Hitman 2 will be released in November

Hitman 2 выйдет в ноябре

Became known release date of Hitman 2. Full season, without issuing missions every few weeks, will go on sale 13th November.

Along with this, the developers decided to remind the public about what it will be a great game. After Hitman: Absolution, which has become almost a corridor shooter, IO Interactive decided to slow down and returned the series to the roots.

And now each mission can be performed by several methods. In the mission where Agent 47 will have to eliminate the well-known racing driver, he will be able to connect to the car bomb, can incapacitate the brake system, or in an extreme case, shoot the victim at the time of arrival. The mission of the jungle hero will need to first Wade through the rainforest, where they will wait for poisonous insects, snakes, and predators, and then to be creative in order to reach the goal, for example, in Hitman 2, the guards learned to understand reflections in mirrors and shiny surfaces, as this will greatly complicate the mission in the jungle because of mirrors in the Palace, where the objective will be complete.

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