In SCUM has been updated with the scary masks

В SCUM вышло обновление со страшными масками

Despite the sharp decline in online Royal rumble SCUM, developers are still consistently release updates with fixes and new content. This time they decided to add to the quality of equipment is the mask, which is made of human skin. She collected literally in pieces and sewn together with thick thread. Looks, frankly, very strange and terrifying. Another nice innovation is the ability to create pistols and shotguns from scrap vehicles. This decision is a great option for users who carry a lot of resources, but have no weapons for protection.

Came night vision glasses, so at night now to Wade through forests and other biomes are much simpler. Also, players were pleased with the addition of caves. All of them, you receive 30 pieces on the map, and each can be used, for example, to camp at a specific time or a full-fledged fortress. Here you can hide resources or to hide from players. And the last is a unique animation when you suicide. Now the player just dies and makes sounds and kochevryazhitsya.

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