The Chinese built them and listen to their motherboards. Suffered 30 of the largest companies

 Китайцы встраивали шпионские жучки в свои материнские платы. Пострадали 30 крупнейших компаний

Bloomberg reports that Chinese military intelligence used spy bugs built into the motherboard to provide remote access to computers.

It is noted that the bugs are mostly built into the motherboard that supplied major U.S. companies and government agencies. So, for example, from espionage affected about 30 major companies, including Amazon and Apple.

Espionage seems to be started in 2015. According to Bloomberg, the Chinese secret service made the motherboard manufacturer Supermicro to build in the motherboard bugs, using threats and interrogations, and sometimes bribes.

The bug is often placed near the controller on the motherboard. Thus, the Chinese spies were able to get all the important information from users ‘ computers, but also to manage entire networks of PCs for remote access.

Many former employees of state agencies, the United States confirmed that Chinese intelligence agencies have actually used the bugs in Supermicro motherboard.

Representatives Supermicro disagree with the charges, but Amazon and Apple claim that it is not found in your hardware bugs.

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