinations of rivals, for example, PUBG, who recently loses his audience? Whatever the reason, privacy currently important to each user. Only here even if you do not look for in the game, can carry out surveillance across the Board, supply to many major corporations, including Apple and Amazon. We will remind that not so long ago broke out yet another scandal, which accused China of spying for major IT companies and suppliers of microchips. As you can see, now ensure your privacy – it is a luxury.

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