Gameplay MMO from Amazon distributed via PornHub

Геймплей MMO от Amazon распространили через PornHub

At the end of September on PornHub was uploaded two hours and eleven minutes of footage, under development, online role-playing game from Amazon. New World announced, and she dedicated a page on Amazon, but development is currently under closed alpha testing, and is protected by a confidentiality agreement. The material was soon deleted from PornHub, but managed to watch more than 3,800 times. YouTube-blogger Less Than Epic cut video and spoke about their experiences.

New World — MMO-survival third-person gathering resources, creating items, and battles. You settle in the new world, unite with other players and form a company of artisans, mercenaries, miners and architects, as well as fight for territory.

Not the first time a leak gets in game shots PornHub. In 2015, thousands of people watched the footage of Fallout 4 on porn website. Copyright holders rarely do leak detection on non-target resources.