Let It Die will appear on the PC

Let It Die появится на PC

Developers from the Studio Grasshopper Manufacture since the advent project, Let It Die for the consoles PS 4, vehemently argued that on the PC it will never appear. Never, you say? Well, I hasten to disappoint you. Or, good news! Game Let It Die in the autumn will appear on Steam and will be available on PC. Who do not know, this Studio is known for its project in the style of Arthouse. They are all connected with the dark forces, unexplained phenomena and fear.

Let It Die is about the same concept. The main theme is death. The main character is already dead. He travels through hell and battles with various zombies (their appearance is just terrible). Pumped skills, use different weapons. The most interesting thing is Death, a character who wanders through hell on a skateboard. In General, the project is quite interesting, so very expected by users PC. If we talk about statistics, Play Station 4 this project has more than 4 million users. On the PC they may be at times more!

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