In The Lord of The Rings Online has been updated

В The Lord of the Rings Online вышло обновление

Developers of the popular MMORPG, The Lord of the Rings Online has released a major update, which is called Where Dragons Dwell. It’s really a massive update, which was announced a long time ago. After lengthy tests she finally got onto the main servers of the game. The basic story of this patch – the story of the dwarves. You have to meet their lifestyle and personal to experience all the important events of the time.

The study will begin with the well-known Erebor. Here you will be able to visit such locations as the “Grey mountains and the Iron hills.” Also the developers added in the game about 120 different quests and tasks for players to explore locations far and wide. It’s not just a linear task, but it is designed a mission where the player will have to interact with a large number of characters.

Added 2 chapters of “the Black book of Mordor”, which is very important for such an event. If you already pimped your level, now you will do, because he was promoted. Also reworked the models of the hobbits, and now these little characters look significantly nicer. Overall, the update fixed many bugs, made adjustments to the game balance and added some cosmetic items.

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