Dark and Light has released a Supplement Shard of Faith

В Dark and Light выпустили дополнение Shard of Faith

Chinese developers Snail Games released the first, and most importantly, free add-on for its popular project in the genre of MMO, Dark and Light. DLC called Shard of Faith. Its main feature is a brand new location Garardeth’s Shard through which the game world will expand 2 times. The map is divided into 5 different zones, and users will be able to start in one of the 4 points. Each point is a separate Outpost.

Another important innovation was the addition of a race of Gaia. Players will be able not only to keep fighting with her, but also to create your own hero from the same race. Also, the developers have added a large number of new enemies that have their own weapons and uniforms. Not without the integration of new weapons for the characters themselves. There is a new job, a special magic system of domestication, mechanics and improvements. In General we can say that the first add-on in Dark and Light drew the attention of their fans, and release it free was the right decision. More details with the possibilities of DLC and its features can see the trailer which is posted below.

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