Gone Days compared with 28 Days Later

Days Gone сравнили с 28 Дней Спустя

The Director of action, Days Gone, John Garvin, said, what can be compared to his game, and what exactly they were inspired by during development.

It turned out that Days Gone is most similar to the film 28 Days Later with the young Killian Murphy in the lead role, who miraculously survived the beginning of the cartoon, and tried to break out of quarantine. According to Mr. Garvin, Days Gone, it is appropriate to compare it with this film, rather than, for example, AMC’s the Walking Dead, because in the game, and in that movie the zombies were right, and not just frightening walking mannequins.

The zombies in the game will be your exercise. They will look for food, go to drink, to sleep and to fully respond to the change of time of day. So who wants to survive, will have to study the habits of zombies, how they behave in the pack and one by one, where you like to go for water, and where most are looking for food.

According to Mr. Director, system relationships of the hero with a zombie would be quite difficult. Much harder than anything you’ve seen before in games of this genre.

Whatever it is actually, we need to know the 22nd of February, when this action is making its debut on the PlayStation 4.

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Artifact found in racism

В Artifact нашли расизм

In a card-trading game Artifact that Valve Software will release at the end of November, found an unexpected racism that forced the developers to quickly make changes.

We are talking about the map’s description States that it modifies the black character, as well as its neighbors, adding to their strength +2, after which they will be able to attack the enemy. And all anything, but the fact that the map is called to crack the Whip, and it depicts a creature from these the whip, very similar to the slave driver who persecute others in the attack.

No wonder that this random (or not) coincidence caused outrage in certain circles of gamers that forced the developers to alter the properties of the card, as well as its name.

Before the term “black hero”, he will remain as Artifact cards are divided into colors, and we do not see anything wrong, however, in that context, alluding to the slave system, which America said goodbye not so long ago, of course, resonance has turned out noticeable.

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Sony criticized for refusing to PlayStation Experience

Sony критикуют за отказ от PlayStation Experience

A show called PlayStation Experience was established in 2014 year. Since then, it has gained immense popularity and became one of the main events in the gaming life at the level of E3 or Gamescom. However, this year it will not conduct.

This was stated by one of the Directors of Sony, Shawn Layden, explaining the rejection of the event by the lack of new games that I would like to show. While new games are being made, but meanwhile to show them to the public would be premature.

It is noteworthy that PlayStation Experience – strictly Western show. Japan has a game show in Tokyo. It held, and foreign gamers left without a tasty.

Some publications say, that the whole reason for criticism of the Sony incident last year when the company fell after it said the limit displayed products. The criticism did not abate for many weeks, and this, apparently, did not like the guide.

Now, however, when it became clear that the PlayStation Experience will not, Sony began to scold with redoubled force, accusing them of secrecy and discrimination, and Recalling the speech at the Tokyo Game Show.

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Member of Zeus in the Odyssey Assassin’s Creed threatens to turn into a new scandal

Член Зевса в Assassin’s Creed Odyssey грозит обернуться новым скандалом

In Ancient Greece, was a full order with a demonstration of the beauty of the human body. It was there that adopted ideal proportions of the face and other bodily parts, for both women and men. So, precisely because it was considered beautiful and not an ounce of shame, their gods they are depicted mostly in the buff. And it may turn into another scandal for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, whose developers decided to take an unexpected desire for historical realism, making everything as it was.

In particular, the game revealed a giant statue of Zeus, which is not just a good place to explore the area, but also a synchronization point of the gameplay. And, it is necessary to happen, Zeus was completely naked, without, any maple leaves or folds of a seashell. And, of course, one of the most convenient routes to climb to the top of the statue, it is through the causal place.

And then the most interesting Ubisoft has already said that the main character is Cassandra, therefore, can imagine how it will look like a journey. Developers are already required to remove obscenity, otherwise, there will be a riot.

View means there is a demand gaming publications. If so, it can take a serious turn.

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A new trailer Party Hard 2. The demo is already available (video)

Новый трейлер Party Hard 2. Демо уже доступно (видео)

Studio Pinokl Games has released a new trailer for their crazy games Party Hard 2.

The video showed an excerpt of the story, where the protagonist meets a girl. She said that the hero smells of violence. The question of how it smells, the girl said, “watermelon gum”. Immediately after the romantic part begins gameplay, nicely reminiscent of Hotline Miami — minimalistic music, rainy night and liters of blood.

Party Hard 2 will be released on October 25, and on the website of the game available to demo.


Released a new Prince of Persia! But this is a mobile runner

 Вышла новая Prince of Persia! Но это мобильный раннер

The last part of a once-great series about Prince of Persia came out in 2010 and was called Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. Longing for fans of the series have good news — got a new part. Bad is a mobile runner.

Prince of Persia: Escape is a free game that best priblizne to the style of the original Prince of Persia in 1989. It’s a platformer with a side view, where the gamer will have time to jump over obstacles by tapping the screen. Unlike Subway Surfers, which popularized the genre of runners, this is not one endless level, but several.

 Вышла новая Prince of Persia! Но это мобильный раннер
 Вышла новая Prince of Persia! Но это мобильный раннер

Prince of Persia : Escape available on iOS and Android.

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Took place the official release of FIFA 19

Состоялся официальный выход FIFA 19

FIFA 19 is now available officially, without any early access to EA Access members. And, for this reason got hundreds of gaming reviews.

However, there is a caveat: in Steam the game is not in Origin a precaution the developers an opportunity to leave reviews not added, knowing where this will lead, but, fortunately, there are third-party resources that anyone can leave a review, and this time the citizens, as in the previous year, however, did not disappoint.

On Metacritic, for example, the game has received from one to three points. Criticism is absolutely devastating, and unwavering. The reason for the minimal difference from FIFA 18. Some places have put on the makeup, some changed stats, but the same career mode do not receive change, and all the innovations of gameplay, according to some citizens, who put the game zeros can be played in the last part, just twisting the settings.

Moreover, the game has many flaws. What is the goalkeeper Petr Cech, who showed up to the office to negotiate in a formal suit and his trademark hat. Sam pan Cech at Twitter wrote that this is wrong, and it would actually would wear also a tie.

Separately, the game went to the nuts and for the significant jump in prices: instead of the traditional two thousand rubles for the basic version, now will have to give three thousand.

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Bethesda said angry fans of The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Bethesda ответила разгневанным фанатам The Elder Scrolls: Legends

As we mentioned, a card-trading The Elder Scrolls: Legends staged a reboot after changed Bethesda Studio developer. And, I must say that after that the game was subjected to severe criticism.

Right now the official forum of the project is abundantly full of a variety of topics and polls created by those who are deeply disappointed with the new interface. The game is completely lost its former style, becoming “one of many”, got problems with sound, and also reduced the size of the cards. What to say if the developers even criticized for choosing fonts that have decided to focus on standard Arial font.

And here in Bethesda, it decided to respond. In short, they announced that the company’s management shares the dissatisfaction of the public, and assures that it will all be fixed. When exactly is unknown, but we are now working closely to remedy more than a hundred elements of the game, so The Elder Scrolls: Legends in the near future I will get another reboot, which is not the fact that will be the last.

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The Dying Light: Bad Blood almost did not play

В Dying Light: Bad Blood почти не играют

From the field reports that in Dying Light: Bad Blood big problems with the online that the game almost did not play and that the search for players to fight stretched on quite indecent time, until the complete failure.

Suddenly it became clear that at the start of the biggest online in this action, was how much you thought – 455. Not even five hundred. A few days later he fell to the hundreds, and at the moment averages about 40 players. And despite the fact that in an average battle should be only 12 participants, to find them is not a trivial task.

Despite the early access, which is a project we can say that it turned out to be stillborn, and developers will have to put a lot of effort to try to resuscitate him, as to remember occasions, when in action network at first did not play at all, and then abruptly began to play, gave him worldwide popularity, unfortunately, is not possible.

But Bad Blood has picked up Steam is not very bad score: 68% positive reviews – 20% more than PUBG, whose daily online under a million.

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Leaked image of the smartphone gaming Razer Phone 2

 Утекло изображение геймерского смартфона Razer Phone 2

New smartphone for gamers, the Razer Phone 2 needs to be announced on 10 October, but thanks to the leak appeared the first image of the device. However, to impress prospective buyers of the company would not have been even in the beginning of next month: Razer Phone 2 looks almost the same as the previous model.

By popular blogger and insider Blass Evan (Evan Blass), you can roughly understand what awaits us in October. The design of the handset is still the same angular, and the edge-to-edge screen, not even a hint. Unlike the original Razer Phone, the new model will get higher quality speakers as well as USB Type-C instead of the standard headphone Jack,

According to leaks, inside will be a Snapdragon 835, 8 GB RAM and 512 GB of internal memory without possibility of increasing.

In the new gaming headset from Razer for $200 will build a vibrator

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