Mojang is preparing a new Minecraft universe

Mojang готовит новую вселенную Minecraft

Have not had news from Mojang, who in 2012-2014 has made a splash with its sandbox Minecraft. Recently, developers announced a new project – Minecraft: Dungeons. It is a kind of action game that is developed by a separate team in Stockholm. Here, players will have to visit a large number of dungeons to fight with different mobs. In dungeons you will find a large number of equipment and weapons to constantly improve the protective properties of the player and attacking.

As reported by the developers, the dungeon will be diverse, but will it be random generation or a choice of a dozen locations is unknown. As far as we know, even in the original version of Minecraft sometimes incidents occurred in the generation. Provides for single mode and multiplayer, where you together with your team to go in search of adventure. The project will release in 2019 on the PC, but the exact date is not yet announced. Most likely, immediately after the release of the game will receive modifications and various tools which will allow to expand the possibilities of Minecraft: Dungeons as well as the original version. Well, let’s wait and see…

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