In Overwatch started the event “Horror of Halloween”

В Overwatch началось событие "Ужасы на Хэллоуин"

Due to the fact that not much time remains before the American holiday, Halloween, many developers are launching themed events in their games, and Overwatch is no exception. Started an annual event called “Horrors of Halloween”. What do we see? First, is the addition of PvE-mission “Revenge of Krasenstein”. If you played Overwatch in the past year, we have encountered it. Secondly, cosmetic items in the theme of the holiday, only they added some more skins for the following characters: Moira, Soldier 76 and McCrea.

Thirdly, all players will be able to obtain additional containers from this event, if you will raise your level. The higher you pump the level, the more interesting containers will get. And the last thing was added, along with an event – completely redesigned the hero torbjörn, as well as a large number of edits on the balance sheet.

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