Warframe started event the Pyrus Project

В Warframe началось событие The Pyrus Project

Developers of Digital Extremes Studio reported that in a multiplayer game Warframe finally started a temporary event called the Pyrus Project. The main objective of this event is to unite players who will repair the Relay, which is in earth orbit. Such events involve a huge number of players, because alone complete it successfully will not work.

The story goes that the Relay station is one of three locations, which was destroyed a few years ago when attacked by Greenery. The hour has come when you need to cooperate all together and restore this station. Each player will have to collect a huge amount of resources, essences, and create some items and set them. In the process of repairing the course of events can interfere with enemy units that are not averse to select your items and stop the process of construction.

Overall event the Pyrus Project promises to be interesting, so please join while you can.

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