Portal Knights has been updated

В Portal Knights вышло обновление

For the game the orange Knights, one of the representatives of the MMORPG genre, it was “Evil update”. This is one of the biggest patches released for this project. In the game a new continent and three bosses: the Observer, a Knight-hunter and the Queen of slime. Quests in Port of Caul, Witchwater, and Sea of Stalks will allow you to participate in three epic battles. Also Hintertown now you can go to the Guild of engineers Bodkin”s Point and find a new NPC, traders who have you can buy interesting things and additional quests.

If you play with controller, then you have another interesting option is the “Smart camera”. Its main feature is automatic following turns of the player, therefore now survey the location around itself easier at times. In creative mode added items kitchen theme and is an unlimited source of water. It fixed a lot of audio settings to improve stability, improved download Steam workshop items, as previously, if you remember, there were mistakes. Overall, the update brought a huge list of fixes and additions, more details of which can found in the Steam group. We also recommend to watch the trailer, published below.

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