The release of Soulcalibur 6

Состоялся релиз Soulcalibur 6

On sale fighting game Soulcalibur 6 – the last part of the series, little-known PC-schnick, and more popular on consoles. On this occasion, the project got the estimates, the bulk of which was very high.

At the moment Steam Soulcalibur 6 has an impressive 90% positive feedback. Gamers will note the lack of problems with management than a lot of games from Japan, great single player, pretty girls who can be seen and also undress and dress in a special editor, interesting combos, and of the battles themselves, which, according to fans, it turned out best for all history of existence of the franchise. Separately, of course, it should be noted Geralt of Rivia, a famous witch who’s a guest in this game whose developed by Bandai Namco, incidentally, was issued in some European countries, not only the second and the third Witch, but will make Cyberpunk 2077. Apparently the Japanese friendship poles, so that the blade 6 can appear and new guys like CRIS or IMPERIJA.

What to the critics, the buyers said order dated graphics, the DLC the first day with one character for 130 rubles, high-cost and sparsely populated online.

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Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption receives the first evaluation

Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption получает первые оценки

Children’s Dark Souls – he’s a Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption – the action that has disappeared from Steam and GOG, becoming exclusive to the shell, receives the first reviews, which, unfortunately, do not honor this game.

At the moment the Sinner is United rating of the press in the district 5 points. The maximum is 8, minimum is 3.

The game was criticized for vague, fuzzy picture, for the same vague and chaotic battles, and also huge problems with the camera that doesn’t want to turn there where it is necessary, that gives a particularly painful effect in some battles. Journalists also said the deficit levels is too complicated battles with the bosses, the batter wants to play, and the almost complete lack of plot. So if overall, the hit came out, and some of the reviewers, fans of the genre, I suggest you re-take the original of the Soul than to try these things.

However, was positive: the excellent design of the bosses, the atmosphere, the mechanics of Dark souls and a low price tag to 415 rubles.

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Days Gone carry

Days Gone переносят

With action Days Gone, something clearly is happening and is clearly bad. After all the statements about what the game has long been ready for release, and that Sony reportedly puts her in the fall, allocating space for Spider-Man, suddenly it turned out that the output of this action is delayed as much as 2 months.

Instead of the 22nd of February Days Gone will be released on 26 April. This is a quite unusual solution, which, however, can be explained by the unwillingness to compete with the Metro and Exodus Anthem. However, the developers on this account there was another explanation: they complain that they need more time to bring the game to the best state.

But whatever, anyone says, it’s probably still a marketing necessity. However, far not the fact that in April there will be games, able to compete with this zombie adventure. Whatever it was, its distance fans will have to wait, and the 22nd of February, which threatened to become the most interesting day of the year for the gaming industry, is gradually losing its status, because in addition to Days Gone, it was removed from the still and Crackdown 3.

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NBA 2K19 began to ban the sale of cheap cards

В NBA 2K19 начали банить за продажу дешёвых карточек

One of the most interesting places in the NBA 2K19 is the so-called auction house where players can trade cards to players according to the rules similar to classic auction. However, sometimes it can be very harmful to your account as the administration began handing out bans to those who, in their opinion, uses this site in violation of the rules. Moreover, the ban is permanent and final, without any warning.

One such example described Xx_FreeWitty_xX someone, who got banned because of such thing as a sniper trade. The victim for a long time could not get from the moderators to answer, but in the end his perseverance was rewarded, and one of the representatives of the administration replied that it was banned for that, because he’s dumping cards, exposing their products, a little cheaper than the competition.

In other words, the gamer so severely punished for the fact that he simply acted in accordance with the classic market relationships, and thus didn’t break any rules. However, all was not so simple, and according to the developers of NBA 2K19, you must either be, or not be at all.

This was another reason to stick the game cons, which de too clearly forces players to make in-game purchases for real money, and a similar example, when people prevent making not breaking any rules, is more proof of that.

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Took out new games at Game of Thrones where you need to seize the iron throne

 Состоялся выход новой игры по Game of Thrones, в которой вам нужно завладеть железным троном

On the PC, iOS and Android out card Board game Reigns: Game of Thrones, based on the TV series “Game of thrones”.

 Состоялся выход новой игры по Game of Thrones, в которой вам нужно завладеть железным троном

The game has a lot of famous characters, from the cunning Cersei Lannister and Tyrion Lannister, finishing the brave Jon snow and Daenerys Targaryen. The main task — to outwit and defeat their opponents to seize the iron throne and gain control over the Seven Kingdoms.

The game received quite positive feedback from the players (over 86 % in Steam). Gamers say that the game managed to keep the spirit of the show. The advantages include cool soundtrack and interesting story.

Buy Reigns: Game of Thrones can for 102 of the ruble on Steam and GOG, and 319 rubles — Google Play and 299 rubles — App Store.

Steam released version of the simulator Reigns king in the style of “Game of Thrones” with characters…the Star of “Game of thrones” wants to see superheroes in Marvel movies played geiv new trailer from HBO showed footage from “Game of thrones”

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DICE spoke about the good Germans in Battlefield 5

В DICE рассказали о хороших немцах в Battlefield 5

DICE up the last secret that Battlefield 5 will be a German campaign. After all, playing a soldier of Nazi Germany, as it is not politically correct. However, such a campaign will be, and, as admitted by the developers, it will be special.

The final scene of the short stories in this shooter will be a campaign called the Last Tiger, in which a group of German soldiers will first prepare for war, and then take part in it. However, according to the developers, all the nuance will be in that is why they start to fight. Hopefully, not because they were attacked by the evil Russian.

Details unknown, but DICE has admitted that the driving force of the campaign will be emotions and various nuances of the consequences of decisions. All developers called “not a heroic campaign.” Thus, those Germans in the minds of the younger generation, absorbing the history of the games will be good guys who are hostages of circumstances.

And Yes – this campaign will not be a classic of the swastika. It will be replaced by the iron cross.

On the whole story about the war in Battlefield 5, we get that too: it will play as a soldier from Senegal, a member of women’s resistance in Norway, a young British criminal, who decided to go to the front, and now German. And then someone is surprised that the shooter failed at the stage of pre-sales.

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Games from the store Discord have DRM-protection that requires online connection

Игры из магазина Discord имеют DRM-защиту, требующую онлайн-подключения

Suddenly it became clear that the games from the newly open shop in the shell, equipped with DRM protection that requires a permanent online connection. Not all, but many.

In order to play a purchased game, you need to not only run the shell but also to have an Internet connection, even if you are going to play in something deeply solitary. For example, such as a simple isometric strategy Bad North.

This circumstance many have considered unfair, hoping to get in a store arena, something like GOG, which allows you to run the game anywhere and anytime, but it is, as you can see, was not so.

However, the service administration immediately drew attention to the gaming claims, and has issued a public response saying that they share a universal concern, and is already working on the feature offline run some games that do not require a network connection.

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CD Projekt RED don’t like comparing Cyberpunk 2077 GTA 5

CD Projekt RED не нравится сравнение Cyberpunk 2077 с GTA 5

One of the leading designers of CD Projekt RED’s miles Tost has explained that his team do not share Cyberpunk 2077 comparison with GTA 5. They are closely watching what they write and say about their game, and they really don’t like being compared to the gangster action game from Rockstar, because Cyberpunk is not just different, but better.

Specifically it was said that “we can’t rely on one type of adventure that offers Rockstar. The plot, of course, is the core of the entire project, however, CD Projekt RED will offer a very different experience.”

In addition, their game will be something they called “passages” that de are going to be different, not like in GTA, and some of them will be unique, which in the GTA is not in sight. For example, the quality of side quests promises to be an all-time high, and the plot is much more coherent than the hypothetical competitor.

In General, developers do not want to claim the laurels Rockstar, abandoning the rivalry. And that’s good, because the copy is always worse than the original.

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Path of Exile has been rated for the PS4

Path of Exile получила рейтинг для PS4

It seems that role-playing game Path of Exile from the Studio Grinding Gear Games may soon appear on PS4. Yesterday it became known that isometric MMORPG got the age rating for the Sony console in Taiwan.

Path of Exile получила рейтинг для PS4

A year ago the developers said that porting the game to Xbox One is a lot easier than on PS4. Apparently, they still managed.

Now Path of Exile is available only on PC and Xbox One. It is free and gets regular updates, enhancements and new content.

About the versions for the Nintendo Switch can not hear anything.

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Telltale told about the reasons of bankruptcy

В Telltale рассказали о причинах банкротства

Telltale, as you know, went bankrupt. Why? Because her game was not good enough. But, for what? Said former designer of the Studio, Emily grace Buck.

In her opinion, the company broke failures with the Guardians of the Galaxy and with a narrative history of Minecraft. The latter decided to satiate an adult sense of humor, which the game has received a rating of T – 13 and older, despite the fact that it was cooked in the first place much less for adult gamers. And during the development of the Guardians of the Galaxy Studio management stated that this universe is not a place for humor and that the game should be dark, with the darkness, sorrow, and violence.

This, in her opinion, was a fundamental lack of understanding of the audience, and when this idea began to convey to his superiors, people just started to fire or make them disciplinary action for disobedience. In the end, both of these games had to redo almost before the release. Miss Emily complains that they didn’t have time to work on animation, to bring the right sound and to eliminate many technical problems. Why it happened, how it happened.

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