In the Realm Royale will remove the class system

В Realm Royale уберут систему классов

Developers Realm Royale decided to change his game Realm Royale, which belongs to the genre “battle Royal” and is currently under development. If you don’t remember, the class system has always been a strong point of the games Hi-Rez Studios, however, in his next project, they decided to eliminate her, after focusing on Battle Royale. All skins that were available to different classes of users, will now be shared, so anyone will be able to change them. All abilities and weapons will be available to all players without any restrictions for classes.

What is most offensive – will remove all armor, and instead, it will be a kind of rune system. They will increase the stats of players in battle and give different bonuses. At the moment we know that the player will be able to carry a maximum of 6 runes. To create a perfect balance, the developers temporarily removed from the Realm Royale melee weapons, but add a choice of abilities at the start. You can only choose 1 ability early in the game, and another one, playing on different locations. The future promises to add a huge amount of new weapons, locations, kind of in-game currency “gold Chicks”. There will be additional mode for 40 players in two teams.

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