In Fear The Wolves do not have enough players

В Fear The Wolves не хватает игроков

Many developers who are trying to hypnoti to the modes “battle Royal”, very often “merge” on the first days after the release of the game, and the same fate may befall the Fear The Wolwes. It’s only been a couple of days after release, but now is not enough players to start the Battle Royale. Recall that for the start of the need to recruit 100 players so while some are waiting, others simply overlook. If you believe the analytical data Steamcharts, then for all days managed to simultaneously hold no more than 400 players online.

With so many players the project has all chances to repeat the story of The Culling 2 when on the second day online was reduced so much that no game session in the “battle Royal” could not be launched and the project is simply closed. Most games of similar subjects go raw, undeveloped, and instead collect money from users, developers need to finalize their projects and releasing them have more or less stable. Another problem of the genre of games Battle Royale is the cost. Not only that, they paid and the cost of them starts from 600 rubles. As a rule, the players are easier to play in something free and better, for example, Fortnite.

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