Ubisoft told about the plot and mechanics Starlink: Battle for the Atlas

Ubisoft рассказала о сюжете и механиках Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Studio Ubisoft Toronto is preparing to release an action-adventure Starlink: Battle for the Atlas. And ahead of the release of the developers have laid out two fresh video game.

In the story trailer we are introduced to the main villain Graczom. He’s after a kind of superweapon “Nova” and has called under the banners of the Forgotten Legion the forces of evil. Not to allow him to destroy the Atlas and destroy life in the galaxy, we have to take under his leadership the cosmic crew.

Heroes Starlink: Battle for the Atlas will explore seven planets with different life forms, to find the secrets and hidden locations and prepare for the decisive battle. And this is designed to help special technology Smart Building. The company has released a special collection of pilots and spaceships, and thanks to a special console controller players, collecting the space ship from the available elements and see the result directly on the screen.

Starlink: Battle for the Atlas will be released October 16, 2018 on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Previously Ubisoft unveiled the trailer of gameplay the adventure.