Endless Battle, the developers moved the release date

Разработчики Endless Battle перенесли срок релиза

Fans of MOBA-games, Endless Battle, was looking forward to the release of the project a few days ago, on September 27, but the developers soon changed the date of October 19, with the result that there was a lot of negative comments from fans in different social networks. And within a few hours on the Steam product page was the inscription Coming Soon. At the moment, any comments from developers have been received, and it’s sad, because fans of an interesting course of development, reasons for the transfer date. Probably it was postponed because of banal lack of time and a large number of bugs in the game.

Actually Endless Battle even now a large audience of fans awaiting the start of the project. The game itself belongs to the MOBA in which all the battles more similar to the standard PvP modes of any MMORPG. If you’re used to that in a MOBA already created characters, it’s not about Endless Battle. Here you create your hero, choosing his outfit, the detail customizing appearance. Just at the moment there are 5 different classes (knights, warriors, assassins, priests and mages), but in the future perhaps the list will be expanded.

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