The FPSRTS-hybrid Executive Assault 2 will appear on Steam in October

FPSRTS-гибрид Executive Assault 2 появится в Steam в октябре

18 October in early access on Steam will be a very unusual game, which is a hybrid of real-time strategy and first-person shooter.

It is called Executive Assault 2 as a logical extension of the original part, which was released in 2015 year and has gathered Steam very good reviews. And now, therefore, continued.

We offer manual creation of space stations with the layout of the compartments and the installation of guns, the command of a space fleet and infantry troops. This will alternate shooting the first person, including flights on a space fighter, a La Luke Skywalker. Above it all reigns a list of more than hundreds of available technology and multiplayer, which threaten to make a free and diverse.

Of course, this game looks pretty outdated, but fans of such, instead of having to wait for Star Citizen, maybe you should pay attention to this humble game whose creators chose a pretty bold release date, surrounding himself with powerful competitors.

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