Epic Games: Erebus – not the code name for the PlayStation 5

Epic Games: Эребус – не кодовое название PlayStation 5

Continuation of the history of Erebus – the mythical deity, in whose honor was named one of the secret platforms supported by Unreal Engine 4.

Due to the fact that Sony like similar names, a version of what we are talking about the PlayStation 5. And here are the first results of the preliminary investigation, which can easily become final. With the field report that Erebus is Fortnite, which is a third-party Studio hired by Epic Games. Supposedly, we are talking about the version for Nintendo Switch, which will de multiplatformer, so it is outlined in a separate row.

Does not sound very convincing, but journalists have no case to argue, and by default, all agree. In fact, however, the presence of Fortnite looks in the place where they found him, at least ridiculous, because in that part of the file listed is a gaming device, and Nintendo Switch was already there. It is therefore possible that the story of the Erebus still floats.

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Fallout 76 will not be allowed into open Beta

Fallout 76 не пустят в открытую Бету

Sad news for those who would like to join the Fallout 76 without the pre-order. Bethesda said that the chance for the game’s release in an open beta – zero.

Specifically, this was written by the head of the company, Pete Hines, which again shows that he is not afraid to take on the role of a messenger, bringing to the people the bad news. Often this is left to subordinates, but then Mr. Hines downright broke, first saying that Fallout 76 will not be the perfect game, confirming the obligatory reference to the Network and refusal to be put on Steam, and now we learned about the refusal to release an early version.

This in turn caused an uproar among fans, some of whom relied entirely different, for, when an advertising campaign of the product began, Fallout 76 positioned as a game for everyone, which you can try without problems. But actually all was not absolutely so.

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The creators of Dead or Alive consider over-the-top eroticism – error

Создатели Dead or Alive считают зашкаливающий эротизм – ошибкой

In Koei Tecmo said that it was too much eroticism in their games, and that needs to stop.

Specifically it was about the fighting game Dead or Alive 6, in which the sexuality of the heroines decided to put under the knife, focusing not on the textures of the skin and the animations of various body parts, and the fighting mechanics, because the fifth part, they say, went wrong.

This was told the chief in the design, Yohei Shimbori, who added that the same applies to Dead or Alive Extreme 3. He wants his creation was considered as a serious fighting game.

The cause Mr. developer is not called, but everything is clear: Dead or Alive 5 banned in many countries, which greatly affected the earnings of the company, and the accusations from feminists also did not go to the project benefit. However, connoisseurs of female beauty, which was respected Dead or Alive 5 for the animation of Breasts and skimpy clothing of the characters probably do not share plans of Koei Tecmo.

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15 minutes of gameplay of Battlefield V options enabled, Nvidia RTX (video)

15 минут геймплея Battlefield V с включёнными параметрами Nvidia RTX (видео)

On the YouTube channel of PC Gamer has released a video with 15 minutes of gameplay of Battlefield V. War in the video takes place on a map of Rotterdam, which shows the shooting from different weapons and riding on transport.

Cutting demonstrates the game on the PC with Nvidia GeForce Ti RTX 2080. Action recorded in 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second with the included ray tracing, which significantly improves the quality of the reflection, lighting and shadows.

The game will be released on November 20.


Became known for the duration of a single campaign, Cyberpunk 2077

Стала известна продолжительность одиночной кампании Cyberpunk 2077

One of the employees of CD Projekt RED’s miles Tost responsible for level design of Cyberpunk 2077, spoke about the scale of the game, time required for complete passage of the plot, and compared it with the third Witcher.

First things first: take a Cyberpunk will be a minimum of 100 hours. That before comparisons world with the Witcher, it is the opinion of Mr. Toast, hard to do, because Temperance there are buildings half the size of Novigrad. But there’s a caveat: in the Witcher the intensity of the movement was relatively small. In Cyberpunk, everything will be much faster, and where Geralt had to ride 15 minutes in the next game you can drive the car for 2 minutes. Well, Yes: the world of the Witcher for the most part was horizontal. In this new game poles, have a lot to run and to fly vertically.

The entire map is divided into 6 regions, each of which will be unique. There will be Japanese and Latin American region, and will still be suburbs, where people will live, not very jalousie stuffed implants city.

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Gameplay The Sinking City (video)

Геймплей The Sinking City (видео)

Bigben and Frogwares has presented 12 minutes of gameplay dark The Sinking City with commentary developers. This video was shown to journalists at the recent gamescom 2018.

In the video the protagonist Charles W. reed gets the quest “Silence is Golden” from his girlfriend, joy Hayden, which somehow sewn mouth. Then the hero is sent to explore the flooded city.

The Sinking City — adventure game with an open world, made in the best traditions of the works of the famous American writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft. You have to take the role of a private detective Charles W. reed, who was not at the time and in the wrong place. Terrifying visions, otherworldly forces, and the impending madness… trying to make amends for the mistakes of his past, he falls into the Octon (Massachusetts), a major American trading port of the early XX century, suffering from regular floods. The once famous city of brave sailors and desperate smugglers are now completely isolated from the rest of the world because of the attacks of supernatural creatures.

The Sinking City will go on sale 21 March 2019 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


DICE explained the reason for the transfer of Battlefield 5

В DICE объяснили причину переноса Battlefield 5

We may be wrong, but it seems that the history of the Battlefield did not know cases, when the game was postponed for a couple of months before release.

As you already know, this shooter moved from 19 October to 20 November. But what is the true reason for this? DICE, with the purpose to explain, has published an open letter in which he apologized, saying that an additional month will be required to improve the quality of the product. Maybe now tucked up for the premiere and Royal rumble mode, along with the unfinished transport.

However, evil tongues say that all the fault – avoiding competition with Red Dead Redemption 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Battlefield 5, failed at the stage of pre-sales, can do not to get out of the shadow of competitors, that’s why she pushed for the month ahead: a week after the release of Fallout 76 on a completely free site where there is only one Farming Simulator 19, for Battlefield 5 is not a competitor.

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Larian Studios has unveiled a release trailer for Divinity: Original Sin 2 — Definitive Edition (video)

Larian Studios представила релизный трейлер Divinity: Original Sin 2 — Definitive Edition (видео)

Today, it is a Definitive Edition version of the game Divinity: Original Sin 2 — it will be available not only on PC but also on consoles — they are, by the way, the project had not previously appeared. In honor of the release of Larian Studios has released a new trailer for their offspring.

On PC available update to version Definitive Edition patch weighs 8 GB.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 — one of the best and most highly anticipated RPG of the last years. The game was originally released in September of last year on PC. She has received many awards and accolades from various publications, critics and players.


Collectors compete at auction for the unique Xbox One

Коллекционеры сражаются на аукционе за уникальную Xbox One

On sale were exhibited exclusive and unique Xbox One edition of the Shadow of the Tomb Raider, for which now there is a fierce trade on Internet auction site eBay.

The console that looks like an ancient artifact from the temple of the Aztecs is constantly increasing in price. A few hours ago it was 3700 $ but now it will give you 7600 $ and this is not the end, for before the close of the auction we have 5 more days. And if it goes on like this, we have the most expensive Xbox One in the history of world development.

But what value was this console? And the fact that it was released only in one copy. It should also be noted that this charity auction. The seller put on the product page the yellow-blue ribbon – the international symbol for people with down syndrome, so the proceeds will go to support and treatment thereof. Well, Microsoft together with Square Enix have made yourself, albeit small, but positive advertising.

  • Коллекционеры сражаются на аукционе за уникальную Xbox One
  • Коллекционеры сражаются на аукционе за уникальную Xbox One
  • Коллекционеры сражаются на аукционе за уникальную Xbox One
  • Коллекционеры сражаются на аукционе за уникальную Xbox One
  • Коллекционеры сражаются на аукционе за уникальную Xbox One

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Warhorse Studios has dedicated a new trailer for Kingdom Come: Deliverance new additions (video)

Warhorse Studios посвятила новый трейлер Kingdom Come: Deliverance новым дополнениям (видео)

Warhorse Studios has released a new trailer for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which was dedicated two additions — “the Amorous adventures of the brave pan Jan Ptacek” and “the Tournament!”.

Paid DLC “the Amorous adventures of Mr Ian Ptacek” tells the eventful history of the conquest of the hearts of some Carolina, and a free upgrade “Tournament!” is the knightly competition that opens after completing several quests.

“Amorous adventures” and “the Tournament!” the authors promise to release in early fall on the PlayStation 4. Xbox One and PC.